• testing power Switch for Automotive ( MC33888PNB )

    Is it possible to test "Quad High-Side and Octal Low-Side Switch for Automotive" ( MC33888PNB ) ?
    mamzi ghasemi
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  • what is use of ritesh auto lamp

    hello sir what is use of ritesh auto lamp
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  • If TDA8954J supply ok, clock signal ok?

    Debug the module of TDA8954J, no clock signal(internal clock) , no output. +/-41VDC supply.
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  • MC56F84763VLH with PCmaster

    hello,     Our company is currently using mc56f84763vlh to make products.The compilation environment used is CODE WARRIOR V10.6. The downloader used is  USB Multilink Universal, And it has be...
    jixiang li
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  • Relation of Sampling Rate to Tracking Rate

    Referring to AN3943. I have the following questions 1. How to convert the position information to digital. Will this conversion lead to truncation errors? 2. Does tracking rate depend on the sampling frequency. For ...
    vishnu prasad
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  • MC33901WEF instead of this part, can i use this part TJA1042T/3,118 ?.

    MC33901WEF instead of this part, can i use this part TJA1042T/3,118 ?. Is there any half duplex/full duplex difference there between these two parts?
    Tatarao Kuramdasu
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  • LPC55s69 PDM

    Hi    I was search the Data Sheet for the LPC55s69 for PDM support, I can't find it.   Kind Regards
    Naasik Hendricks
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  • MPC777C_eTPU_inputcapture

    Hi NXP I have question about input capture by eTPU. I can use PWM function. So i connected the pin of PWM with the pin of input capture. but i didn't capture any signal by input capture function. What's wrong with my ...
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  • DSC eFlexPWM Edge Aligned Signed Question

    Dear Sir,    I use MC56F82748 of eFlexPWM. The parameters of the VAL 4,5 for the eFlexPWM model are somewhat different from my knowledge. I will ask you about it.   Below is my setting,  ...
    Kris Ke
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  • Looking for help on choosing MCU for designing an industrial heating controller.

    I'm going to design a MCU based device via SSRs (Solid State Relay) to control multiple channel of AC 220V load which heats some kind of fluid material. The measuring range of operation temperature is from -58 oF to 5...
    Datïan ZHOU
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  • Analoge Input LED Driver

    Hello, I´m searching for a module with 6 inputs. Triggered with analog battery voltage. Internally switch one output with VCC to on. See picture below. Without µC an CAN Communication.   Do you hav...
    Felix Wagner
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  • Marking of PCT2075TP

    Hi, Sir: Our customer is asking Marking of PCT2075TP,147. Could you help to provide Marking information like attached file? We need detailed description. Thank you.
    Candice Chang
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  • eDP to LVDS bridge device

    Hi,   I came across the eDP to LVDS bridge device PTN3460IBS which supports 2 Main link eDP lanes. Is NXP having any other eDP to LVDS bridge device which supports 4 Main link eDP lanes? Please clari...
    Meiyappan A  V
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  • Openil-related Issues for TSN switch on LS1028ardb

    Hi everyone~: I am a researcher at Hanyang University. Recently, I am testing the Qbv function on NXP TSN switch. By referring to the Openil manual, there seems no information about mapping traffic with specific prior...
    Junhui Jiang
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  • EXT_SYNC of PWM initial frequency settings

    Hi guys,   Based on NXP App note, AN4885 - eFlexPWM. The Current Reset PWM can be used using EXT_SYNC. How can I be able to change its initial frequency? The frequency in my PE settings which is shown below...
    Kien Francis Ureta
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  • Can I have a negative input voltage in a comparator pin of MC56F82748?

    Hi guys,   I just want to ask if the negative voltage(part of the square waveform) is acceptable to the pin of the comparator inside the DSP (MC56F82748VLH). If yes, is there any effect on having a negative volt...
    Kien Francis Ureta
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  • How to successfully flash program in MC56F82748 using USB Tap?

    Hi Folks,   I just want to know how to perform correct flash programming in MC56F82748. Our digital board has 3.3V input as supply for the DSP and have JTAG pins which involves the use of programming pins like T...
    Kien Francis Ureta
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  • How to program MC56F8357 through via flash over jtag in windows 7

    How can we program MC56F8357 through via flash over jtag tools in windows 7 ?
    chitsanupong ngamchom
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  • Use of PCA9535PW

    PCA9535PW IO port I2C underlying procedures can be provided! I am using the MCU STM32f103 ,thank you!
    ls y
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  • MC56F847 ADC16 configuration problem

    I am first time using CW. I am having trouble making ADC16 work. I have four new analog inputs connected to MCU(ANC16,17,18 and 19). ANC16 and 19 are single end inputs whereas ANC17 and 18 are differential inputs(RTD...
    dhanaraj shanmugam
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