• Coldfire register ABI documentation

    I'm trying to rewrite some ColdFire assembler routines so they can switch to the Register ABI calling conventions under CW for CF 7.1.2, but I have hit two problems: - the Build Tools Reference Manual doesn't actuall...
    Nigel Spon
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  • Merge Bootloader with Application

    Hello everybody!   I have an application to wich I'd like to add bootloader capability. I'm working with CW v6.1 and MCF51QE128. I took the QE bootloader developed by Pual Zhang for the DEMO QE board, did some m...
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  • DSPI Example Driver for MCF5485

    Hi,   I am looking for some example code for a DMA SPI driver for the MCF5485.    Thanks.
    Prabodh Jhaveri
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  • printer to wifi

    i need to bridge between usb printer and wi-fi module       please help me
    Ramez Rabia
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  • AN3928 bug, lwip http server with dynamic data

    The source code (AN3928SW.zip) of AN3928 ("Web Server Using the MCF51CN Family and FreeRTOS") has a bug. The problem is in function HTTP_SendDynamicData in http_server.c If a WEB page with dynamic content insid...
    Gianni Calzetti
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  • Different branch execution times

    Hello everyone,   we have a long running loop that just counts towards a given value. This results in following assembler code:   loop:   ADDQ #1,D0   CMP D0,D1   BLS loop   With th...
    Achim Daub
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  • Free Eclipse IDE and GNU toolchain for ColdFire (Set up instructions and example for 5282)

    Hi all,   I have eventually written up the instructions for setting up a complete C/C++ development system for Coldfire, using the Eclipse IDE, GNU toolchain and SubVersion for source control. All of the s...
    Paul McConkey
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  • Distribution of Interniche-NicheLite and FSL code

    In Answer to http://forums.freescale.com/freescale/board/message?board.id=CFCOMM&message.id=2603 Thread Split Hello, I'm sorry Paul, but I'll need a bit of education... I imagine we could probably get something...
    Alban Rampon
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  • MCF52259 and uTasker supported by CodeWarrior

    My product has a MCF52259 running uTasker.   1. Does CodeWarrior support MCF52259 with uTasker? 2. If so, where can I dwonload user guide to     build package of MCF52259 with uTasker  ...
    henry zhang
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  • mcf5441x rev.5 manual available

    Hi all, would just like to inform everybody that this new manual is now available. It fixes several things collected up over years.   https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/reference-manual/MCF54418RM.pdf    St...
    Angelo Dureghello
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  • eDMA oddity on MCF54415

    Hi,   In an earlier discussion Tom Evans pointed me in the right direction to implement some functionality I need. In essence I have coupled back a PWM signal to the DREQ1 pin function to trigger data transfers...
    Filip Dossche
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  • 51JM128 Freescale I2C two interrupt problems

    I've found two issues with our interrupt driven I2C communication to an accelerometer on a DEMOJM board.  The problems appear to be in the Freescale processor bean for the I2C interface.  I have made code ch...
    Norm May
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  • M52223 USB Unstable when using USB2.0 Hub

    One of our customers has some problems with this CPU when it is connected to a USB2.0 port via a USB2.0 hub. Without the hub, everything works fine!   The software is using no OS and is using the CMX USB Lite St...
    Manuel Koeppen
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  • FlexCAN for MCF52235EVB

    Hi everyone,   I have some problem in MCF52235EVB's FlexCAN. Would you please give me some help.Thanks.   The problem is that when I put the FlexCAN in LPB model it will work normally,but When put it in n...
    zhao chunbo
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  • how can i make MODBUS TCP session invalid??

    In mcf52233 controller I have implemented multi master with tcp modbus protocol(multiple clients for MODBUS TCP running on PC and server running on my hardware.) for this i referred freescale_HTTP_webserver example as...
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  • Coldfire v5e

    I hope that someone can help with some information about the Coldfire v5 and v5e.    On the Atari forum there has been some discussion about whether a V5e could be used in place of a V4e CPU.   On pag...
    P Slegg
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  • Image Creation for Coldfire processor

    Hi,  I am trying to migrate a legacy Metrowerks Code warrior project for MC5485 Cold fire processor to Code warrior 10.x . I was able to generate the s-record file without any changes to the code, but when the ...
    Preetu Abraham
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  • Compiler Error for Codewarrior

     Hi, The project was compiling successfully but now it shows this error for Coldfire processor for MC5485 processor legacy project
    Preetu Abraham
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  • Slice Timers for MCF5485

    Hi,   I have a MCF5485 processor with a CLKIN of 28.6363 Mhz,how to select the terminal count for SLT0 and SLT1.   SLT1 is used for task scheduler for 5 ms and I used a terminal count value of 0x0008BD00. ...
    Preetu Abraham
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  • Flash Read and Write for MCF5485

    Hi,   I have a MCF5485 processor running project which has timer interrupts. So while reading and writing into external  flash using fucntions,I have some problems since the SW gets stuck and .Whether I hav...
    Preetu Abraham
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