• DSC MC56F82748 of UART(PE of Serial_LDD) issue

    Hi    Below is my processor expert of Serial LDD setting.     And I follow the "Help Component" to porting my code as below   Content of Main.c ------------------------------------------...
    kris ke
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  • PCA9535PW

    Hi, we have using PCA9535PW (TSSOP) I2C I/O Expander and chip speed is 400KHz. we plan to increase I2C communication speed and chip package/footprint should be same (pin to pin compatible) as PCA9535PW , Please sugge...
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  • 使用ipu做alpha融合的问题

      在使用ip的动态库做alpha融合时,发现colorkey这个功能不能正常工作:        1 .顶层图片的格式是IPU_PIX_FMT_UYVY,底层图片的格式也是IPU_PIX_FMT_RGB565, input.format   = IPU_PIX_FMT_RGB565, overlay.format   =IPU_PIX_FM...
    克祥 黄
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  • controller with Autosar support and 12 PWM channels with Center aligned PWM with dead band insertion

    Looking for controller for six phase motor controller with dual motor control capability. Need 12 PWM outputs with centrally aligned PWM with dead band functionality. Could find controllers with max 7 such channels ( ...
    Vaibhav Dalvi
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  • SRAM for MC56F8367

    Hi I am using two 128K X 16 Asynchronous SRAM for my project with mc56f8367 (codewarrior 10.7). I am unable to find any example code to store and access data from sram. I am facing trouble while programming. Can an...
    padma priya
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  • What to do best with analog inputs?

    Hi, I'm using the MC56F8323VFBE and I'm keen to know what to do best with my unused ANA3-6 inputs? Can I put them on low and pull them to GND to minimize EMI? Cheers from Germany
    Nick Jung
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  • filter co-eff of audio code

    Hi, I would like to know if there are any calculations for filter co-efficients of 7 band peq , in sgtl5000.I am using to eliminate noise in the frequency band 800-3k hz
    vikaash balaji
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  • Is Parallel jtag interface necessary

    Hi, I have used jtag for programming MC56F8367 with P&E multilink universal. My schematic is similar to that of development board, but communication did not take place. What will be the issue ? I have tried all...
    padma priya
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  • Difference between PCA9635 and PCA9685

    hi all   I found the product which I used PCA9685 for for RC servos. PCA9685搭載16チャネル PWM/サーボ ドライバー (I2C接続) - スイッチサイエンス    I intend to change this into PCA9635, where is a careful place?   Thank...
    Hitoshi Ehira
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  • TJA1051T/3 internal pull down resistor on pin S

    Hi all,   I am currently dealing with the CAN transceiver TJA1051T/3. It has pin named S which is used to bring the transceiver in Normal or Silent mode. I am not sure if I am correct but I think the transceiver...
    Nemanja Savic
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    HI TEAM,   we have been using MC56F8037 for one of projects, that receives a PWM signal based on interrupt and performs some calculation function and produces an output. we had a requirement to store few para...
    amit singh
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  • PNX1300

    Any compiler/linker still available for Trimedia PNX1300.  Formerly used Philips TriMedia SDE V2.1.  Any replacements? 
    Tim Colgan
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  • Led blinking program for 56800E

    Hi, I need simple blinking LED  program for MC56F8367 DSC without header file. Because most of my searches for program results in large program with many header files, so i can't able to know the format (register...
    Gayathri S
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  • The duty of PCF8563 output clock

    The duty cycle of PCF8563 output clock(pin 7) is 43%-48% in my board, It is not about 50%, the frequency of output clock is 32.7681-32.7682kHz, Does the duty cycle affect the accuracy?
    Ruixiong Xiao
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  • PTN3392 Display Port to VGA Conversion.

    Hi,   We have developed a board for converting Display Port standard to VGA standard using PTN3392. We are not able to get Display Port signals and so there is no output in VGA standard.   When I probe on ...
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  • BIST CRC failure - sometimes

    Hi,   we will be using MPC577M. enabled offline selftest(STCU2) with CRC. able to run the test and results are OK. Noticed, we do destructive reset for diagnostic functionality often noticed the CRC test failin...
    Ramesh Sathiyamoorthy
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  • To certify our new power supply we need IEC62368 annex G CB test report for ICX model TEA19161T and TEA19162T. Could you provide us that document ? Thanks. Best Regards. Daniele.

    UL during certification process ask us for the IEC62368 annex G test report of the ICX used: TEA19161T and TEA19162T. Could you provide us that test report ? Thanks. Best Regards. Daniele
    Daniele Zanino
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  • Plug type J11/J12 Twr-K65f180m

    Hello Guys,   i hope you can help me. I search the kind of connector J11/J12 (2x10 Pins) on Twr-k65f180m board. Maybe someone knows the plug type. I need the for my bachelor thesis.  Is it a own product fr...
    Kevin Thomsen
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  • SC16IS741A Default behavior

    Hello. I try to figure out what's the factory default behavior of the SC16IS741A chip, without any configuration encoded whatsoever, in SPI mode. - First will it be usable as is, with factory default? Or am I forced ...
    Frederic Hage
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  • 56F84763: How to activate NVM special mode. Or how else can I change flash protection during runtime

    Hello again,   currently I'm working on writing user data to flash, erasing it, reading it. All of that works fine.   The next step ist to protect the flash pages I use. This might not seem neccessary. But...
    Sebastian Fett
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