• Problemas con BITIO en la familia MCF5441X

    Hola a todos!   Estoy teniendo problemas con la familia de microcontroladores MCF5441X con algunas librerias del processor expert.  Los componentes de alto nivel (BITIO, TIMERs, etc...) aparece un error ll...
    Juan Luis Lopez
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  • MCF5271 IBIS model?

    Hi!   I'm looking for an IBIS model for the MCF5271 microprocessor.  The website currently just has the BSDL files.  Anyone have one or know where I could get it?   Thank you! Geoffrey
    Geoffrey Burnham
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  • Merge Bootloader with Application

    Hello everybody!   I have an application to wich I'd like to add bootloader capability. I'm working with CW v6.1 and MCF51QE128. I took the QE bootloader developed by Pual Zhang for the DEMO QE board, did some m...
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  • MCF54415CMJ250 BSDL File

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for BSDL file for MCF54415CMJ250 ColdFire Microcontroller. Does anybody can help me?   Greetings!
    Aurelio Siordia
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  • AppTRK.elf file missing in MCF5282 pre installed Ulinux

    Hi, I am working on DNP/EVA6(REV 1.2 board) with coldfire MCF5282CVM66. When I read the documentation, it was mentioned that I have to start the AppTRK agent(Apptrk.elf) to have a communication between the evaluation...
  • BITIO with MCF5441X

    Hello everyone!   I'm having problems with the MCF5441X family of microcontrollers with some Processor expert libraries. The high level components (BITIO, TIMERs, etc...) get an error called: "This component is...
    Juan Luis Lopez
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  • Help ID board With MCF5213 processor.

    I have a box of these boards in my stock and cannot figure out if I need them or not, seriously can't find anything on them through my normal database.  I know it's a long shot but was wondering if anyone here ca...
    Matthew Petro
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  • flexCAN message buffer on MCF548x

    Hi all,   I have a question about flexCAN message buffer on MCF548x. flexCAN has 16 MBs for Tx and Rx.   I set 14 MBs(MB#0 ~MB#13) for Rx and 2MBs for Tx. And, I set same ID(i.e. 0x4AA) to MB#2 and ...
    CK Kim
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  • MCF5485 Flexbus lines level at start up?

    Hey! I have a question as to what level the Flexbus lines come up as on the MCF5485.   The Table 2-1 of the RM shows FBCS[5:0] and BE come up as high. However, table 17-1 shows they come up as Hi-Z
    Zachary Wilcox
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  • DSPI Example Driver for MCF5485

    Hi,   I am looking for some example code for a DMA SPI driver for the MCF5485.    Thanks.
    Prabodh Jhaveri
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  • LS1021ATSN-PA

    junbin liu
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  • mcf5441x, esdhc, BLKATTR question

    Hi all,   working on a Linux driver for this module,   on CMD 18 (and other), from the upper layer, i am getting a value of 0x1200 (4608) for block size (BLKSZE field). As a bit-width, this value can be a...
    Angelo Dureghello
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  • Difference between MC68376BGMFT20 and MC68376BGMAB20

    Hi everybody,   I'm looking for the difference between these two µprocessors : - MC68376BGMFT20 and MC68376BGMAB20   I've found some informations in this file : https://www.nxp.com/files-s...
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  • mcf52277,复位输出拉低

    zhang guofeng
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  • mcf52277问题

    zhang guofeng
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  • Problems with FLEXCAN on a MCU52255CAF

    Hi, good morning, I'm tryin to setup de flexcan in a MCU52255CAF. I have a problem setting the baud rate in the microcontroller. I've followed the chapter "32 Flexcan from MCF52259RM." I can't communicate two device...
    Santiago López Pina
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  • gHaving trouble getting DSPI working with eDMA.

    Using MCF5441x CPU, I have been working on code to manage an SPI link to another CPU.  I was able to configure the DSPI module to operate with the peer processor (we're the slave in the link), but when I attempt ...
    Adam Crowder
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  • printer to wifi

    i need to bridge between usb printer and wi-fi module       please help me
    Ramez Rabia
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  • Reproduce part of m68000 reference manual in open source project

    Hi, I'm writing an open source extension to vscode  to code in assembly for the m68000. I would like to reproduce some parts of the m68000 reference manual as inline documentation : https://www.nxp.com/fil...
    Paul Raingeard
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  • Software DEMOJM and other

    Hello. And where can I download a disk image from DEMOJM (or from JMBADGE2008, EVB51JM128, DEMOFLEXISJMSD). And also the files that are used in the manual AN3927?
    sergey ivanov
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