• MCF5407 UART interrupt masks seem inverted

    Hi, I am having a lot of trouble configuring the UART on the MCF5407. The only way I was able to make the UART work with the interrupt is to inverse the UIMR bit logic; the datasheet says that we must set TxRDY and FF...
    Jasmin Bolduc
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  • CodeWarrior 5.9 debugging with multilink: unable to put breakpoints on executed instructions.

    I have the following piece of code for coldfire V2 MCF52258:     According CW tutorial, dashes at left column tell us where we can set a breakpoint. As it can be seen, a low red point is tried to be put a...
    Eugenia Suarez
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  • After the MCU is powered on, it only reads the EEPROM data to the memory, and the probability of error is large.

    After the MCU is powered on, it only reads the EEPROM data to the memory. What is the probability of the error? There is no problem in reading the timing of the operation of the EEPROM function. (Because I have seen o...
    julian cheng
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  • CodeWarrior 5.9 debugging: view registers values are not updated after assignment op.

    Hi,  I have inherited a project based on a Coldfire V2 uC. We are using MFC52258 uC. It was compiled with Codewarrior 5.9 on W7 OS. After updating multilink drivers for W7 we could finally enter into debug ...
    Eugenia Suarez
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  • EzPort timing before configuration has been loaded.

    I am trying to program MCF5213 via EzPort, and I found there is a  EzPORT initialization flow as below:   EzPORT initialization: • EzPORT initialization obey Figure 2. • Execute the RDSR co...
    Jun Chen
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  • MC68332ACEH25 can be remplaced MC68332GCEH25?

    I need to repair/chance processor of a lot of cards the:   originally mounted(no avaliable): MC68332ACEH25 can be remplaced? by an option 1(more avaliable):MC68332GCEH25  or the   option2: MC68332GCEH20...
    christian Lara
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  • ADC module results for MCF52259

    I'm testing and analyzing an old project that was built within codewarrior for 7.2 arch and uTasker1.3. So I'm using uTasker ADC libraries. Viewing the adc results and de micro datasheets I have some unclear adc behav...
    Eugenia Suarez
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    where could find the USB coldfire multilink debug board driver?
    laker lv
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  • Possible counterfeit Freescale 68K (Help Identify)

    Hi, so I have an MC68EC020FG25 on a device that I purchased some time this year. It has a date code of 1509 and a mask of 2F37E.    It is my understanding that Freescale ceased production of the 020 line in...
    John Clark
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  • 308-E DFlash Type

    What is the difference between DFlash Type 1 (HW Check Code V47)  with DFlash Type 2 (HW Check Code V50)?
    leiden Wei
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  • Free Eclipse IDE and GNU toolchain for ColdFire (Set up instructions and example for 5282)

    Hi all,   I have eventually written up the instructions for setting up a complete C/C++ development system for Coldfire, using the Eclipse IDE, GNU toolchain and SubVersion for source control. All of the s...
    Paul McConkey
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  • Distribution of Interniche-NicheLite and FSL code

    In Answer to http://forums.freescale.com/freescale/board/message?board.id=CFCOMM&message.id=2603 Thread Split Hello, I'm sorry Paul, but I'll need a bit of education... I imagine we could probably get something...
    Alban Rampon
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  • Coldfire MCF 5307 IRQ7 Initialization/ISR

    I am currently working to modify firmware on a Coldfire 5307, and we are needing to use the NMI IRQ7(pin68) pin for power failure. This will only be used in last resort situations.   I have endless documentation...
    William Carlisle
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  • What is the difference between IC:SM908E626CVPEK, SM908E626DVPEK and SM908E626EVPEK?

    What is the difference between IC:SM908E626CVPEK, SM908E626DVPEK and SM908E626EVPEK?
    LM 黎
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  • BYTEREV.L Equivalent Instruction for ISA_B

    I am implementing some code from another vendor on a MCF5485 that has ISA_B. In one of the files it has the following line of code: static inline asm U32 __declspec(register_abi) sharkssl_byteswap (U32 d) { byterev.l...
    Jose Enriquez
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  • can GPIO read a HIGH due to internal pull up

    I am using MCF5272 and trying to use a previously unused GPIO pin to give me indication of a new capability on the next board spin. On the existing board the port A GPIO pin was unused, set as output and not conn...
    Swetha Krishnamurthy
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    vinod devrari
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  • MCF54415 eDMA help

    I have a MCF54415 and have not been able to get the eDMA to operate. I probably have not configured it properly but the documentation has me confused. There are several references in the users's manual claiming that t...
    Mark Wood
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  • mcf51cn128cgt LwIP  tcp communication stop working after some period

    Hello All,          I have ported freertos with LwIP on coldfire v1 mcf51cn128cgt to build serial to ethernet converter. The data transmission from serial port to ethernet...
    swapnil vhanale
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  • Coldfire v1 mcf51cn128cgt TCP/IP communication problem

    Hello All,       I am Developing Serial to Ethernet converter using coldfire v1 mcf51cn128cgt. I have ported freertos with lwip stack. lwip initialization done successfully. But Program stu...
    swapnil vhanale
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