• MCF54452 I/O 5V 电平兼容问题

    MCF54452 3.3V 供电,请问其I/O 引脚兼容5V 电平吗?
    johnson zhang
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  • MCF51

    Has anyone migrated from an MCF51 project ot a kinetis.  How hard is the project.  In looking for something closely compatible.  Is this the right route ?  MY processor is at its longevity
    William Nicholson
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  • How Much longer will the MCF51JM be available

    We use a desing with the MCF51JM series.  Wondering how long it will be before it goes obsolete ?   Is there any close code compatible replacement ?
    William Nicholson
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  • IIC acknowledge, but no action from the module

    Hi, I work on a coldfire MCF51CN128 to communicate with IIC on a module TCA9535 wich is an IIC module. I'm trying to write on his ports, but, the module has no reaction, the writing does not work. But, he did had a re...
    Adrien Segura
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  • Coldfire : timer reset every 256 ms.

    Hi, I use Codewarrior 10.6 with a coldifre MCF51CN128 and a multilink universal , and, when i use my 100 ms timer (defined well), it resets at 256 ms : here i toggle a led every 100 ms using that timer : as you ca...
    Adrien Segura
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  • Undefined InitializeUART, ReadUARTN, WriteUARTN

    I'm setting up a new C++ project for a Coldfire MCF52110.   Everything builds fine until I start including code from the EWL_C++ library - I then get three linker errors.   Undefined InitializeUART Referen...
    Dan Quist
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  • IIC Clock use and Uart start/stop bit on Coldfire

    Hi, I work on Codewarrior 10.4 with a PE multilink universal on a coldfire MCF51CN128. My objective is to imitate an IIC and an UART frame, and on both, i have problems :   -On my IIC frame, i succeed to imita...
    Adrien Segura
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  • Looking for MCF5307 evaluation boards

    Are there any vendors having stock or manufacturers who can manufacture few MCF5307 evaluation boards. Thanks in advance.
    Koteswara Tatipamula
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  • FreeRTOS Port IAR and ColdFire V2

    Dear Sir, is there any Port of FreeRTOS for IAR Workbench and Coldfire V2 (MCF5208)? Best regards
    Samer Telawi
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  • Question

    What are the steps i should follow so that my board will come out of sleep mode using UART function as i am learning demo (power_manager_hal_demo) examples of  freescale semiconductor MK24FN1M0VLQ12. Can you give...
    shruti mishra
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  • IBIS for MC68332

    Hi, We have an project needs EBI bus SI and timing simulation. where could I find IBIS model of MC68332ACAG25? Thanks
    hui zeng
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  • use static library created on codewarried IDE 5.6 in 10.7 for MCF5208 controller

    The IDE which I use is quite old (IDE version 5.7.0 build 2264) and it works only on WinXp machine. I wanted to migrate this IDE to latest one  CodeWarrior for MCU Version: 10.7 Build Id:160721 it does suppo...
    Pawan modi
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  • Problem related to  the linker library

    When i m trying to debug the uart blocking demo code with MK24F12 plateform(kinetis controller freescale/KSDK_1.3.0) in iar workbench,it is not going inside the fsl_clock_MK24F12.c ,it is going inside the fsl_clock_MK...
    shruti mishra
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  • problem related to uart instance

    when I am trying to debug the uart_blocking example code of KSDK_1.3.0 ,in my kinetics controller board (MK24FN1M0xxx12).It is getting failed and showing the error  saying that "expression failed instance <3U"...
    shruti mishra
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  • MCF5216 software reset

    How generate the reset by software on MCF5216.
    paolo ziveri
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  • MC68376

    We have used the MC68376 for replacement of the MC68336 in our product.  But there are two CAN pins (pin1-CANTX0 and pin160-CANRX0) on the MC68376 will not be used for our purposes but need to know how to termina...
    philip vuong
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  • code portability for legacy 68K devices

    I have an application which runs on legacy 68020 processor with external FPU. This unit was deployed 20 years ago , which requires replacement. Is it possible to port  to the newer coldfire platform without modif...
    vishnu prasad
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  • MC68376

    philip vuong
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  • uTasker 1.4 Unknown USB device

    Hi ! I'm using the uTasker 1.4 for kinetis on a custom board. I followed the steps on this post uTasker Bootloader Porting Guide ,I loaded the bin file and the board goes on bootloader mode but when i connect the USB...
    Alberto Peña
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  • M68EN360 SPI delay between read/write

    Hi,   I am using MC68EN360 for one of the project. I wanted to interface ethernet chip (ENC28J60) using SPI with M68K. I have configured the clock of SPI to 6.25Mhz and the SPI mode  '0' is set . The probl...
    Jagadish C
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