• long SPI frames not possible, KEA?

    Hi,   After much time spent debugging SPI slave functionality I came to the conclusion that it is not possible to communicate frames longer than single bytes with the KEA8. What I mean is, the PCS (slave select ...
    Daniel Schoch
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  • LIN Bootloader

    I´m using a S32k14x (or plan to use) in a automotive application. The only connection to the outside world in a LIN bus. So, a UART port together with a LIN transceiver should be fine. However, my question con...
    Anders Jansson
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  • What is "Allowed Error" in the Timing Dialog in Kinetis Design Studio?

    We are using the MK10DX64VLH7 Kinetis micro-controller. (I am attaching a screenshot) When we configure the TU2 Timing Dialog for 7.8125 Hz, we get this setting called "ALLOWED ERROR" set to a default value of ...
    Bob Nayar
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  • S9KEAZN64 doesn't run code from flash after power reset

    Hello. I have make a custome board with S9KEAZN64 MCU and got next trouble. I am using segger j-link edu for programming and debug. I wrote software led blink for test and start debug it. All work correcty but when i ...
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  • Strange Time Sequence of UART Rx Interrupt and its Flag for KEA128

    Hi NXP team, I am developing a UART bootloader using FRDM-KEAZ128Q80. I want to realize a UART2 fifo by software, so i have to use UART2 receiving way by interrupting. But strange time sequence of UART rx interrupt a...
    fortunely X
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  • FRDM-K66F not connecting with Jlink

    Hi All, I was trying to connect my customized board with FRDM-K66F board to program the customized board. As per give process, using reset button connect FRDM board in bootloader mode and copy the openSDK file i...
    Priyanka Das
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  • Lin Stack - How to check for Wakeup request for Master on UART

    Hi,   I would like to know which flag or status, I can use in Lin Stack using UART to check when the UART isr is called on Master if there is a wakeup request or not.   Is there any API or flag to check th...
    Vikas Malik
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  • LIN FSL_LIN_2.x_STACK_Package_4.5.9 package Bug feedback

    I am using LIN FSL_LIN_2.x_STACK_Package_4.5.9 package to implement a master LIN node on J2602. I found a problem in the code that needed to be improved /*** MARCOS ***/ typedef union { l_u8 byte; /**< a data...
    he maoyi
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  • S9KEAZ128工作中异常烧毁

    原理图如图所示,开始时,可以正常烧录程序,CAN也可以工作,工作一段时间后VDDA脚(PIN8)冒烟,冒烟期间,LED灯正常,测试电压无异常,确认电源无短路现象。异常PCB更换新KEAZ128,VDDA脚仍出现冒烟问题。 此现象非必现,先前出现过一次,怀疑操作不规范,未重视。 请教可能的原因,谢谢!
    Du lg
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  • Kinetis NMI pin as normal GPIO

    Hello,    i am trying to use PTB4/NMI pin on the KEA128 as normal GPIO. During debug it is still Low but after reset it remains High. i configured the NMI bit in SIM_SOPT0 to 0: SIM_SOPT0 &= ~(SIM_...
    Hani Samara
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  • Adding I2C reads to your processing bandwidth constrained application

    Introduction  With the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), more and more applications are incorporating the use of sensors while also requiring power efficiency and increased performance.  A popular int...
    Chris Brown
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  • FRDM-KE06Z and KEAZ128 CAN Issues

    Does someone know how to create a dummy node to respond to CAN messages transmitted by these controllers? I have the demo examples to transmit messages but have noticed that the controllers resend the same frame becau...
    Michael Wilson
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  • MCUXpresso SDK for SKEAZ128MLH4

    Switching from CodeWarrior 11 to MCUXpresso, I could not find the Kinetis reference on https://mcuxpresso.nxp.com/en/explore  to download the corresponding MCUXpresso SDK for the SKEAZ128MLH4 MCU. Same problem w...
    Vincent Briard
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  • watchdog works only in debug mode.

    Question from @Andrew Meyer on thread MC9S12G128 COP watchdog works only in debug mode.  The mcu made it through my 5 ms loop code in about 1 msec in debugging mode with breakpoints set--but never made it th...
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  • Kinetis Series MK22FN512 bsdl file

    Hello everyone,   I am currently developing on the MK22FN512VLL12 micro controller.   Does someone have a bsdl file for this device ?   If yes then please attach it to the answer or just send it ...
    barca barca
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  • FRDM-KEAZ128 CAN Issues

    My Background with Kinetis: I have used Processor Expert in the past to setup the CAN component of the KE06Z controller and found it easy to use and customize (transmit buffers, ID filter masks, baud-rates, etc.). My ...
    Michael Wilson
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  • RTC DeInit problem in the example code

    Hi,everyone!  I found a problem when I referred to the example code. the codes "while(RTC->MOD)" will spend more than 1 second.I use the oscilloscope to observe in my project .Could you help me? mcu:kea...
    wu wenbin
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  • NXP USB VID/PID Program

    With the merger of NXP and Freescale, the NXP USB VID/PID program, which was previously deployed on LPC Microcontrollers, has been extended to Kinetis Microcontrollers and i.MX Application Processors. The USB VID/PID ...
    Roy Wu
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  • KEAZN8 GPIO配置问题

    HELLO:  我在用KEAZN8系列的型号S9KEAZN8AMTGR,为TSSOP16封装的   设置的引脚和实际的引脚号对不上,是什么原因呢? 比如第9号引脚为PTB3,想输出方波,应该在软件上设置为(PTB,9),而却只能设置为(PTB,11)后才输出正确,设置(PTB,9)后没反应。
    lu ron
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  • Integrating NXP Safety Library into Codewarriors Project.

    Hi all, I'm using kinetis K10 and Codewarriors IDE. I wants to use NXP safety library IEC 60730B. I got the downloaded the latest version of library, which also supports Cortex CM4, but unfortunately the library is o...
    Taimur wajad
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