• Prcoessor unique identifier SIM_UUIDL and SIM_UUIDH

    Greetings,   I have tried to look at the registers SIM_UUIDL and SIM_UUIDH on two SKEAZ64xxx2 on different boards and found out that the SIM_UUIDL are equalent on the two processors. The SIM_UUIDH is different. ...
    Michael Lindell
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  • Has anybody implemented CMSIS FFT library Successfully?

    Hi I want to use arm_cfft_radix4_init_q15() and arm_cfft_radix4_q15() function from CMSIS 3.2 library . I am unable to find any good resources or any examples. I have looked in the documents provided by ARM i.e CMSI...
    Amit Kumar
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  • How to achieve 2µA for KE04

    Hello,   I am using KE04 on a custom board, specifically MKE04Z64VLD4. The board is currently populated with nothing except the KE04, decoupling capacitors and pull-up for RST. No I/O pins are connected - only...
    Davey Taylor
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  • Issue Writing to Vector Table on KE/KEA

    DEVICE:   KE06/KEA128  (two examples of each were tested)   To begin, I checked the value of VTOR and it reported the value of '0' for the offset.  I took this to mean the table is not ...
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  • Simple PWM pulse string on KEA128

    I'm having an issue getting this to work on a FRDM-KEAZ1284Q80 evaluation board. I'm attempting to make a simple unending pulse train of square waves at 1kHz. It does make pulses but in an odd pattern.  It also ...
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  • Change Project MCU from MKE06Z128VLD4 to MKE06Z64VLD4

    I have a project working on the FRDM-MKE06Z. I then programmed my prototype board which was using a MKE06Z128VLD4 and worked just fine.    I then realized that my project was using less than half of the 128...
    Steven Lutz
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  • MKE04外接无源晶振,起振后用示波器测试EXTAL的波形。

    MKE04外接8M无源晶体,起振后用示波器测试EXTAL的波形,发现对地只有1V。测量其它单片机,这个脚的电压比较高,之所以关注这个电压是因为晶体厂家说无源晶体起振点是1.3V,低了会振不起来。所以想问下这是否正常。除此之外,频率这些都是正常的。 MKE04 is connected to an 8M passive crystal. After the oscillation, test the waveform of EXT...
    旭余 朱
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  • MKE14512VLL16做FFT的速度问题

    旭余 朱
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  • CAN communication between two MKE06Z boards.

    Hi, I am new to CAN communications. I have two MKE06Z boards with me. One is Evaluation board and one is custom board. I have connected the CAN_H and CAN_L pins of the evaluation board to CAN_H and CAN_L of the cust...
    Mohan Gandhi Vinnakota
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  • Use both GPIO and FGPIO

    Hi.   I am always indebted. If I want to use FGPIO in addition to GPIO, do I need to make initial settings such as the direction register of FGPIO if I make initial settings such as the direction register of GPI...
    jun yamada
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  • KEA 128 Boot loader

    Hello All,   I am using FRDM DEV BRD KEAZ and S32DS.  I need boot loader examples (using I2C, SPI, UART, CAN etc). I found KBOOT, but as I understand it doesn't support KEA devices. Where can I found any ex...
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  • MCU marking code

    Hi    Could you help me to know the meaning of the marking code, thanks.
    liven deng
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  • debug problem in MCUXpresso IDE

    Hi,       We compile KE14Z project in MCUXpresso IDE, and debug the project, then find a problem as bellow:       How can I fix it ?       Thanks.       ...
    Jimmy Li
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  • Port D bit BME on KE04

    Hi.   Always thank you for your help. Please tell me below. I am using KE04. See `` How to Use Bit-band and BME on the KE04 and KE06 Subfamilies AN4838 '' An attempt was made to set bit 2,1,0 of port D to 0 u...
    jun yamada
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  • Error when ending debugging

    I am having a lot of difficulties to start programming with the MKE18F256VLH16 microcontroller. I'm using MCUXpresso 11.1.0, SDK 2.7.0,  and a PE Multilink tool to SWD debug. The board was assembled by me, and ...
    Walter Colombo
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  • Basic kw41z ADC Concept - Beginner

    Hello Community, I hope everyone was safe in this difficult situation.   I'm a beginner and new to this microcontroller (KW41z). I was struggling with the ADC interrupt concept.  I tried with an exa...
    Manoj Kumar
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  • Not able to connect with MKE15Z using J-Link

    Hi All, I am new to NXP and Cortex based Micro-controllers, and working on a project. Everything was working fine, but I think I messed up a setting in the project and due to which I am not able to connect with my bo...
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  • KEA FTM register write enable/disable clarity in WPEN AND WPDIS

    These are two related register descriptions from the KEA Reference Manual. The description has contradictory information and other parts make it unclear what is really happening and I hope someone with NXP can clear t...
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  • NXP Touch Tuning not Opening Properly in FreeMASTER

    Hello Everyone. I am new to the NXP and I have to use NXP micro MKE15Z in a project for touch-related application. I found one tool for Touch Tunning but it's not working with FreeMaster 2.5 and also with the latest...
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  • Kinetis startup file missing

    Hello, I'm working with MKE04Z8 and with MKV11Z64 and recently I wanted to try Keil to see the compiler diferences. I cannot start a project because there is no startup code in either of those devices and i download...
    Pau Vilanova
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