• Adding I2C reads to your processing bandwidth constrained application

    Introduction  With the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), more and more applications are incorporating the use of sensors while also requiring power efficiency and increased performance.  A popular int...
    Chris Brown
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  • 用DMA来模拟ADC的灵活扫描模式(使用SDK 2.x)

    [中文翻译版] 见附件   原文链接: https://community.nxp.com/docs/DOC-335320
    Leo Lin
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  • NXP USB VID/PID Program

    With the merger of NXP and Freescale, the NXP USB VID/PID program, which was previously deployed on LPC Microcontrollers, has been extended to Kinetis Microcontrollers and i.MX Application Processors. The USB VID/PID ...
    Roy Wu
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  • How to use EzPort module

    Overview      This document describes how to use ezport module on TWR-K22F120M,  and the usage of ezport on other platforms  is similar.      The EzPort module is a ...
    Lin Lu
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  • Update firmware and Erase and re-program a FRDM-KV31F

    I have included the files needed to mass erase the flash of the MCU and re-program another binary.   The procedure is shown in the folder " FRDM-KW31_FAT_added_2019" Summarizing you... 1) update the ...
    Philip Drake
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  • DEFCON 27 Badge - Getting Started

    This years annual hacker security conference known as DEFCON used a couple of NXP devices for this years electronic badge. This document is to explain how to program the device and add extra components. The badge was ...
    Anthony Huereca
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  • Useful Kinetis Documents, discussions and questions

    The following document contains a list of documents , questions and discussions that are relevant in the community based on the amount of views they are receiving each month. If you are having a problem, doubt or gett...
    Erik Bustos
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  • 使用DMA降低SPI通信过程中内核负荷 Reduce core work load with DMA Module during SPI communication

    客户要求:K60 100MHz芯片作为SPI主机读取片外SPI Flash存储器内容(SPI Flash器件数据准备完成会触发K60 GPIO中断),要求在130~150微秒之间读取九个不连续地址上的数据,每个地址需要读取4个字节,SPI波特率为5MHz。读取SPI Flash存储器,需要使用读取命令(1个字节)外加地址(2个字节)。换言之,每读取一次K60需要发送7个字节(1字节读取命令+2字节地址+4字节空读数据)。同时要求减...
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  • How to trigger ADC at the center of high logic of of bottom PWM signal

    For motor control and swich mode power supply application, it is required that the ADC sampling is synchronized with PWM signal. In general, most Kinetis sub-family provides FTM, PDB and ADC, it provides a mechanism f...
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  • K64 FlexTimer Output Compare mode CnV register update Test

    Test environment: FRDM-K64F Rev.D IAR ARM Workbench IDE V8.30.1 MCUXpresso SDK for FRDM-K64F v2.4.2(2018-08-02) Test project is [ftm_output_compare] located with default path: ..\FRDM-K64F\boards\frdmk64f\driver_e...
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  • How to generate microsecond delay with SysTick on KL25

    The SysTick is a part of the Cortex-M0+ core and so is not chip specific - for details of the Cortex core you generally need to use ARM documents. For SysTick: http://infocenter.arm.com/help/index.jsp?topic=/com.arm.d...
    Fang Li
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  • Nano-edge placement feature for eFlexPWM module based on KV4x

    The DOC introduces the nano-edge placement  feature for KV4x family, it gives the application for the nano-edge placement feature, in other words, it's target is to increase the PWM signal resolution. It gives th...
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  • ADC Reference Options on KL17/KL27 32/36pin package

    Many customers reported that their ADC function works on FRDM-KL27Z board but meet issue on their own board. We need to pay attention to the difference between the ADC reference voltages of different packages (on boar...
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  • Kinetis Bootloader to Update Multiple Devices in a Network for Cortex-M4

    @@This article describes how to do in-system reprogramming of Kinetis for Cortex-M4 core devices using standard communication media such as SCI. Most of the codes are written in C so that make it easy to migrate to ot...
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  • K64 ADC measurement

    As most of people familiar with FRDM-K64F which is a bit old but it is still a hot device in the market. This document focused on the ADC measurement to verify the deviation.   In general, the sample code were m...
    Fang Li
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  • FRDM-KL43Z FlexIO I2S Interrupt Tx Demo with MCUXpresso IDE

    Test Environment: FRDM-KL43Z Rev. A MCUXpresso IDE v10.2.0 MCUXpresso SDK for FRDM-KL43Z V2.4.1(2018-06-18)   Create new project in MCUXpresso IDE select [New project...], there will pop the SDK Wizard panel...
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  • How to byte program SPI flash via QSPI

    How to byte program SPI flash via QSPI QSPI module are used in many Kinetis MCU, like K8x, K27/28 and KL8x. QSPI expands the internal flash range and can run in a fast speed. Compared to DSPI, QSPI is very complex and...
    Jing Pan
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  • KL series LIN slave simply usage sharing

    1 Abstract      LIN (Local Interconnect Network) is a concept for low cost automotive networks, which complements the existing portfolio of automotive multiplex networks. LIN is based on the UART/S...
    Kerry Zhou
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  • Porting FatFs file system to KL26 SPI SD card code

    Porting FatFs file system to KL26 SPI SD card code 1 Abstract     Without the SDHC module, Kinetis KL series need to use the SPI interface to communicate with the SD card. Normally, when customer u...
    Kerry Zhou
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  • How To: Secure e-mail client (SMTP + SSL) with KSDK1.3 + WolfSSL for FRDM-K64F

    This is an adaptation I made for the original SMTP protocol implementation provided with the KSDK1.3, with the addition of the secure connection using WolfSSL. The example software is currently ported to the FRDM-K64...
    Denis Shimizu
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