• Missing Interrupt Sources Table in MCF52235 Reference Manual

    Hi! I have "updated" my copy of the reference manual (which was Rev.4) to the lattest available in the website (which is Rev.7) and I have found that the Interrupt Sources Table (which was Table 15-6) is missing. In ...
    Ruben Valls Blasco
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  • Using WDEBUG with MCF5235

    Hi,   I am try to generate an interrupt when a particular area of memory is written to. The debug  support feature of the MCF5235 seems simple enough as described in chapter 32 of the RM however I can't ...
    Ahlan Marriott
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  • 5223X Interrupt Controller -- setting levels/priorities

    I'm doing some enhancement work on a project using the MC52233 ColdFire V2 MCU; the original development team is gone. It uses the Interniche TCP/IP stack (free version). My question has to do with setting interupt pr...
    Scott Trappe
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  • Bug in MCF54452 FEC broadcast reject function?

    Hello everyone,the following is my problem during MCF54452 FEC:   I need to reject broadcast frame accord to the flux of broadcast to avoid broadcast storm.So, I enable fec accept broadcast in on...
    pang jiyao
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  • Monitoring the UART RX signal

    I want to be able to read the logic level on the UART1 RX pin while the pin is assigned to the UART RX function (not as a GPIO). The SCI peripheral in the MC9S08 MCUs allows me to do this (the reference manual says so...
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  • MCF54453 Clocking Module Question

    Hello,   Just a quick question about the pin connections on the clocking module:   What do you suggest I do with the PLLTEST pin (D15)? I am using the eval kit schematic as a reference however this ...
    Shahzad Malik
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  • Confusion on priority levels with exception handlers

    I'm porting firmware written for 68040 using another vendor's toolset into a Coldfire application for V2 (MCF52100) using CodeWarrior 10.1.  The board is our custom design with the Coldfire replacing the 68040.&#...
    Michael Walker
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  • CompactFlash slot on 5484LITE

    Hi, I'm running Linux on my 5484LITE evaluation board per the document "BSP Targeting the Freescale ColdFire M547x/M548x." using LITB.  I got that much working, but the system must boot of an...
    Jim Mood
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  • MCF51JM Random ,extra output transition after input capture ISR,

    Using CW 6.3   I have an input capture,  capturing both edges of a square wave,  measuring the periods based on the delta of the timer capture,  in this ISR I toggle an output to drive some instr...
    Robert Bailey
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  • I really built a RAM bootloader for classic 68K CPU

    I am interested to design a small 68K system and I am working at it for some years. There are several prototypes (wire based) as well one PCB design using the 68SEC000.   One prototype is in working order to a...
    Alex Finn
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  • Linker errors with console IO

    I created a new project (using CodeWarrior Development Studio 6.3) for the MCF51QE128.    This is the third project I've created and the only one that is giving me linker errors:   Link Error : Unde...
    James Millard
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  • Creating a new project for custom board using Processor Expert and MQX

    Hi,   Is it possible to create a project that uses both processor expert and MQX?  I have a custom board based on the MCF52258.  I can create a project using PE, and it runs.  I would like to add...
    Allan Lunk
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  • MCF5235 and standard id from data can

    Hi everybody,   I am currently designing an application onto an MCF5235 and I would like to get data from flexcan with standard id. The datasheet show me an bit named IDE but I don't understand if i have to rea...
    Christophe Varin
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  • 52257 D4D demo rendering very blurry fonts

    Finally got the custom board driven by the 52277 working with a 800x480lcd to load and run the demo. The fonts seems to have double edges as in the attachment shown. I tried to change some timing numbers and didn't se...
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  • Looking for MC68020 app. note AN944

    I'm trying to locate a very old Motorola application note on the MC68020:   AN944: "MC68020 and MC68881 Platform Board for Evaluation in a 16-Bit System"   One person who had a hard copy of the applicati...
    Charles MacDonald
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  • burning elf file instead of S19 from bootloader?

    Hi, I wonder if there is any example of loading ELF file instead of S19? the S19 file from an executable is 260kB and the ELF is only 60KB. What i wanted is to download the image to a section of on-chip flash of 52259...
    last modified by Leong
  • TWR-LCD demo program not reading uSD card

    I've been developing code on the TWR-LCD without problem, until I added the microSD card.  So I went back to the example programs provided with the board.   The Demo for TWR-LCD-JM128 includ...
    Douglas Triman
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  • MCF54450, SDRAM signals are switched, workaround?

    Hello everyone,   My coworkers and I have a custom-made PCB with two 54450 processors on it, each with its own SDRAM chip. However, there was a mistake in designing the PCB, and the SDRAM's DM signals are switc...
    Kyle Edwards
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  • MCF52259 CMX USB stack  Problem

    Hello everyone, i want to realize the communication from the board(MCF52259) to the PC, using the CMX usb stack with the CDC class,my project is CMXUSB_LITE_MCF5225X_1.0 download from freescale website, but when i tr...
    Cathy chang
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  • 5329 Cache configuration

    I am using a 5329 with two 64 MB SDRAMs. The documentation on the cache Access Control Registers is ambiguous. How would I set the mask bits? What is the maximum address space for an Access Control Register?
    Tim Watko
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