• Target Process does not show Cortex-a53

    I am trying to select a target processor in CodeWarrior 11.4.0 and the Cortex-a53 does not show up in the drop down list. How do I select this processor?
    David Kempert
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  • CodeWarrior LS1021ATSN

    Hi,I am using the ls1021atsn-pa board,and i want to find  the IDE for it,my system is Windows10,i download  the CodeWarrior but when i install it ,i found it is only for linux64bit,is there anyone can h...
    贺 纪
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  • Unable to debug Linux application on CW ARMv8 for LS1043A RDB

    Hi Team,   While trying to debug Linux application on the Codewarrior ARMv8, i see the below error:     I have followed the steps listed in the ARMv8 targeting manual "Section Updating remot...
    Jayachandra Lanka
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  • How do I get my CodeWarrior USB TAP to communicate

    The CodeWarrior is new to me. I have a new T2081RDB unit, which boots up with factory installed images. I have removed the cover and connected a CodeWarrior USB TAP to the T2080_COP 16-pin connector. The USB TAP is h...
    Eric Burgoyne
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  • Debugging Linux Application on LS1043A using TAP debugger

    Hi All,   I am new to working on the LS1043A. What is the procedure to debug linux application on the LS1043A using the CodeWarrior TAP debugger .   Do we need AppTRK to debug the application.  ...
    Jayachandra Lanka
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  • Reading memory of a T1042D4RDB (Memory Dumping?)

    Hi, I am working with a T1042D4RDB board and using a Codewarrior TAP probe. I'm still new to the Codewarrior development studio so I'm not completely sure of all the capabilities.   But essentially I'm trying t...
    Jason Dejesus
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  • Can generate makefile to build from Command prompt/script?

    Dear Officer, I am using CW 5.2 IDE to build the project ( by clicking on the Make icon). Can we also support to use the makefile directly? (then triggering the code build from command prompt or s...
    He Wei
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  • PBL will not generate with CRC Check as first PBI command

    When trying to generate the PBL component using using the QorIQ Configuration suite, I am attempting to insert a CRC check immediately following the RCW contents, but if I do so, generating the code will error out....
    Brian Ross
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  • Code Warrior TAP Problem

    We just ordered and received two CWH-CTP-BASE-HE CodeWarrior Tap devices and one appears to be malfunctioning. Sometimes on power up, the TX/RX light flashes orange and never recovers. Other times it powers up and the...
    Jeremy Henderson
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  • Where is processorID_init.gdb?

    I would like to use GDB using T2080RDB and CodeWarrior TAP. I have seen that I need processorID_init.gdb to do it. But I cannot find this file. Where I can find it? Could you provide it?
    manolo ruiz
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  • Cannot read memory on T2080QDS from CodeWarrior

    I have a T2080QDS board with CodeWarrior USB Tap (the older version without network connection).   When I start the debug configuration for my project, I am unable to view the memory in RAM at 0x00000000.&#...
    Ka Kay Achacoso
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    When we connect our board with the CodeWarrior TAP tool, we will display the error as shown in the figure. The TX/RX green light flashes on the CodeWarrior TAP tool, and the RUN/PAUSE red is steady. The JTAG connectio...
    晓 刘
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  • Debug session with T1040 in JTAG chain

    Hi,   We have a previous design with a T1040 processor that we can debug & program the flash use the Codewarrior TAP via JTAG. That design has been updated and the T1040 is now part of a chain with one other...
    Nick Sutch
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  • PBL Validation Tool Missing

    When I click on my PBL component in my QCVS project, the Component Inspector does not show a "Validation" tab. Why is this? Do I need to reinstall CodeWarrior?
    Dennis Trask
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  • what is relation between hard coded mode and serdes1 reference clock?

    From the thread LS1043A: Hard Coded RCW  we know if want to make ls1043a enter hard coded mode, the Serdes1 reference clock should be configured at 100MHz.  what is relation between hard coded mode and...
    leon zheng
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  • How to debug target initialization file

    My board use LS1043a and DDR3.  DDR4 is used on LS1043ARDB. How to modify and debug the "target initialization file" to fit my board? There are some print commands in the script file, but I don't know where the r...
    leon zheng
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  • A2T07D160W04SR3 RF Power LDMOS Transistor Biasing?

    Hello Team NXP, We are using A2T07D160W04SR3 RF Power LDMOS Transistor in our application. We are biasing the PA as per the datasheet ie.VDD = 28 Vdc,IDQA = 450 mA, VGSB = 1.2 Vdc. where Carrier amplifier is b...
    manju patil
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  • Does P1010 and corresponding linux kernel support more than 32MB NOR flash?

    Hi, In P1010 reference manual, I came across "Supports memory banks of sizes up to 32 MB (for NOR and GPCM)" What in case if I need to extend 32MB to 64MB or even more. In infocenter sdk pdf, For memory type NOR ...
  • How to burn uboot to T2081 custom board

    Can any one share how to burn uboot.bin to a custom board which has only RCW programmed in the NOR flash? Can i dump the uboot.bin of T2080 RDB to T2081 custom board?
    Monali Haware
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  • Target reset failed on custom LS1012AXE7HKB board

    Hi,   I am trying to run the operational DDR tests on a completely new custom board. I've created a new configuration project, and given it the processor and DDR information ( We are using an ISSI part IS4...
    Nicholas Hooper
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