• Demo code for  fxps7400d4

    Demo code for  fxps7400d4?
    zengxing yuan
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  • PCA9698  ERROR

    HI I use PCA9698 to solve the problem of insufficient IO port.   But there are problems in the use process:   I use the IO of pca9698 to control the digital switch(ADG1612),when the control port of the di...
    L SJ
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  • I might change demodulation metod in system-on-chip SAF360x?

    Tell me please, I might change demodulation metod in system-on-chip SAF360x? I must accept a digital signal on the basis of DRM, but modified.
    Grigoriy Chuvilin
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  • I did not compile "Hello World" .cpp code in MCUXpresso

    Hello,   I'm working in MCUXpresso IDE 11.0. I'm working in .cpp source file and generate a file with GNU C++ 11(-std=gnu++11) Standard toolchain. I want to Build and compile basic hello world code with this to...
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  • TDA5051A DC Power Line Communication

    I have the TDA5051A on a 12VDC power line using the schematic below. 7.372MHz independant oscillator, 115.2kHz carrier frequency. I've tried both 600 and 1200 baud communication. I can get the transmission to work ov...
    Troy Roersma
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  • GCT appconfig.h

    How to change the DSC type from MC56F82748 to MC56F84763 without using Graphical Configuration Tool.  I would like to change it using appconfig.h file. What are the steps for it? Do i also need to add MC56...
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  • Compile code with hybride GNU C and C++ Toolchain

    Hello, I'm working with the imxrt1062 custom board. I have a imxrt1062xxxA SDK. SDK version : 2.6.2 , Manifest version : 3.5.0. IDE: MCUXpresso 11 Currently, I'm using two SDK (1) evkmimxrt1060_tensorflow_lite_kws...
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  • Bootloader for MCF56F83763 VLH

    Any one have the source code of bootloader for MCF56F83763? I am also interested in its 'processor expert' setup
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  • Changing address of application code

    I want to remove my bootloader so I can only upload the firmware using JTAG. This means that when I power up, it should driectly run the application code. How can I move up the application code to address 0000? Is t...
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  • 关于MC56F827的正交解码

    能不能推荐一款电机控制的MCU,能正交解码,脉冲计数,运算能力强 .用于医疗设备?      现采用MC56F827 芯片控制空心杯直流电机,电机的编码器输出A和B相脉冲,相位差90度,MC56F827如何正交解码?Timer如何脉冲计数,进行精确定位?有电路图和程序吗?
    li li
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  • Question about dual-bank memory. MC56F84763

    the flash memory is 128kB of dual-bank memory. Does this means since now there are two separate parts, my code size will be max 64kB? or is possible to join them together to have a single code size around 128kB. How...
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  • TJA1057GTK/3 Ground offset voltage

    What is the maximum ground offset voltage supported by TJA1057GTK/3 CAN Transceiver?
    Aravind Nair
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  • SC18IM700 Resetting

    SC18IM700 IC is driving an LM73 temperature IC via I2C bus. The SC18IM700 appears to reset the IC/GPIO at 40-50C. Is there any solutions to this
    Richard Townsend
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  • testing power Switch for Automotive ( MC33888PNB )

    Is it possible to test "Quad High-Side and Octal Low-Side Switch for Automotive" ( MC33888PNB ) ?
    mamzi ghasemi
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  • what is use of ritesh auto lamp

    hello sir what is use of ritesh auto lamp
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  • If TDA8954J supply ok, clock signal ok?

    Debug the module of TDA8954J, no clock signal(internal clock) , no output. +/-41VDC supply.
    wu zou
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  • MC56F84763VLH with PCmaster

    hello,     Our company is currently using mc56f84763vlh to make products.The compilation environment used is CODE WARRIOR V10.6. The downloader used is  USB Multilink Universal, And it has be...
    jixiang li
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  • Relation of Sampling Rate to Tracking Rate

    Referring to AN3943. I have the following questions 1. How to convert the position information to digital. Will this conversion lead to truncation errors? 2. Does tracking rate depend on the sampling frequency. For ...
    vishnu prasad
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  • MC33901WEF instead of this part, can i use this part TJA1042T/3,118 ?.

    MC33901WEF instead of this part, can i use this part TJA1042T/3,118 ?. Is there any half duplex/full duplex difference there between these two parts?
    Tatarao Kuramdasu
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  • LPC55s69 PDM

    Hi    I was search the Data Sheet for the LPC55s69 for PDM support, I can't find it.   Kind Regards
    Naasik Hendricks
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