• How to calculate the I2C bus capacitance

    The KEAZ128's Reference Manual description:  Our questions: 1.The KEAZ128 I2C baudrate,Can it reach 400K? 2.How to calculate the I2C bus capacitance?Is there a detailed calculation?
    zhiyong zhang
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  • S9KEAZN64 internal clock configuration

    Hi, I wanted to see how to configure the internal clock of the S9KEAZN64 to be 40MHz?Can you provide a reference code?
    zhiyong zhang
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  • KEA128 automatic reset problem.

    Dears, I am using kea128 and kea32 for serie products development. everything works fine by demo board frdm_kea128. But problem occurs at my own PCB (both kea128 and kea32). A brand new manufactured board, before any ...
    Jiabin WU
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  • Freescale keaz flash security

    Hello. I made device using keazn64 uC on board. I need to lock any action via swd(reading flash image). I tried to edit flashConfig section in stratup file but it doesn't help. I use segger j-link for debugging. How s...
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  • S9KEAZN16 LIN communication project example

    Hello I use S9KEAZN16 as a sensor controller, and we need LIN communication, the sensor is slave node, I want to find an example, but it seems that S32DS have no example. So I want if can give me o...
    Aron Cheng
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  • KEA 128 Boot loader

    Hello All,   I am using FRDM DEV BRD KEAZ and S32DS.  I need boot loader examples (using I2C, SPI, UART, CAN etc). I found KBOOT, but as I understand it doesn't support KEA devices. Where can I found any ex...
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  • Simple PWM pulse string on KEA128

    I'm having an issue getting this to work on a FRDM-KEAZ1284Q80 evaluation board. I'm attempting to make a simple unending pulse train of square waves at 1kHz. It does make pulses but in an odd pattern.  It also ...
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  • Using KEA LIN Stack in S32DS

    dears, I need to develop an application with LIN. And the LIN stack (latest version 4.6.3 from nxp.com) can never work with S32DS, only work in CodeWarrior. The error seems to lay on the starting file: SKEAZ1284.h. Bu...
    Jiabin WU
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  • S9KEAZN64AMLC Failure of double-edge sampling measurement period

    Double Edge sampling using FTM2(CH2&CH3) of S9KEAZN64AMLC , sample the period of  pwm signal . When the duty cycle is greater than 95%,The measurements are incorrect.("20KHz" has been misidentified as "...
    zhiyong zhang
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  • S9KEAZ64 MSCAN proper steps for wake up

    Hi all, firstly I would like to apologise if this question has already been answered. I have seen a lot of questions on these boards that are related to MSCAN but so far I have not found a question/answer that is exac...
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  • EEPROM Emulation driver for KEA128 Demo Interpretation

    [EEPROM emulation driver for KEA128 and KEA8] software used for Kinetis EA family product (without integrated EEPROM memory), which using the sector-erasable Flash memory be used to emulate the EEPROM through EEPROM e...
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  • Basic kw41z ADC Concept - Beginner

    Hello Community, I hope everyone was safe in this difficult situation.   I'm a beginner and new to this microcontroller (KW41z). I was struggling with the ADC interrupt concept.  I tried with an exa...
    Manoj Kumar
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  • KEA FTM register write enable/disable clarity in WPEN AND WPDIS

    These are two related register descriptions from the KEA Reference Manual. The description has contradictory information and other parts make it unclear what is really happening and I hope someone with NXP can clear t...
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  • A project used keil5

    Need a complete sample project using KEA128 Micro Controller. IDE used is KEIL.
    hook jin
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  • long SPI frames not possible, KEA?

    Hi,   After much time spent debugging SPI slave functionality I came to the conclusion that it is not possible to communicate frames longer than single bytes with the KEA8. What I mean is, the PCS (slave select ...
    Daniel Schoch
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  • LIN Bootloader

    I´m using a S32k14x (or plan to use) in a automotive application. The only connection to the outside world in a LIN bus. So, a UART port together with a LIN transceiver should be fine. However, my question con...
    Anders Jansson
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  • What is "Allowed Error" in the Timing Dialog in Kinetis Design Studio?

    We are using the MK10DX64VLH7 Kinetis micro-controller. (I am attaching a screenshot) When we configure the TU2 Timing Dialog for 7.8125 Hz, we get this setting called "ALLOWED ERROR" set to a default value of ...
    Bob Nayar
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  • S9KEAZN64 doesn't run code from flash after power reset

    Hello. I have make a custome board with S9KEAZN64 MCU and got next trouble. I am using segger j-link edu for programming and debug. I wrote software led blink for test and start debug it. All work correcty but when i ...
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  • Strange Time Sequence of UART Rx Interrupt and its Flag for KEA128

    Hi NXP team, I am developing a UART bootloader using FRDM-KEAZ128Q80. I want to realize a UART2 fifo by software, so i have to use UART2 receiving way by interrupting. But strange time sequence of UART rx interrupt a...
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  • FRDM-K66F not connecting with Jlink

    Hi All, I was trying to connect my customized board with FRDM-K66F board to program the customized board. As per give process, using reset button connect FRDM board in bootloader mode and copy the openSDK file i...
    Priyanka Das
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