• Low Power MCU with space grade qualification

    Hello team, My customer has a new design that needs Low power MCU, prefers ARM-Cortex M based to meet the conditions of a Spacecraft and a Space Hazards Environmental. Please advise if NXP has such an MCU/...
    Shai Berman
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  • InterNiche’s ColdFire TCP/IP Stack on MCF52233

    Hi, To retrofit old boards, I have to start a new project with a MCF52233. Is possible to use "InterNiche’s ColdFire TCP/IP Stack"? Which CodeWarrior version I have to use? I try with CodeWarrior Special Edi...
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  • IBIS model for the MC68332

    Customer Honeywell   Is there an IBIS model available for the MC68332, any variant?
    Larry Stein
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  • Need help identifying evaluation board EST Wind River 5307

    Hello there. I was trying to get documentation and/or CD with contents (image or zipped file of that) for this particular 5307 Coldfire based board (PC104 format): EST Wind River Ref. MDPBAA-0649    ...
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  • Merge Bootloader with Application

    Hello everybody!   I have an application to wich I'd like to add bootloader capability. I'm working with CW v6.1 and MCF51QE128. I took the QE bootloader developed by Pual Zhang for the DEMO QE board, did some m...
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  • Help ID board With MCF5213 processor.

    I have a box of these boards in my stock and cannot figure out if I need them or not, seriously can't find anything on them through my normal database.  I know it's a long shot but was wondering if anyone here ca...
    Matthew Petro
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  • gHaving trouble getting DSPI working with eDMA.

    Using MCF5441x CPU, I have been working on code to manage an SPI link to another CPU.  I was able to configure the DSPI module to operate with the peer processor (we're the slave in the link), but when I attempt ...
    Adam Crowder
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  • printer to wifi

    i need to bridge between usb printer and wi-fi module       please help me
    Ramez Rabia
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  • Reproduce part of m68000 reference manual in open source project

    Hi, I'm writing an open source extension to vscode  to code in assembly for the m68000. I would like to reproduce some parts of the m68000 reference manual as inline documentation : https://www.nxp.com/fil...
    Paul Raingeard
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  • Software DEMOJM and other

    Hello. And where can I download a disk image from DEMOJM (or from JMBADGE2008, EVB51JM128, DEMOFLEXISJMSD). And also the files that are used in the manual AN3927?
    sergey ivanov
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  • DEMOJM jumpers for AN3748 Bootloader (MCF51JM128)

    I am trying to get the AN3748 Bootloader running on the DEMOJM with the MCF51JM129 daughter board, but it's having trouble communicating via USB. I've seen the AN3748 Bootloader run on other MCF51JM128 platforms, so I...
    Brian Willoughby
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    Hi everyone, I'm a user of a 68HC12 microcontroller. My board is one made by the formerly Freescale Semicondauctors but I;m having trouble finding the right data sheet for it. The data sheets in NXP don't talk a...
    Gonzalo Lara de Leyva
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  • EzPort timing before configuration has been loaded.

    I am trying to program MCF5213 via EzPort, and I found there is a  EzPORT initialization flow as below:   EzPORT initialization: • EzPORT initialization obey Figure 2. • Execute the RDSR co...
    Jun Chen
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  • MCF51

    Has anyone migrated from an MCF51 project ot a kinetis.  How hard is the project.  In looking for something closely compatible.  Is this the right route ?  MY processor is at its longevity
    William Nicholson
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  • Undefined InitializeUART, ReadUARTN, WriteUARTN

    I'm setting up a new C++ project for a Coldfire MCF52110.   Everything builds fine until I start including code from the EWL_C++ library - I then get three linker errors.   Undefined InitializeUART Referen...
    Dan Quist
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  • IIC Clock use and Uart start/stop bit on Coldfire

    Hi, I work on Codewarrior 10.4 with a PE multilink universal on a coldfire MCF51CN128. My objective is to imitate an IIC and an UART frame, and on both, i have problems :   -On my IIC frame, i succeed to imita...
    Adrien Segura
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  • uTasker 1.4 Unknown USB device

    Hi ! I'm using the uTasker 1.4 for kinetis on a custom board. I followed the steps on this post uTasker Bootloader Porting Guide ,I loaded the bin file and the board goes on bootloader mode but when i connect the USB...
    Alberto Peña
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  • [嵌入式linux] 两个相同产品间的并机设计

    MCU parallel strategy design Three methods are used: 1. Automatically access the new slave at any time, the power is also automatically added, the master can allow the slave to open the strong after the slave is integ...
    julian cheng
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  • MCF5407 UART interrupt masks seem inverted

    Hi, I am having a lot of trouble configuring the UART on the MCF5407. The only way I was able to make the UART work with the interrupt is to inverse the UIMR bit logic; the datasheet says that we must set TxRDY and FF...
    Jasmin Bolduc
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  • CodeWarrior 5.9 debugging with multilink: unable to put breakpoints on executed instructions.

    I have the following piece of code for coldfire V2 MCF52258:     According CW tutorial, dashes at left column tell us where we can set a breakpoint. As it can be seen, a low red point is tried to be put a...
    Eugenia Suarez
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