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FreeMASTER, from NXP, is a powerful real-time debugging and data visualization tool that can help you create engaging demo interfaces for your embedded application. Join NXP for this four-part on-demand training series as we’ll provide an overview of the software, it’s features, capabilities, available examples, application use cases and how to easily get started.

Part 1: Watch Now > 

Get to Know the Easy-to-Use FreeMASTER Runtime Debugging Tool – Now Part of MCUXpresso SDK

Join this session as we walk through live demos of FreeMASTER 3.0 examples provided in the SDK to highlight the main out-of-the-box features of this tool.


Part 2: Watch Now > 

Tips for Enhancing Embedded Applications with FreeMASTER UI from Various Development Environments like S32DS and Matlab/Simulink

Join this session to learn and explore multiple FreeMASTER enablement options and how to design your applications to be much more user-friendly.


Part 3: Watch Now > 

Introduction to FreeMASTER Dashboard Coding Using HTML, JavaScript, ActiveX and JSON-RPC

In this session we further explore FreeMASTER’s capabilities to connect to third-party applications primarily focused on the coding of JavaScript-based HTML to create interactive dashboard applications running either directly inside the FreeMASTER application or standalone in a local or remote web browser.


Part 4: Watch Now >

Getting Started with FreeMASTER Lite and JSON-RPC Protocol: From Scripting to Visual Dashboards with Python and JavaScript

Join this webinar to learn more about FreeMASTER Lite and how to get started as we’ll share coding examples in Python and JavaScript.

NXP understands that in addition to offering breakthrough innovations its ongoing investment and commitment to longevity is critical to being your trusted supplier. This paired with the continued demand and broad market use of NXP’s MCU portfolio makes it priority for us to extend the longevity1 on the following parts/families by an additional five years.


  • LPC5500 Series MCUs
  • LPC54000 Series MCUs2
  • LPC4300 Series MCUs
  • LPC4000 Series MCUs
  • LPC800 Series MCUs
  • LPC1100 Series MCUs2
  • LPC1800 Series MCUs
  • i.MX RT1010 Crossover MCUs
  • i.MX RT1015 Crossover MCUs
  • i.MX RT1020 Crossover MCUs
  • i.MX RT1050 Crossover MCUs
  • i.MX RT1060 Crossover MCUs


These additions join the many already extended from 10 to 15 years of which include:

  • KE Series
  • KL Series
  • KV Series
  • KM Series
  • LPC1700 series
  • LPC2000 series

Inspired by the passion to make the devices we interact with every day smarter, NXP drives to deliver a product to resolve your challenges, while also helping to adapt to future needs. With hundreds of devices included as part of this product longevity extension, we look forward to building a bold future together.


For more information about NXP’s MCU portfolio, please visit: and for additional details on longevity, visit:


1 Extension to 15 years starts from original date of launch. Visit for the complete list and details. 

2 Extension excludes LPC11C22FBD48, LPC11C24FBD48, LPC54018JxM and LPC54S018JxM.

Innovation means being first. And with more than 20 years of firsts, NXP’s MCU portfolio has grown into a powerhouse of more than 200 Arm-based MCU families scaling from low-power Cortex-M0+ to high performance Cortex-M7 crossover MCUs.


Being the first to license the Arm core in 2002 set the path for many innovations to follow, including: 

NXP MCU History of InnovationsNXP MCUs have a long legacy of ground-breaking expertise, revolutionizing the MCU landscape time and time again. But this legacy hasn’t been the result of just one person – it’s truly taken a village. From engineers, designers, to partners, distributors, customers and consumers – all of us have had a hand in writing this story. Our collective experiences and input have enabled the team to turn yesterday’s idea into today’s reality, while nurturing tomorrow’s possibilities – with a goal to help you win time and time again.


Defined by exceptional ease of use, design flexibility, advanced integration and unmatched enablement, we’re dedicated to providing you the edge in quality, selection, and price. NXP MCUs offer you the perfect platform to plan for market leadership. And together, we are reimagining our world …


What exciting project are you working on? Tell us more!


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