• KE/KEA POR Sequence and ICS Module Investigation

    The 5V Kinetis E series MCUs are designed to maintain high robustness for complex electrical noise environments and high-reliability applications. Kinetis EA series MCUs using the same architecture with automotive lev...
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  • Building the right level of security for your application with NXP and IAR Systems

    Please note that the document shown above is an approximation of the original document.
    Megan Hansen
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  • Using DMA to Emulate ADC Flexible Scan Mode with SDK 2.x

    Table of Contents 1       Introduction 2       DMA to emulate ADC Flexible Scan. 2.1         System overview and f...
    Jorge Antonio Alcala Vazquez
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  • Port MCUBoot2.0.0 to TWR-K60D100

    Abstract MK60 is a popular MCU in Kinetis K family. NXP has prepared some kinds of bootloader for TWR-K60D100. But as we all know, MCUBoot2.0.0 is the most update bootloader for Kinetis family. It is a configurable f...
    Jing Pan
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  • EEPROM Emulation driver for KEA128 Demo Interpretation

    [EEPROM emulation driver for KEA128 and KEA8] software used for Kinetis EA family product (without integrated EEPROM memory), which using the sector-erasable Flash memory be used to emulate the EEPROM through EEPROM e...
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  • PIT- ADC- DMA Example for FRDM-KL25z, FRDM-K64F, TWR-K60D100 and TWR-K70

    Hi community!!   The following example uses a PIT to start an adc conversion, once the conversion has finished it issues a DMA request and the DMA controller stores the converted value in a buffer. The examples ...
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  • Programming the K32L3A MCU Flash IFR Fields

    Introduction The K32L3A60VPJ1AT MCU is a next generation Kinetis dual core device.  This device brings processing and multi-tasking capabilities that legacy Kinetis devices did not support.  In addition, th...
    Chris Brown
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  • UART with input data as string

    Hello, The below attachment is the code for UART with the input data as a character..But i need the input data to be a STRING...Can anyone please post the code for UART with input as a string using MK22D5.
    sarvani adabala
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  • Exercise 2: Toggle all 4 LEDs on the K60 Tower using the PIT0

    To do:   Implement a program that lets the 4 LEDs on the Tower toggle all together using the PIT Interrupt. For easy debugging, let the program run in the RAM.   * toggle period 0.5 s, * extract vector ta...
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  • Adding keil support for KINETIS_SC

    My customer wanted to use K60 in his design but he only has the Keil IDE, so I helped to port some examples in KINETIS_SC for him as a starting point. The attachment is my porting work, which also includes a exe file ...
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  • Encrypted QuadSPI image Implementation

    Encrypted QuadSPI image Implementation         The Kinetis family of MCU includes the system security and flash protection features that can be used to protect code and data from unautho...
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  • Writing your first touch sensing application

    Document describing first steps of simple touch sensing application in Code Warrior and TWR board is attached. We will use K60 board from www.freescale.com/tower, CodeWarrior from www.freescale.com/codewarrior, TS...
    Pavel Sadek
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  • USB MSC device bootloader revision for FRDM-KL25Z (IAR)

    Foreword  This document is a supplement and revision of AN4379 Freescale USB Mass Storage Device Bootloader written by Derek Snell in 2011. The original version was programmed with CW for Flexis JM/ColdFire MCF5...
    Kai Liu
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  • AN4652 updated file, Feb 2013

    This file was uploaded by the AN4652 author, and is changed from the original release. As far as I can see this file is not in the current zip for the appnote as of apr 25 2013
    Robert Lewis
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  • KE15 multi-channels ADC DMA implementation on SDK 2.6.X

    Hi:   Kinetis's ADC have no multi channels sequence sampling function, compared with LPC's ADC. But we could use DMA for such case, attached are two demos: 1.multi_channels_edma_ADC_DMA_SW_TRIG Description: u...
    Dawei You
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  • 电源管理:对LLS和VLLS模式的介绍

    [中文翻译版] 见附件   原文链接: https://community.nxp.com/docs/DOC-332687
    Leo Lin
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  • FRDMK64F SD Bootloader

    You can put the code directory in the SDK_2.6.0_FRDM-K64F\boards\frdmk64f to use. 1、IntroductionAs is known to all, we use debugger to download the program or debug the device. FRDMK64 have the opsenSDA interface...
    Da Li
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  • Porting CAN to K64 bootloader

    1. Introduction MCUboot is a common used bootloader for most of Kinetis and i.mx RT devices. It can support download application via UART/USB/CAN/I2C/SPI. It enables quick and easy programming of Kinetis MCUs and i.m...
    Jing Pan
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  • Adding I2C reads to your processing bandwidth constrained application

    Introduction  With the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), more and more applications are incorporating the use of sensors while also requiring power efficiency and increased performance.  A popular int...
    Chris Brown
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  • 用DMA来模拟ADC的灵活扫描模式(使用SDK 2.x)

    [中文翻译版] 见附件   原文链接: https://community.nxp.com/docs/DOC-335320
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