• MCF5301X Config documentation errors - Serious (?)!

    Good morning,   We have a MCF53014 based design which is about to hit production. Latest field tests have shown a problem whereby the board will not always boot. This has been traced to the oscillator not sta...
    Paul Arnold
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  • mcf5441x, instruction cache enable issue

    Dear all,   i am still in the process to have a new custom board with mcf54415 booting u-boot from sbf and spi - nor.   Actually, SBF works, some code is loaded to internal SRAM and then full u-boot is loa...
    Angelo Dureghello
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  • MC68332A

    MC68332A problem I have board MC68332A + Flash 29F040 + Sram for store data + Lion Batt. This is old board, working ok, I  changed battery , and it stops working. Help me to repair this board!
    Zlatko Glavacevic
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  • Linker error for start undefined

    Hi,   I am facing a linker error as "Undefined:start"       But the start is defined in vector. c for     typedef void (* vectorTableEntryType)(void);   #pragma define_section v...
    Preetu Abraham
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  • Calling c functions from assembly file in codewarrior for MCF5485 Coldfire

    Hi,     I am working with "CodeWarrior for MCU Version: 10.6" for MCF5485 coldfire . I have some functions in my C-File. I have to call those function in the .s file.   Could you please give me the p...
    Preetu Abraham
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  • Want to make a UNION in codewarrior 6.2 DEMOQE128

    I tried this...please help   typedef union {     struct {     byte PTFD_PTFD7      :1;           ...
  • TBLCF & 52233 & GDB connection fail

    I have problem with load programs by TBLCF to MCF52233EVB (RAM & FLASH) When I use CodeSourcery GDB  I getting error message:   >>m68k-elf-gdb M52235EVBUARTDebug.elf GNU gdb (Sourcery G++ Lite 4...
    Dariusz Michalski
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  • ccs protocol plugin: ccs_config_chain; ccs_error = 39 failed to correctly configure JTEG chain

    hi,  i am using cw for my own board having mpc8313e-revc. its showing following errors. ccs protocol plugin: failed to correctly configure the jteg chain; plz tell me what could be the possible reasons for the ...
    nitin arora
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  • JM Badge Board Applications - small mistake

    I found a little mistake in the demo Applications. In the file accelerometer.c starting from line 486, the original code is: switch(sensitivity)   {     case Range15g:      ...
    Andrei Boeru
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  • 64MB flash problem in M5485EVB with Linux 2.6.25

    I've been having a very strange problem while trying to get 64MB of flash to work with a custom board based on the M5485EVB board (Intel P33 flash with CS lines tied together for 32 bit width). I had no prob...
    James Kimble
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  • TBLCF open source debugging cable

    Hello everybody, for the benefit of the ColdFire users community I am releasing an open-source debugging cable. The cable works with CodeWarrior version 6.3. You can download evaluation version of CodeWarrior 6.3 her...
    Daniel Malik
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  • MCF5223x Uart Serial Boot Loader

    Hi all,   I'm planning to develop a Uart Serial Boot Loader to be able to perform firmware update on MCF 52234 with a simple RS232 cable. In the past I have deveolped a similar program for an HCS08 uC. Before s...
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  • Coldfire V1 (MCF51MM128) & Reset

    Hi, I have started my very first project with Coldfire V1 (MCF51MM128) and Codewarrior v10.2. My project works OK when the debugger is connected (Pemicro Multilink Universal).  When I disconnect the debugger,...
    Eric_t d
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  • USB OTG enhancement in existing MCF5307 coldfire motherboard

    I have a existing motherboard with coldfire MCF5307 processor with RTOS MQX 2.4.0. I want to add USB OTG application and for this PIC controller is being choosen (USB stack is available).   I wont be using para...
    Rajan Kumar
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  • Help required regarding writing the drivers for ADC on MCF5441x processor

    Hello all, I am working on MCF5441x processor and configuring the ADC channels to read the Battery level of the device. The problem i am facing is the START0 bit of the ADC_CR1 register is not at all getting set to ...
    Hemanth kumar
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  • Coldfire V1 & V2

    Hi everybody,   I am going to start two projects; one with Coldfire V1 (MCF51MM128CLK) and one with Coldfire V2(MCF52252AF80)   I have attached two schematics.   Could someone tell me if there is ...
    Eric_t d
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  • MCF54455 Debugging Problem

    We are using an Axiom USB debugger which doesn't connect to the V4 processor on our board. These boards have never been able to connect. They look like they start with an SD clock and a CS0 access of 8 selects, so it ...
    Ian Rumble
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  • Problems with I2C on MCF5208

    Hi,   We are using MCF5208 processor and I2C is configured as Master. It has 4 I2C slave peripheral devices connected to it. Out of the four devices, two are on board and two are external devices which are...
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  • Full duplex

    Using a 56F8257 I am attempting to get a full duplex spi (slave) working. The receive is working and the reply works but the first char is sent twice.   The MC56F825X reference manual section 12.3.4 talks about...
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  • QSPI Interrupt service routine  is not getting fired

    Hi, I am using MCF5282 Evaluation board for development   I am writing a SPI interrupt based driver for MCF5282 controller   Functional QSPI Description:- The user initiates QSPI operation by loading a...
    Nilesh Khunte
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