• CodeWarrior eMMC Flash bug

    Hey, We use Codewarrior for bring up our custom boards with ls1046ardb processors. We use the flash programmer tool extensively for programming eMMC devices. We have a specific version of the CodWarrior packages whic...
    Dávid Huber
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  • How to set CONSOLE_IO_SUPPORT when I am using "Device Initialization" Generate Code

    hi  I am a new user of CW7.0 and coldfire MCU. Currently, I try to use the CW(Latest version) for coldfire ( I am using M52223demo). After let "Device Initialization" Generate some Code such as ADC and QSPI ect...
    steve tian
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  • CW barebone project on LS1012-FRDM

    Hello, I'm evaluating CW Studio for QorlQ with LS1012A-FRDM board. I followed the instructions to create a barebone C project. My debug probe is on-board CMSIS-DAP. Progress window shows the following status for...
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  • No Connection Provider for PBL Component for LS1012A

    I was following the instructions for generating a PBL configuration for the LS1012A using QCVS within CodeWarrior 11.2.5   Whenever I click on the PBL:PBL component, the following error dialog appears:   ...
    Tony Garland
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  • LS1043A: Hard Coded RCW

    Hello Team,   I have LS1043A RDB. I tried to flash sample bare metal program. While trying to flash elf image using debug configuration I am getting gdb error (Protocol error with Rcmd). I have changed useSafeRC...
    K SHAH
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  • LS1043A-RDB ASLEEP/GPIO1_13 pin control

    Hi experts, I have an unexpected bihaviour on my board (LS1043ARDB-PA Rev. A) when testing GPIOs. Using CodeWrior I load rcw_1600.bin (nor flash rcw generated by SDK2.0) and modify it to enable GPIO1_13 function (AS...
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  • LS2088ARDB perl error.

    Hi All, Good Day!! while compiling jansson package i'm getting the error. Enable the cross toolchain using: source /opt/fsl-ls2088qoriq/LS2088A-SDK/environment-setup-aarch64-fsl-linux   perl: warning: F...
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  • MPC55xx CW 1.5v problem to use USB-ML-PPCNEXUS

    Hi, I am facing problem to attach the USB-ML-PPCNEXUS with codewarrior MPC55xx version 1.5. This version of codewarrior doesn't have support for the USB it has only parallel port support for P&E NEXUS. Please help...
    Krishna K
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  • Where's the Object Code?

    I'm using CW SE for Coldfire. I created my project from an empty project (not from the stationary). The project_DATA directory was automatically created, as were the \target subdirectory and the \Object Code sub-...
    John Stuart
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  • CPU:MPC8270  USB TAP  Can not connect .The situation is timeout!  pls help me!

    CPU:MPC8270   CodeWarrior version 5.7.0   USB TAP EMULATOR:REV A 0900233, USB TAP  TX/RX indicator light is green.---------------------------------We cannot connect .The situation is timeout!&...
    tao haipeng
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  • can't erase flash of k60n512 in cw v10.1

    When I was tring to brun a sample project to k60n512 in cw v10.1,I clicked erase and programme.But the progress bar just advanced a little,and I clicked the detail message,it showed'connecting to processor e...
    wang chengwei
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  • Make #defines follow indent

    I'm sure there's a config menu somewhere to do this, but there are thousands of config options and I want to liiiiive...   When I type #define (something) or #if (something), CW 10 *always* moves it to the far ...
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  • CW10.2 - View strings as strings in debugger

    I'm probably missing something in one of the menus here, but CW7.2 would show you strings in the debug window as readable text strings, but CW10.2 will only let you display a vertical array of chars (by default shown ...
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  • MCF51JM128, CW 10.2 with include of stdlib causes compile errors

    Hi   I needed to use atoi in the code so added the usual #include <stdlib.h> in the code. Now I get these bizarre errors   Description Resource Path Location Type  identifi...
    Robert Lewis
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  • Help for MPC5668G

    İ will use Freescale MPC5668G cpu.   İ am trying to write code on codewarrior. İ have several questions about these platforms.   İ can not find any simulator for MPC5668 CPU. Please tell me if there are ...
    can yesil
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  • Linking unused functions

    Hello, I'm working with Coldfire MFC52231 and Codewarrior 5.9.0 build 5293. Is there any way to force the linker to link unused functions? Thank you
    je rosell
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  • spi eeprom communication

    Hi, I am using AT25640 SPI EEPROM to communicate with MPC5634M processor via DSPI port.   I am able to see the commands send to the EEPROM but there is no response from EEPROM. Whenever I try to read data from...
    Nagaraju Sripathi
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  • Stateviewer plugin on CodeWarrior 10.2 for ColdFire V1

    I am trying to install and run the StateViewer eclipse plug-in with CodeWarrior 10.2 to debug FreeRTOS on a ColdFire MCF51CN128.  The plug-in installs correctly, but does not populate the Task or Queue data when ...
    Kevin Smith
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  • Can not link MPC5566 application with uart support

    Hi   I'm trying to add console IO to a CW app I've written for the 5566 but when I call putchar() the linker produces errors that uart support code is missing..   According to MPC5xxUG.pdf you should lin...
    Peter Van Oudenaren
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  • TWR-PXS20 CW10.2 Error

    There is an error on TWR-PXS20 CW10.2   "Content is not allowed in prolog. Would you like to export diagnostic information and send it to Freescale?   org.eclipse.ui.WorkbenchException   Content i...
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