• eDP to LVDS bridge device

    Hi,   I came across the eDP to LVDS bridge device PTN3460IBS which supports 2 Main link eDP lanes. Is NXP having any other eDP to LVDS bridge device which supports 4 Main link eDP lanes? Please clari...
    Meiyappan A  V
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  • Openil-related Issues for TSN switch on LS1028ardb

    Hi everyone~: I am a researcher at Hanyang University. Recently, I am testing the Qbv function on NXP TSN switch. By referring to the Openil manual, there seems no information about mapping traffic with specific prior...
    Junhui Jiang
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  • 56800E_FSLESL_r3.0.exe

    Motor control library 56800E_FSLESL_r3.0
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  • EXT_SYNC of PWM initial frequency settings

    Hi guys,   Based on NXP App note, AN4885 - eFlexPWM. The Current Reset PWM can be used using EXT_SYNC. How can I be able to change its initial frequency? The frequency in my PE settings which is shown below...
    Kien Francis Ureta
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  • Can I have a negative input voltage in a comparator pin of MC56F82748?

    Hi guys,   I just want to ask if the negative voltage(part of the square waveform) is acceptable to the pin of the comparator inside the DSP (MC56F82748VLH). If yes, is there any effect on having a negative volt...
    Kien Francis Ureta
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  • Issue using MLIB 4.2 with DSP 56800EX

    I'm using the FSLESL library Rev. 4.2 with micro MC56F84452 (56800EX core) and I'm having a very intriguing issue when I try to put some math operation in the same line of code as in here: After line 792 is execute...
    Plinio Andrade
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  • How to successfully flash program in MC56F82748 using USB Tap?

    Hi Folks,   I just want to know how to perform correct flash programming in MC56F82748. Our digital board has 3.3V input as supply for the DSP and have JTAG pins which involves the use of programming pins like T...
    Kien Francis Ureta
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  • How to program MC56F8357 through via flash over jtag in windows 7

    How can we program MC56F8357 through via flash over jtag tools in windows 7 ?
    chitsanupong ngamchom
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  • Use of PCA9535PW

    PCA9535PW IO port I2C underlying procedures can be provided! I am using the MCU STM32f103 ,thank you!
    ls y
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  • MC56F847 ADC16 configuration problem

    I am first time using CW. I am having trouble making ADC16 work. I have four new analog inputs connected to MCU(ANC16,17,18 and 19). ANC16 and 19 are single end inputs whereas ANC17 and 18 are differential inputs(RTD...
    dhanaraj shanmugam
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  • MCZ33996EK just to switch Ground?

    Hi,   I would like to know if I can use MCZ33996EK just to switch Ground or if I can switch 24V also with that device?   Thank you 
    Johann Schönhuber
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  • ticket

    I have a problem about the baud rate of linflexd_uart in MPC5746R. I set the baud rate at 9600 but i can't get the 9600 baud rate information in Oscilloscope. I didn't know what's problem with this. Can you help me ...
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  • DSC MC56F82748 of UART(PE of Serial_LDD) issue

    Hi    Below is my processor expert of Serial LDD setting.     And I follow the "Help Component" to porting my code as below   Content of Main.c ------------------------------------------...
    Kris Ke
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  • Regarding Adc conversion and initialisation

    Hi, i am trying to code adc in MC56F8367, since trying with the sample code provided in codewarrior we were able to find some values in result register after initializing without providing any sample voltage. since ...
    sasi kumar
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  • FS6500 Long duration timer

    We are using our FS6500 (exactly MC33FS6520CAE) SBC for our automotive project. IO and CAN wake-up sources can be configurable and working as we expect, but we cannot set "LONG_DURATION_TIMER" register by SPI. I mean...
    Tibor Csecsei
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  • DSC assembler

    Where can I find 56F DSC assembly instruction-set
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  • ticket

    I have some problem about CAN_TX in MPC5746R. there are my code and i can't get the right date in Oscilloscope. I didn't know what's wrong. Can someone give me a hand?   thank you very much.   ...
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  • MC_ME 都是干嘛用的,  MC_ME.PCTL[70].B.RUN_CFG = 0x1;   我怎么知道数组70对应can0呢 ,有啥规律吗

    刚接触S32 不久,好多都不知道 怎么对应的,像  MC_ME.PCTL[70].B.RUN_CFG = 0x1;   /* FlexCAN 0: select peripheral configuration RUN_PC[1] */  ,只是 从软件带的例子里面看到是 激活相应的时钟 ,这样有规律吗
    niu buqing
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  • MC56F844x dflash programming

    Hello, using MC56F844789. This device has Primary program/data flash memory, mapped into 0x00 0000 - 0x01 ffff & 0x02 0000 - 0x03 ffff, and also Secondary (boot) program/data flash memory, map...
    Jolanta Mienkinova
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  • CAN_TX in MPC5746R

    I have a problem about CAN_TX in MPC5746R. I wanted to send a sample date but i can't get right date in Oscilloscope. I didn't know what's wrong. Can someone give me a hand ? thank you very much. There are my ...
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