• MCF5445x, On-Chip USB Transceiver

    Hello everyone,   I'm bringing up a custom board with two 54450 processors, both of which use the built-in FS/LS USB transceiver. I'm using a slightly modified Freescale Linux kernel with support for the FS/LS ...
    Kyle Edwards
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  • How to implement Sickos on DEMOJM ?? Newb asks for help..

    Hi. I have been the proud owner of a demojm eval board for about 2 weeks now. Having little experiencwe with the DEMOJM I have made some progress thanks to some help form some good people on the forum. I have just bee...
    Stephen Scutt
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  • Serial boot suggestions

    Hello, I'm booting an M54455 to boot using serial boot mode.  At present the only method I have to program the flash initially is 'Impact' (Xilinx programmer) which accepts .mcs (Intel hex) files.  To ...
    Dave Barnard
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  • How do I enable InterNiche uart flow control (RTS & CTS)?

    I want to enable hardware handshaking so uncommented the two lines in iuart.c :-   /* configure for 8,N,1 with flow control */    MCF_UART_UMR(dev) = ( // MCF_UART_UMR_RXRTS |     ...
    Alexander Caldwell
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  • WAIT problem with MCF51QE128

    I have an MCF51QE128 with a serial interface hooked to the computer.  I can send a command to the microcontroller  to go to wait.  This works fine -- it writes to the EEPROM (using I2C) as it should the...
    James Millard
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  • Linker Command File with MQX 3.6 and Bootloader

    Hello, I use the MCF52259 with MQX 3.6 and I want to integrate a Bootloader. The Bootloader is a separate project and is located at the addresses from 0x00000000 to 0x00010000. The Bootloader works, but I can't adapt...
    Martin Kempf
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  • MCF54455 Example Code

    I am evaluating an MCF54455 for a product I am designing. I would like some example code, but I can't seem to find any for this device on the Freescale site. In particular I would like a DMA / SPI driver in C for Code...
    Jo-Jo Smith
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  • DDR Drive strength and signal integrity with MCF54451

    Hi,   We have a new design that is using MCF54451CVM180 alogside with DDR1 chip MT46V32M16P-6T from micron.   The clock is running at 80MHz, but the chip support up to 166MHz. It is a 2.5V...
    Mathieu Lafrance
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  • MCF51JM128 as a HID Device.

    I have Badge Board. have codewarrior V6.3.   how to convert JM128 as a USB HID DEVICe using Freescale USB.  I want to use Visual Studio and C#.net, Windows 7 for developing application. Kindly help. re...
    Harshal Doshi
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  • New to 68K processors, need to understand baud rate settings

    I need to set two serial communication baud rates for connecting to two different pieces of equipment on TPU channels 12 and 14.  Currently in the code both are set to 9600 baud.  Could you please help ...
    Scott Whitney
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  • Cause of Access Error Exception with ColdFire 52230

    Hi,       My project uses an MCF52230. I'm getting an Access Error Exception (vector = 2), I can't understand why this exception is being generated. Here is the ColdWarrior disassembly of the...
    Scott Trappe
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  • proxy issues using M52277XEVB BSP LTIB on Debian 6.0

    Hi this is more of a request for advice on where to go looking to find answers as i'm new to linux I thought i'd post here to get pointed at resources that other freescale developers use.   Opted for Debia...
    ian lovatt
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  • code for testing flash,ddrram and fpga

    im working on powerpc 8358 and im facing difficulty in writing a code for testing memory devices 
    mujtaba rizwan
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  • 5234 eTPU Quadrature Decoder

    Hi All,   I have a NetBurner 5234 interfaced to a linear quadrature encoder.  It supplies A & B signals and an Index signal.  The QD interface is configured to reset the PC (position counter) when...
    jay shipley
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  • MCF5282 Oscillator/PLL

    We're having startup problems that appear to be related to the oscillator or PLL within the MCF5282. It's set for "normal PLL mode with crystal reference", using an 8MHz crystal multiplied by 10 for 80MHz system clock...
    Scott Zimmerman
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  • V1 USB CDC Rx 64 byte msg (without locking up)?

    We are using the JE256 ColdFire V1 part and codewarrior 6.3 to make used of the USB phcp demo for CDC. We can successfully recieve 1 message over USB that is 64 bytes in length and then send and ACK which is 1 byte i...
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  • How enable watchdog timer for CF51223x nixheliet demo baord?

    How enable watchdog timer for CF51223x nixheliet demo baord?
    Vasanta Tanna
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  • PWM kills RTC oscillator

    I have a custom MCF52258 board design.  It has an oscillator circuit with a 32.768 KHz crystal that drives the internal RTC.  The oscillator and the RTC work normally until I turn on a particular PWM output....
    Kevin Kramb
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  • Without Ethrnet cable, takes mor etime to boot MCF5223X demo baord

    I am using Nichelite stack with MCF3223X Demo board, if I have Ethernet connected to board, boots faster (4 Seconds), I have LCD display to GPIO, LCD comesup after 3 Seconds it boots. If I don't have Ethernet to baor...
    Vasanta Tanna
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  • Missing Interrupt Sources Table in MCF52235 Reference Manual

    Hi! I have "updated" my copy of the reference manual (which was Rev.4) to the lattest available in the website (which is Rev.7) and I have found that the Interrupt Sources Table (which was Table 15-6) is missing. In ...
    Ruben Valls Blasco
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