• Question

    What are the steps i should follow so that my board will come out of sleep mode using UART function as i am learning demo (power_manager_hal_demo) examples of  freescale semiconductor MK24FN1M0VLQ12. Can you give...
    shruti mishra
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  • IBIS for MC68332

    Hi, We have an project needs EBI bus SI and timing simulation. where could I find IBIS model of MC68332ACAG25? Thanks
    hui zeng
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  • use static library created on codewarried IDE 5.6 in 10.7 for MCF5208 controller

    The IDE which I use is quite old (IDE version 5.7.0 build 2264) and it works only on WinXp machine. I wanted to migrate this IDE to latest one  CodeWarrior for MCU Version: 10.7 Build Id:160721 it does suppo...
    Pawan modi
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  • Problem related to  the linker library

    When i m trying to debug the uart blocking demo code with MK24F12 plateform(kinetis controller freescale/KSDK_1.3.0) in iar workbench,it is not going inside the fsl_clock_MK24F12.c ,it is going inside the fsl_clock_MK...
    shruti mishra
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  • problem related to uart instance

    when I am trying to debug the uart_blocking example code of KSDK_1.3.0 ,in my kinetics controller board (MK24FN1M0xxx12).It is getting failed and showing the error  saying that "expression failed instance <3U"...
    shruti mishra
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  • MCF5216 software reset

    How generate the reset by software on MCF5216.
    paolo ziveri
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  • MC68376

    We have used the MC68376 for replacement of the MC68336 in our product.  But there are two CAN pins (pin1-CANTX0 and pin160-CANRX0) on the MC68376 will not be used for our purposes but need to know how to termina...
    philip vuong
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  • code portability for legacy 68K devices

    I have an application which runs on legacy 68020 processor with external FPU. This unit was deployed 20 years ago , which requires replacement. Is it possible to port  to the newer coldfire platform without modif...
    vishnu prasad
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  • MC68376

    philip vuong
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  • uTasker 1.4 Unknown USB device

    Hi ! I'm using the uTasker 1.4 for kinetis on a custom board. I followed the steps on this post uTasker Bootloader Porting Guide ,I loaded the bin file and the board goes on bootloader mode but when i connect the USB...
    Alberto Peña
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  • M68EN360 SPI delay between read/write

    Hi,   I am using MC68EN360 for one of the project. I wanted to interface ethernet chip (ENC28J60) using SPI with M68K. I have configured the clock of SPI to 6.25Mhz and the SPI mode  '0' is set . The probl...
    Jagadish C
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  • ebook "Designing Embedded Applications with ColdFire"

    Hello, Can someone tell me where or how I can get a copy of the ebook "Designing Embedded Applications with ColdFire" for stritcly private use.   Thank you very much   Werner
    Werner Kurzbauer
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  • Need ee emulation on SPC560

    Does anyone know of an app note or other doc that will detail how to emulate EEPROM on the data flash of an SPC560 / MPC560 ?
    James Teske
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  • How do I unsubscribe from NXP community?

    Can't find link to unsubscribe
    Sagar Sankaran
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  • MCF5270 I2C Master receive multiple bytes timing

    Hi-   I've asked this NetBurner Community Forum, but haven't seen any responses.   In I2C Master RX mode, after End of ADDR Cycle, after Dummy Read from I2DR, responding to IIF, not Last Byte to be Re...
    Carl Kugler
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  • sqlite in imxrt

    Hi, I want to port sqlite in IMX-RT. But i am unable to get any help on this. Is there any example available for porting sqlite database to IMX-RT bare metal.
    Vivek Aggarwal
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  • mcf5213 IDE

    Hello,    I need to get the compiler for microprocessor ColdFire MCF5213. And this compiler should be able to run with Window 7 and Window 10.   Do you have any recommendation. I know that Code Warri...
    Darren Gan
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  • Failed to execute initialization script

    CW7.2下调试下载出现Failed to execute initialization script
    bingguo zhang
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  • cold fire controller( MC51CN128) Problem

    Hi, we are using coldfire controller for ethernet application. Recently we are getting one issue that PLL is not getting locked. Due to this Phyclock is not getting generated. we are using 25Mhz crystal , when running...
    vamsi Dhanunjaya Rao
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  • [嵌入式linux] 两个相同产品间的并机设计

    MCU parallel strategy design Three methods are used: 1. Automatically access the new slave at any time, the power is also automatically added, the master can allow the slave to open the strong after the slave is integ...
    julian cheng
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