• PCF51JF128   SDID

    Hi,   Anybody knows why the PCF51JF128's SDID register gives 0xD3F, it should be 0xD01. Even if it's a prequalification version, it should be right no?     Regards, Emmanuel
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    when my mcf54415 board is power on, spi flash sometimes can not bootload correctlly,and then i push the manual reset key of the sp706s IC(external watchdog is bypassed),spi flash can bootload correctlly.From analysizi...
    henry gore
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  • MC68330 legacy replacement

    Hello   Has anyone worked with MC68330 legacy part.? What could be current replacement for this?   If someone can throw light please reply   Thanks and regards
    Abhijit Jagtap
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  • 1Mbps write speed possible for MCF51JM128 acting as USB mass storage host

    Hi,   I plan to test the DEMOJM board as a CAN data logger, with the MCF51JM128 installed.   Maximum CAN bit rate is 1Mbps, there is some overhead in that so data rate will be slightly lower.   Wi...
    Ian Murphy
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  • usb multiple mount restarting the board

    HI Team   I am using MCF52256 with Linux build 2.6.26 , we are facing problem like multi-time plug in and out of USB data stick restarting the board. and other issue same with SD card also. Its giving error whe...
    subhash choudhary
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  • How to use Ethernet  (TWR-SER module) with MCF51JF-128?

    I am using the TWR-SER board in my tower system and am trying to track down any examples on how to use its ethernet output.  Where can I find some example code for how to output data over the ethernet connector? ...
    Jacob Francis
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  • Coldfire V1 & VUSB33

    Hi everybody   I am going to start my first project with Coldfire v1 (MCF51MM128). I will not use USB, but I am not sure where VUSB33 should be connected. Should I connected it to 3.3V ?   Thanks Niko...
    Eric_t d
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  • MCF52259 CW7.1 DMA transfer problem

    Hi! I am trying to transfer data from one variable (or array/ADC) to another variable/array via DMA. Tried various combination, but not able to solve it. I have attached the project too.   Here is one of the ...
    LB Singh
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  • Watchdog timeout prevents erasing flash

    I loaded a version of software for our 52258 based system that had a 2 second watchdog timeout.  Now I can't erase the flash to download a new version from codewarrior because it times out in the middle of the er...
    Keith Flick
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  • How to flash image in MCF52277 EVM

    Hi,   I am new to coldfire processor MCF52277 EVM.   Can anyone help me with information on how to flash a final image to the MCF52277 EVM board.   I am new to this,   Is there any document...
    girish tryout
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  • header file

    I am using codewarrior ver.6.3 for the MCF51JE256 and when I compile all the errors say the header file cannot be opened. The interesting thing is this only happens on one PC when I move to another PC the errors go aw...
    Gary Thompson
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  • 52233 based board runs for few Hours then hangs - debug info is:

    52233 based board runs for few Hours and then hangs, it is pointing to line 3 where it dies, any idea? It is pointing to "ReadUSR1" - No address info available for variable   __declspec(interrupt:0) void UART1...
    Vasanta Tanna
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  • MCF52233CAF60 DMA ignores the request from the DTIM

    Period DTIM0 1.22us to DMA0. Period DTIM1 1.22us to DMA1. Often there is no DMA transfers on request from the DTIM. Request from DTIM ignored. Please help. Is this a bug?
    Ryslan Stromtsov
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  • MCF52233 - How to turn on Watchfdog timer - using Nichelite stack

    Need badly how to turn ON watchdog timer in 52233 demo board. Currently I get board hangup - I need to reset board automatcically , appreciated.
    Vasanta Tanna
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  • 51MM256: What/where is "DAC5BIT" ?

    An entity called "DAC5BIT" is named as one of the input-sources to the two onboard op-amps on the 51MM256. I can find no other reference in the RM to 'DAC5BIT'. Can anyone tell me what this is? (It looks very useful...
    Wade Hassler
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  • Code example for I2C on MFC51AC in Codewarrior

    Does anyone have example code for reading the contents of a register from an I2C slave device? I have seen some examples but they do not use the methods available from the I2C component for the MFC51AC (I2C1_Recv...
    Clyde Carryl
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  • Programming flash on MCF5282 lite

    Hi everybody !   I've been developping an application on MCF5282 lite evaluation board, using codewarrior 5.9. I'm connected to the BDM port using a P&E USB Coldfire Multilink.   Untill now, I've be...
    GROSBOIS Laurent
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  • Diferences between IIC1C1 and IIC1C - JM128

    Hi folks. i benn trying to make work IIC module on JM128 core. first, using a routine from AN3291, requires to poll over a flag.  it's supposed that polling over a flag doesn't need an interruption routine, but...
  • Need Help on MCF52259 UART access using DMA at lower baud rate having problem...

    Hi   I am using MCF52259, in which i have used DMA for data transfer through UART. At higher baud rate every thing is OK, but at lower baud rate (like 300bps) controller becomes slugish. My all timing is gettin...
    Monorom Deb
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  • Regarding QSPI interrupt based sampl code for MCF5282 controller

    Hi, I am using MCF5282 Evaluation board for development   1)      I am writing a SPI interrupt based driver for MCF5282 controller I have read similar article for –Pooling based ...
    Nilesh Khunte
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