• PMZ130UNE model SPICE

    Hi all,   I am a new member of  NXP. I am french, don't english so i apologise for my english langage.   I have one question, i want know  how i can find the model spice of this component: P...
    Sidya DRAME
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  • How to disable/enable HDMI in live

    Hi   I'm looking for a way to turn the hdmi output on and off without rebooting. I've seen some ways to disable it in the device tree or pass parameters to the kernel at boot time but nothing that will allow me ...
    Cedric Thain
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  • Dataseet saf7730

    Hello! I can’t find a datasheet for saf 7730 anywhere! Can anyone have information?
    Aleksandr Lysyh
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  • SC18IS600 Status stuck on BUSY F3 even though I2C lines are free

    For those not familiar with the SC18IS600, it is an SPI to I2C-bus interface chip. I am using a MPC5643L Microcontroller.   I am reading and writing to several different i2c slave addresses using write N by...
    Derek Batt
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  • How to start debugging with Mc56f83000-evk and using JM60 micro-controller?

    I cannot use the routine debug in Mc56f83000-evk Demo Examples v1.1.exe to connect to the Mc56f83000-evk board.However, it can be downloaded using u-mutilink, but this will cause the customer assessment Mc56f83000-evk...
    Yang Jieyong
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  • INTC_FIM0 Register of DSC MC56F8xxxx application

    Dear      As follow the Reference manual show,   Fast Interrupts vector directly to a service routine based on values in the Fast Interrupt Vector Address registers without having to go to a jump...
    Kris Ke
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  • DSC for FOC of three phase induction motor

    Hello, I am going to implement the field oriented control of three phase induction motor. I need below given operating modes of the ADC and PWM: 1) Time base of the PWM operates asynchronously of the AD conversion i.e...
    Stepan Podhorsky
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  • SC18IM700 not responsing correctly

    I have a SC18IM700 but instead of sending "OK" it is sending long streams of "O" and then long streams of "T", Does anyone have any idea what this means?   G
    Graeme Anderson
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  • SC18IM700 not Responding Correctly

    SC18IM700 I am using the SC18IM700 and after powering up I am not getting the "OK". However I am getting the a long chain (maybe up to 10x) "O" and then a long chain of "T" instead.   The documentation does no...
    Graeme Anderson
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  • NXP PCA9517 B-side Vol的数值与SMBUS2.0协议中Vol的数值有出入,烦请解答一下?

    NXP PCA9517 B-side Vol的数值与SMBUS2.0协议中Vol的数值有出入,烦请解答一下?   PCA9517规格书中 B -side Vol Min = 0.4V Max = 0.6   SMBUS2.0协议 Vol Max = 0.4V
    michael yang
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  • SC18IS602B: Activating all four GPIO disables SPI interface?

    I intend to use the SC18IS602B to control a multiplexed line of LEDs using i2c. For this, I would need to use three GPIO pins to control a 3:8 demux chip and one GPIO pin to toggle the latch enable signal of a sh...
    Bo Thompson
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  • Hdmi lcd interface in NXP® i.MX 6SoloX processor using TDA19988 driver ic

    Hello,   I am using NXP® i.MX 6SoloX related board and I want to connect one 1024x600 hdmi touch screen display with it so I buy one display which is (https://www.waveshare.com/7inch-hdmi-lcd-c.htm ) &...
    hiten chauhan
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  • Sensorless Field Oriented Control using MC56F84x

    Are there any resources available for FOC motor control using the MC56F84x or MC56F83x microprocessors (eval boards, software, application note)?    I saw this for the "MX RT Series Crossover MCUs and on V ...
    Craig Asgaard
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  • 74LVC4066BQ

    Hi, we have chosen 74LVC4066BQ chip and need to provide Pullup resistor in enable pin's (nE). So please share the nE pin required current details. Not able to identify the value in datasheet.   Thanks &am...
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  • Suite56 tools downloading

    Now, the DSP56300 and DSP5672x have not roadmap, on the NXP home page, the Suite56 tools is removed. But there are customers who need to use the tools, I put the tools here so that customer can download it free of cha...
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  • Repeat LIN failure with TJA1020

    Hello. I'm just a mechanic trying to fix a problem car, but here's the story.   I have a vehicle that has had a repeat failure of the LIN bus. This has required the cluster to be replaced each time to get LIN co...
    Mike Adema
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  • MCRSP_PMSM_V1.2.0_2020_1.exe

    Based on customer requirement, I dragged the PMSM FOC control code here so that customer can download it from the link. BR Xiangjun Rong
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  • Suite56 for DSP56311

    I am working on a project to transfer DSP56311 assembly code to C. I need a simulator to run the code to better understand the assembly code. It looks Suite56 could do the job but I cannot find any valid download link...
    zz zz
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  • The tools 56F800e Flash programmer

    I attach the 56F800E flash programmer so that customer can download it. BR XiangJun Rong
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    Hello, i can't format my desfair ev1 card, after authentication in app 00 (root) i send format command and recive next answer: f2 01 after which I can not use the card. How right format the card? I trying se...
    Leonov Dima
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