• Documentation for 68F396

    I am looking for 68F396 documentation. I've found only very brief info in 683xx Quick Reference (https://www.tvsat.com.pl/pdf/6/68f396_mot.pdf ) and that's all.   There is a bit about 68F376 on NXP we...
    Maciej Stankiewicz
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  • Can't get MC68360 SCC working in transparent mode

    What I'm trying to achive is have a base pattern running when nothing else is transmitting and when I want to transmit data, it should be sent and then return to the base pattern. I've set up two TxBD's, the first on...
    Kenneth Ljungh
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  • MK60DN512  spi 发送8位数据后,会跟随发送一位1,为什么

    MK60DN512  spi 发送8位数据后,会跟随发送一位1,为什么 下图是我发送  0x00,0x00,0x00,0x0e 四个数据后示波器采集到的波形      
    shuhai mao
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  • eTPU PPA Overflow

    Section 4.3 of AN2858 for the etpu PPA function contains the text shown below. The functions etpu_ppa_get_immediate() and etpu_ppa_get_accumulation() return an 8 bit unsigned value to indicate whether an overflow has...
    Joe Pasquariello
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  • Low Power MCU with space grade qualification

    Hello team, My customer has a new design that needs Low power MCU, prefers ARM-Cortex M based to meet the conditions of a Spacecraft and a Space Hazards Environmental. Please advise if NXP has such an MCU/...
    Shai Berman
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  • 68376 Evaluation Board?

    Are there any companies that are still offering a 68376 evaluation board? I can get processors, but in an effort to save time I would rather not have to design a board from scratch.
    Joseph Gillispie
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  • InterNiche’s ColdFire TCP/IP Stack on MCF52233

    Hi, To retrofit old boards, I have to start a new project with a MCF52233. Is possible to use "InterNiche’s ColdFire TCP/IP Stack"? Which CodeWarrior version I have to use? I try with CodeWarrior Special Edi...
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  • MCF51JE Only Operates through Debug Session

    I think the issue is that Checksum Bypass at memory location 0x40A is not getting programmed with value 0x00. Therefore the device enters bootloader mode.. Everytime device is powered on (with and without programmer c...
    Matthew Fritz
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  • IBIS model for the MC68332

    Customer Honeywell   Is there an IBIS model available for the MC68332, any variant?
    Larry Stein
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  • Which MCU board to choose for in built ethernet and uart?

    Please forgive my neglicence. In my project,I want to accomodate ethernet port as well as an Uart port. Also I want connections for a parallel port also. When I was searching,  I have come across the DNP series b...
  • MCF5216 pinouts

    Hello,    I am looking for datasheet MCF5216 with pinouts, but I have found user manual https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/data-sheet/MCF5282UM.pdf    Could you share pinouts for MCF5216? ...
    Yuriy Serdyuk
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  • Question on MOVE Instruction Behavior

    My question is: How do the MOVE.B or MOVE.W instructions behave when the source is a byte or word, but the destination is a long register (e.g. D0)?   For example, Figure 1 describes memory contents before a MOV...
    Dan Filbey
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  • MCF5484 BSDL File

    Hello, I am looking for the BSDL file for the MCF5484CVR200 Coldfire v4e microcontroller.   Is it possible to get this file?   Thanks.
    Dan Filbey
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  • Where can I find dBug source code?

    I can read in many posts that dBug sources are available to download from nxp website, but I can't find it...   The only thing I found was pre-compiled dBug's for a couple of evaluation boards. Also, I'm not su...
    Luis Alves
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  • Pb of warpage during soldering on BGA LS1043AXN8PQB

    The BGA's LS1043AXN8PQB have some default on balls after soldering : deformation and voids  Do you have information on the same problem of warpage for other customers ? Do you have special recommandations ...
    Sandrine Feneyrou
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  • SDRAM Controller Reg SDMR latch data question

    I'm working with the MCF5485 and setting up DDR DRAM. I'm attempting to set the SDMR register.  It appears it doesn't latch the data unless I also set the command bit. Here's an arbitrary example wher...
    Zachary Wilcox
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  • Question about Coldfire JSR with PC indirect

    I was analyzing the binary output of CodeWarrior v11 for an MCF5485 (Coldfire v4e) bareboard example project.   I found that this inline assembly routine: asm __declspec(register_abi) void _startup(void) { &#...
    Dan Filbey
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  • Need help identifying evaluation board EST Wind River 5307

    Hello there. I was trying to get documentation and/or CD with contents (image or zipped file of that) for this particular 5307 Coldfire based board (PC104 format): EST Wind River Ref. MDPBAA-0649    ...
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  • MCF548x DDR Address?

    Hey!  I'm setting up the  SDRAM Controller (SDRAMC) on the MCF5485.   I had a small question.  Once the SDRAMC is initialized, what is the address of the SDR/DDR memory?   If I understa...
    Zachary Wilcox
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  • LX2160A Reconstructed Clock

    Hi Team,   The LX2160A has 2 recovered or reconstructed clock. What is the use of these pins? Can I recover the PTP clock from the serdes via these pins. If possible how to do hardware connections.
    Muhammed Mufeed
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