• To certify our new power supply we need IEC62368 annex G CB test report for ICX model TEA19161T and TEA19162T. Could you provide us that document ? Thanks. Best Regards. Daniele.

    UL during certification process ask us for the IEC62368 annex G test report of the ICX used: TEA19161T and TEA19162T. Could you provide us that test report ? Thanks. Best Regards. Daniele
    Daniele Zanino
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  • Plug type J11/J12 Twr-K65f180m

    Hello Guys,   i hope you can help me. I search the kind of connector J11/J12 (2x10 Pins) on Twr-k65f180m board. Maybe someone knows the plug type. I need the for my bachelor thesis.  Is it a own product fr...
    Kevin Thomsen
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  • SC16IS741A Default behavior

    Hello. I try to figure out what's the factory default behavior of the SC16IS741A chip, without any configuration encoded whatsoever, in SPI mode. - First will it be usable as is, with factory default? Or am I forced ...
    Frederic Hage
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  • 56F84763: How to activate NVM special mode. Or how else can I change flash protection during runtime

    Hello again,   currently I'm working on writing user data to flash, erasing it, reading it. All of that works fine.   The next step ist to protect the flash pages I use. This might not seem neccessary. But...
    Sebastian Fett
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  • sample code for TFA9882UK

    Where can i get sample code for TFA9882UK capability demonstration?
    abhimanyu bari
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  • Update firmware library

    Hello everyone, is there any update firmware library available for MC56F84442 microcontrollers?
    Alvaro Serneguet Sorli
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  • LS1012a SERDES i/f

    Folks   Can the LS1012a SERDES be configured to act an SFP module (target to Ethernet Switch port)? Essentially, can we connect LS1012a as SFP target (connecting to SFP host on Ethernet switches SFP port)?...
    Ritesh Ag
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  • Detecting dsp controller type (56F8355 vs 56F8155)

    We  need to write code that can run either on a 56F8355 or 56F8155 processor. We thought we could use the chip ID information, but apparently the ID is the same for the two processors. Is there another reliable w...
    Antonio Di Carlo
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  • Do MPC5744 has RTCESL about Power Application?

    Hi,all    I now want to use MPC5744 for some Power application such as LLC 、PFC、UPS, I found it support MC56F827XX,is it also support MPC5744? Thx!
    zheng lai
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  • MWCT1013AVLH15W Tx Multi-coil for consumer?

    Hello,    As I know that MWCT1013AVLH15W Tx Multi-coil (3-coil) is only for automotive. Is that solution for consumer use besides automotive? If yes, how is it different from automotive use? an...
    eric kim
    created by eric kim
  • where can I find the IO config table for MPC5748G

    From NXP website, I download MPC5748GRM.pdf, and in Chapter 4, I find below words: But within the pdf file, I really can't find any attached excel file.  So, where can I get the IO Signal Description Table? Th...
    weimin li
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  • CAN Bus recessive differential output voltage

    HI ALL I design a product and can transceiver i used TJA1145T,now i test can bus in normal  mode(2 node),it working and communication  correctly,but when i test bus voltage ,i find recessive differential vo...
    Gao YP
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  • What us the THETA JA for SC18IS600?

    Can you please advice what is the Thermal properties THETA JA (Junction to ambient)  value in °C/W? Thanks
    Thomas Guillet
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  • SAA7706H audio input selection

    Good afternoon,   I have question regarding to the DSP controller SAA7706H, which is processing audio signal and is installed in variety of car stereos. I need to set the TAPE analog input as active and I did no...
    Martin Svaton
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  • COMIC CB2060

    In some application I found chip COMIC CB2060 branded by Philips.  I want to ask you if this chip is available? Does exist any datasheet and manual for it?
    Miroslaw Gondek
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  • The debugger can not connect to the P&E device

    Hi,   I am using MC56F82748VLH MCU and I recently installed the CodeWarrior v11.0 on my Windows 10. I also installed the P&E driver for the Multilink Universal.   Unfortunately, after building the proj...
    Ivan P
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  • I2C IOExpander

    Hello, I am using the SAF775x v1.43.18 tool to configure a Dirana. I get the following error as shown in the attachment. Do any of know how to fix this issue. Thank you, Aj
    Ajay Murthy
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  • Config Microphone audio src by Dirana3

    The microphone and dirana3 connection is like below:   Microphone             -->   Dirana3 ------------------------------------------------------- MICIN_D3...
    Yong Hou
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  • Current-limit PWM

    Hi, I have MC56F82748VLH chip and I want to generate PWM in complementary mode. The type of PWM (Current-limit PWM) I want to achieve is controlled by varying the duty cycle - when the inductor current...
    Ivan P
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  • Is it possible for the HCS12 XGATE to read two parallel lines of data?

    I am using an ADC that has two Data Outputs (DO and D1). Ch0 - Ch3 are output on D0 and Ch4 - Ch7 are output on D1 The maximum DCLK would be 32.768 MHz and the maximum Output Data rate would be 64KHz. Is it possi...
    Dan Bocko
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