• MC56F84789 Problem with  DMA SCI - receiver idle interrupt

    Hello, I have problem with DMA SCI on receiver idle interrupt.   I wrote the codes of SCI receiver by DMA  and it works well.   But when I try to add receiver idle interrupt, I can not find where t...
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  • PTN3460I - PC Recognizes Monitor, But Unable to Connect/Send Video

    Hello!   I'm running into an issue using a PTN3460I to convert DP to LVDS in EDID Emulation mode.  Specifically, when I try to connect the display to my Windows 10 PC, I am able to see that a display is con...
    Kyle Trenholm
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  • About MC33816 Vboost

    I used the MC33816 IDE build the code for MC33816, but however I changed the Vboost voltage, from 24V to 65V. The Vboost always up to almost 80V, then the chip be broken. The mean is I can't control it. Can you help m...
    john diamond
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  • Most recent version of DSP56000 development tools

    Does anyone know the most recent version numbers (MS-DOS, Windows, Solaris, Next, Atari ST) of the DSP56000 development tools like from the Suite56? I know that there are some related tool download links here for the ...
    Sascha Springer
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  • SC18IM700 (UART / I2C bridge)

    Hi  The DS of the chip SC18IM700 (UART / I2C bridge)  contains  no limiting values for Vdd (or I couldn't find any). Please answer: 1. Can the chip function when Vdd is between 3.9 - 5.0 V ? 2. Table...
    Peter Demchenko
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  • Setting resolution for display using PTN3460

    Hi, We are in need of eDP to LVDS convertor bridge to use in our design. PTN3460 bridge seems to be useful for this. We need to connect a LVDS display with resolution of 1280 * 800 to the bridge. Also, the 2 lane eDP ...
    Arun Kumar
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  • Whether EDID value needed for setting display resolution in PTN3460?

    Hi, We are in need of eDP to LVDS convertor bridge to use in our design. PTN3460 bridge seems to be useful for this. We need to connect a LVDS display with resolution of 1280 * 800 to the bridge. Also, the 2 lane eDP ...
    Arun Kumar
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  • PCA9685 high impedance mode

    I set the OE signal high but the outputs are still not in high impedance mode, do I need to program a register over I2C first?
    Jonathan Willick
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  • The PROGDSC tools utilization

    The PROGDSC tools utilization   The PROGDSC tools is PE tools from PEMicro company, which can be used to download code to on-chip flash via JTAG port. The supported device includes Multilink Universal device and...
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  • MC56F84452 ADC Accuracy

    Last week I observed an interesting behavior in the 12 bit ADC of the MC56F84452.  One of the pins that was being measured by the 12 bit ADC was reading a 2.24V signal about 150mV low.  My initial thought wa...
    Douglas Lynn
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  • CCCSClient::ResetToDebug: Network timeout

    We are using USB TAP (900-75116; REV A; 01001362) to debug (via CodeWarrior) and to program (via 56800E Flash programmer) our target DSP 56F8355. CodeWarrior IDE version is 5.9.0 (build 4713) on Windows XP.   Un...
    Laurent Pineau
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  • I am trying to access constants from the program memory of a 56F84789. I am using Code Warrior 11.1 and I am not able use their built in function memcpy. However with older Code Warrior versions from FreeScale, using their memCopyPtoX in a program I creat

    Is there a function equivalent to memCopyPtoX that will let me copy constants from the program memory of a 56F84789? I am using Code Warrior 11.1 as my compiler.
    John Allen
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  • PMZ130UNE model SPICE

    Hi all,   I am a new member of  NXP. I am french, don't english so i apologise for my english langage.   I have one question, i want know  how i can find the model spice of this component: P...
    Sidya DRAME
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  • How to disable/enable HDMI in live

    Hi   I'm looking for a way to turn the hdmi output on and off without rebooting. I've seen some ways to disable it in the device tree or pass parameters to the kernel at boot time but nothing that will allow me ...
    Cedric Thain
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  • Dataseet saf7730

    Hello! I can’t find a datasheet for saf 7730 anywhere! Can anyone have information?
    Aleksandr Lysyh
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  • SC18IS600 Status stuck on BUSY F3 even though I2C lines are free

    For those not familiar with the SC18IS600, it is an SPI to I2C-bus interface chip. I am using a MPC5643L Microcontroller.   I am reading and writing to several different i2c slave addresses using write N by...
    Derek Batt
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  • How to start debugging with Mc56f83000-evk and using JM60 micro-controller?

    I cannot use the routine debug in Mc56f83000-evk Demo Examples v1.1.exe to connect to the Mc56f83000-evk board.However, it can be downloaded using u-mutilink, but this will cause the customer assessment Mc56f83000-evk...
    Yang Jieyong
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  • INTC_FIM0 Register of DSC MC56F8xxxx application

    Dear      As follow the Reference manual show,   Fast Interrupts vector directly to a service routine based on values in the Fast Interrupt Vector Address registers without having to go to a jump...
    Kris Ke
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  • DSC for FOC of three phase induction motor

    Hello, I am going to implement the field oriented control of three phase induction motor. I need below given operating modes of the ADC and PWM: 1) Time base of the PWM operates asynchronously of the AD conversion i.e...
    Stepan Podhorsky
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  • SC18IM700 not responsing correctly

    I have a SC18IM700 but instead of sending "OK" it is sending long streams of "O" and then long streams of "T", Does anyone have any idea what this means?   G
    Graeme Anderson
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