• There is no  processor menus for choice while create a new Qoriq Configuration Project in CodeWarrior,what's the problem?

    There is no  processor menus for choice while create a new Qoriq Configuration Project in CodeWarrior,what's the problem?    I have Installed Products:  - CodeWarrior for Power Architecture &...
    fly dick
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  • cw debug mode for ls1046a

    hi !     there is one eMMC(MTFC16gapalbh) in my custom  ls1046a board  ,i set rcw source 01001110B . I try to use cw flash tp program uboot to my eMMc. I disable the ddr, use ocram. but I can't re...
    jingjia shi
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  • How to disable DRAM initialization in U-Boot?

    I'm working with the T1042 board. By default, DRAM is initialized so that all values read 0xdeadbeef. I want it to instead start up, and have what ever inherent values the DRAM cells happen to be.  Essentially I ...
    Jason Dejesus
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  • DDR initialization failed

    We are seeing intermittent failures on our pilot run of boards when running the Operational DDR tests in QCVS tool.  Our initial run of prototype boards ran through the same suite of tests but did not have this f...
    Johh Boggs
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  • Question about building a customized u-boot for the t1042d4rdb board?

    I want to make some modifications to uboot for a project I'm working on. But I keep running into errors when trying to build. To test bitbake, I ran a normal bitbake fsl-image-minimal. It worked the first time. So the...
    Jason Dejesus
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  • LS1046A DDR4 Erratum

    Looking for documents the 3 erratum document as mentioned in the Target Initialization File for CodeWarrior v11.4.3 A008511_Erratum  A009803_Erratum A009942_Erratum
    Cruz Manderico
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  • Jtag connection issue

    Hello,   In our custom design(with out CPLD), there are two t1024 processor supplied by identical different power supplies.... I am able to connect jtag with corewarrior for one processor but not with other pr...
    gaurav verma
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  • LS1021A RCW override problem

    Hi there,   Recently I tried to use CodeWarrior to override RCW on our customized board and got some trouble. We are using a Rev2 LS1021A, and there is only NAND flashes for booting up, the hardware has been ve...
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  • Maximum trace length for JTAG lines

    Hello,   In our T1024 based custom design, there are two T1024 processor..... we are able to connect with one T1024 through JTAG but not with other.....   We have checked all JTAG lines, power supply etc f...
    gaurav verma
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  • flashing algorithm for S29GL01Gs series

    hi i am trying to erase this flash S29GL01GS10TFI010 i am getting sector protection error when i create targeted task it is only having S29GL01GP series flash by default can i use this part for flashing the S29GL01G...
    agxin j
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  • T1040 Development Environment

    Which is the best version of codewarrior to develop a bare application on QorIq T1040 processors ? Best Regards
    renato Sala
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    Hi NXP Team    We have coustom build LS2088A board, in which CPLD is bypassed, but at the time we want to  DDR SPD read from CW tap we are facing issue. Can you please let us know the reset sequ...
    Prashant Soni
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  • Target Process does not show Cortex-a53

    I am trying to select a target processor in CodeWarrior 11.4.0 and the Cortex-a53 does not show up in the drop down list. How do I select this processor?
    David Kempert
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  • CodeWarrior LS1021ATSN

    Hi,I am using the ls1021atsn-pa board,and i want to find  the IDE for it,my system is Windows10,i download  the CodeWarrior but when i install it ,i found it is only for linux64bit,is there anyone can h...
    贺 纪
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  • Unable to debug Linux application on CW ARMv8 for LS1043A RDB

    Hi Team,   While trying to debug Linux application on the Codewarrior ARMv8, i see the below error:     I have followed the steps listed in the ARMv8 targeting manual "Section Updating remot...
    Jayachandra Lanka
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  • How do I get my CodeWarrior USB TAP to communicate

    The CodeWarrior is new to me. I have a new T2081RDB unit, which boots up with factory installed images. I have removed the cover and connected a CodeWarrior USB TAP to the T2080_COP 16-pin connector. The USB TAP is h...
    Eric Burgoyne
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  • CodeWarrior eMMC Flash bug

    Hey, We use Codewarrior for bring up our custom boards with ls1046ardb processors. We use the flash programmer tool extensively for programming eMMC devices. We have a specific version of the CodWarrior packages whic...
    Dávid Huber
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  • Debugging Linux Application on LS1043A using TAP debugger

    Hi All,   I am new to working on the LS1043A. What is the procedure to debug linux application on the LS1043A using the CodeWarrior TAP debugger .   Do we need AppTRK to debug the application.  ...
    Jayachandra Lanka
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  • Reading memory of a T1042D4RDB (Memory Dumping?)

    Hi, I am working with a T1042D4RDB board and using a Codewarrior TAP probe. I'm still new to the Codewarrior development studio so I'm not completely sure of all the capabilities.   But essentially I'm trying t...
    Jason Dejesus
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  • Can generate makefile to build from Command prompt/script?

    Dear Officer, I am using CW 5.2 IDE to build the project ( by clicking on the Make icon). Can we also support to use the makefile directly? (then triggering the code build from command prompt or s...
    He Wei
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