Hi everyone, I'm a user of a 68HC12 microcontroller. My board is one made by the formerly Freescale Semicondauctors but I;m having trouble finding the right data sheet for it. The data sheets in NXP don't talk a...
    Gonzalo Lara de Leyva
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  • What is the dif between MCF5253 and MCF5251?

    What is the dif between MCF5253 and MCF5251? If we have been using the 5253 can we switch to the 5251? Thank you
    Thomas Krajewski
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  • Which device can download firmware to MC68332 via BDM port?

    Which device can download firmware to MC68332 via BDM interface ?
    aequxyz aequxyz
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  • DSPI communication

    SPI communication, the pin DSPIPCS0/1/2/5  are used out. Can i use the another common GPIO to select the CS for SPI communication ?      
    johnson zhang
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  • EzPort timing before configuration has been loaded.

    I am trying to program MCF5213 via EzPort, and I found there is a  EzPORT initialization flow as below:   EzPORT initialization: • EzPORT initialization obey Figure 2. • Execute the RDSR co...
    Jun Chen
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  • How is the data loss rate(error(%)) for Fs32k1xx?

    I want to know the data loss rate (Error(%)) for Fs32k1xx. Please, answer me about that
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  • MCF51AG128 reprogramming via SPI

    Hi, I would like to reprogramming the MCU MCF51AG128 via SPI. Actually i use the BDM Port but in my application the SPI bus is only available for reprogramming the MCU.   Is there a sofware for programming via ...
    Christian JARNOT
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  • MCF54452 I/O 5V 电平兼容问题

    MCF54452 3.3V 供电,请问其I/O 引脚兼容5V 电平吗?
    johnson zhang
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  • MCF51

    Has anyone migrated from an MCF51 project ot a kinetis.  How hard is the project.  In looking for something closely compatible.  Is this the right route ?  MY processor is at its longevity
    William Nicholson
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  • How Much longer will the MCF51JM be available

    We use a desing with the MCF51JM series.  Wondering how long it will be before it goes obsolete ?   Is there any close code compatible replacement ?
    William Nicholson
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  • IIC acknowledge, but no action from the module

    Hi, I work on a coldfire MCF51CN128 to communicate with IIC on a module TCA9535 wich is an IIC module. I'm trying to write on his ports, but, the module has no reaction, the writing does not work. But, he did had a re...
    Adrien Segura
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  • Coldfire : timer reset every 256 ms.

    Hi, I use Codewarrior 10.6 with a coldifre MCF51CN128 and a multilink universal , and, when i use my 100 ms timer (defined well), it resets at 256 ms : here i toggle a led every 100 ms using that timer : as you ca...
    Adrien Segura
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  • Undefined InitializeUART, ReadUARTN, WriteUARTN

    I'm setting up a new C++ project for a Coldfire MCF52110.   Everything builds fine until I start including code from the EWL_C++ library - I then get three linker errors.   Undefined InitializeUART Referen...
    Dan Quist
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  • AN3928 bug, lwip http server with dynamic data

    The source code (AN3928SW.zip) of AN3928 ("Web Server Using the MCF51CN Family and FreeRTOS") has a bug. The problem is in function HTTP_SendDynamicData in http_server.c If a WEB page with dynamic content insid...
    Gianni Calzetti
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  • IIC Clock use and Uart start/stop bit on Coldfire

    Hi, I work on Codewarrior 10.4 with a PE multilink universal on a coldfire MCF51CN128. My objective is to imitate an IIC and an UART frame, and on both, i have problems :   -On my IIC frame, i succeed to imita...
    Adrien Segura
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  • Looking for MCF5307 evaluation boards

    Are there any vendors having stock or manufacturers who can manufacture few MCF5307 evaluation boards. Thanks in advance.
    Koteswara Tatipamula
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  • FreeRTOS Port IAR and ColdFire V2

    Dear Sir, is there any Port of FreeRTOS for IAR Workbench and Coldfire V2 (MCF5208)? Best regards
    Samer Telawi
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  • Question

    What are the steps i should follow so that my board will come out of sleep mode using UART function as i am learning demo (power_manager_hal_demo) examples of  freescale semiconductor MK24FN1M0VLQ12. Can you give...
    shruti mishra
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  • IBIS for MC68332

    Hi, We have an project needs EBI bus SI and timing simulation. where could I find IBIS model of MC68332ACAG25? Thanks
    hui zeng
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  • use static library created on codewarried IDE 5.6 in 10.7 for MCF5208 controller

    The IDE which I use is quite old (IDE version 5.7.0 build 2264) and it works only on WinXp machine. I wanted to migrate this IDE to latest one  CodeWarrior for MCU Version: 10.7 Build Id:160721 it does suppo...
    Pawan modi
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