• alternate parts

    MC33901WEF instead of this part, can i use this part TJA1042T/3,118 ?. Is there any half duplex/full duplex difference there between these two parts?  
    Tatarao Kuramdasu
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  • Issue using MLIB 4.2 with DSP 56800EX

    I'm using the FSLESL library Rev. 4.2 with micro MC56F84452 (56800EX core) and I'm having a very intriguing issue when I try to put some math operation in the same line of code as in here: After line 792 is execute...
    Plinio Andrade
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  • number of transistors

    I need to know the number of transistors present in the part MC33CD1030AE. Can anyone please provide this number
    Namratha Hovale
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  • What's the effect of .optimize_iasm on/off, .iasm_sideeffects on/off, .iasm_reg2regsetcopyflag and .iasm_use__LSR16_STOL_IASM02 ?

    Hello all, Looking into source files part of the 56800E runtimes of codewarrior 11, in file C:\Freescale\CW MCU v11.0\MCU\M56800E Support\msl\MSL_C\DSP_56800E\inc\intrinsics_56800E.h  I found usage of the...
    Lorenzo Micheletto
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  • IEC60730 DAC test for 56F82746

    Hi Support:   One quick question from customer, how to impememnt DAC test during running on 56F82746? in IEC60730 release library, there are WDOG, RAM test etc, how to implement IEC60730 test for DAC? thanks...
    Dawei You
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  • Do MPC5744 has RTCESL about Power Application?

    Hi,all    I now want to use MPC5744 for some Power application such as LLC 、PFC、UPS, I found it support MC56F827XX,is it also support MPC5744? Thx!
    zheng lai
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  • where can I find the IO config table for MPC5748G

    From NXP website, I download MPC5748GRM.pdf, and in Chapter 4, I find below words: But within the pdf file, I really can't find any attached excel file.  So, where can I get the IO Signal Description Table? Th...
    weimin li
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  • PCA9698 sample code

    Hello, All: Could you please send me a sample code to output a high level from Bank0 I/O0? My PCA9698 salve address is 0x40(8bit). I already write PCA9698 successfully,I2C respond is ACK. for example, 0x20,0x08,0...
    Johnson Lan
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  • How to understand I/O status for 56F827XX at reset

    Hi:   here are several questions about datasheet 1.From latest DS for 56F827XX, <MC56F827XXDS>, there are some descriptions for I/O during reset. <Rev. 4, 07/2018> vs <Rev. 3.0, 09/2016 >...
    Dawei You
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  • Does the DSP56300Tools support Windows XP?

            I want to use DSP56300Tools to simulate assembly code , but it always hints that gds56300  device is not in debug mode! I don't know , what's the reaso。Does the DSP56300Tools...
    zhongkang wei
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  • flash write and read/

    Dear sir/ms.    I have made a program in codewarrior 10.7,the cpu is mc56f84789. In PE, I have met two problems, they are follows.   1.  I have added a flash module in my program,but I can not...
    guo chunhua
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  • Bootloader for nxp MC56F82748

    Hi,   I need Bootloader code and tool for MC56F82748. I use P&E DSC programmer to flash the .elf file. Can I use RAppID BL Tool to send the .elf file and flash it using appropriate bootloader code? What ...
    Anoop Singh
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  • How to use MC56F8257 software interrupt

    Hi:   Customer has one question, how to configurate and use SW interrupt in DSC core with PE tool. any example project could share with them, thanks.
    Dawei You
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  • MC56F8255: Do-loop works not correct with fast interrupt

    Hello, i have the following problem: - MC56F8255VLD - Core running with PLL at 60MHz - SPI is activated in slave-mode running with a frequency at 10MHz - SPI-receiver-full-IRQ configured as fast-interrupt-irq - ever...
    Ulrich Neumayer
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  • MC56F82748 Problem with setting DMA SCI

    Hello, I have problem with setting DMA SCI on peripheral request.   /* initialise SYS module */ ioctl(SYS, SYS_INIT, NULL);   /* configure COP module */ ioctl(COP, COP_INIT, NULL);   /* configu...
    Martin Smolák
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  • Bootloader for MC56F8037

    This is static bootloader source code which enable to download application code to MC56F8037 via uart. I attach the  application code for the test for serial bootloader based on MC56F8037EVM. The doc is for case...
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  • Example project for MC56F84789 data flash erasing and writing

    This example, attached as an export from CW10.5 for MCU (with DSC option selected at install) (with first published update as of Nov 22, 2013 included), show how data flash can be erased and used to store information,...
    John Winters
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  • 56F8257 I2C slave timming restriction

    Hi:   I want to ask question for 56F8257 I2C working as slave,   1.from the DS, the I2C only support up to 100Kbit frequency, does it also available for I2C slave mode?   2.The Processor Experter ...
    Dawei You
    created by Dawei You
  • 56F8345 compilation / Flash memory bean problem

    Hi,    so I'm trying to compile a debug build of our code, the production build works fine, but debug doesn't build. Following error happens:   >FRun_and_wait_in_RAM(.RAW_RAM) in file FlashPro...
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  • MC56F802x 56800E core - from ADC value to real Frac16

    Hello,   I'm using MC56F8023 DSC and I would like to better understand relatioship between ADC value read from A/D converter and the Fractional arithmetic. Consider this example (based on AN1911).   We hav...
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