• codewarrior v5.9 for MC9S12XEP100

    After compile, can the codewarrior add a dll or other file to do some post compile action, for example, calculate a CRC based on the s19 file and put this CRC in the specific address area?
    罗 文
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  • NanoEdge PWM on DSC MC56F82748

    Hey,   I have an PWM interrupt of 50kHz that calculates and sets PWMs to control DC Bus voltage.  This means my PWMs have resolution of 2000 counts (10 bits).     I would like to increase my r...
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  • MKL02 Debug Error on Multilink FX with CW 11.1

    Hello,   I am using CodeWarrior v11.1 with PE Micro Mulilink FX debugger. I use the UART of the MKL02Z16M4. When I debug the code with PE Multilink Universal FX connected to the board and powering the t...
    Aarathi Ramesh
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  • GPIO interrupt rising/falling edge

    How to set GPIO (input) interrupt to be triggered based on rising/falling edge or steady state signal? Im using GCT, code warrior 10.6, DSC MC56F82748
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  • CW11.1, calculated crc-16 does not match block, SPC5606

    IC: SPC5606, The old software platform: CW2.10,  but we moved to the latest software development platform ; We are now using the latest software platforms ,CW11.1,there was an error downloading th...
    li Danny
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  • SREC file detects like Binary/Raw format

    Hello. I am working with Kinetis K21FN120 MCU. I wrote a C Sharp language program to create .srec files. This is a necessity for our project. All conditions, such as file format, checksum calculation, addressing, we...
    Evgeni Kosakovski
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  • Placing a lookup table in flash

    Using Codewarrior 6.3.  I can put a lookup table in RAM, but cannot seem to figure out the syntax to place it in ROM or flash memory.  Tried using extern, but then it seems the table is placed in ram and fla...
    tom hoag
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  • 64 bit classic Code warrior

    Does code warrior classic(version 7.0 or 7.2) work with Windows 10 or Windows 7 64 bit?  Is there a 64 bit version available somewhere?
    Chaitanya Athalye
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  • eMIOS_IC Data acquisition problem

    Hi: I have a problem using the eMIOS_IC function. Can anyone help me?   I'm using eMIOS IC to collect data on a square wave,The eMIOS return a value stable at 20183, However, an unusual triangular wave occurs(...
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  • CodeWarrior installation problems

    hi: I want to use CodeWarrior IDE(v2.10) for MCP5606B. Today,I download the trial software(CodeWarrior for MPC55xx/MPC56xx - Professional Edition Evaluation / Updates ).And I have finished t...
    j s
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  • FlexBus Processor Expert Bug?

    When using Processor Expert (PE) in a MK64FN1M0VLQ12 bare metal project within CodeWarrior 10.6, the FlexBus component/bean (Init_FB) doesn't allow me to point its Memory block 0 to 0x60000000.  It responds with ...
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  • Programming HCS08 on Raspberry Pi

    I need to programming MC9S08PA4 on Raspberry Pi. I tried to install Code Warrior on RPi, but RPi is based on ARM so it could not install. I don't need to developing, I have a s19 file, just need to programming my micr...
    Eda SANLI
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  • S12GA48MLF support in Codewarrior 5.2

    Hello,   3 years before I used S12GA48MLF micro in Codewarrior 5.1. I used USBDM That time I applied patch for PE for getting GA48 in codewarrior. But, now, I lost all data as my disk crashed and dont...
    Nandulal Gavali
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  • CodeWarrior MCU 11.1 Qorivva Compiler Bug

    I'm dealing with a compiler bug after update to MCU 11.1.   >internal compiler error (report to <cw_bug@freescale.com>) >while executing in file 'Coloring.c' line: 690 >(compiling 'HVDEV_initializ...
    B K
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  • Code Warrior 10.2 in Linux

    Hi, I am using CodeWarrior 10.2 in Linux 16.04. I want to programming my S08PT60 EVK with using PE Micro Multilink Universal. But I have some problems in Debug and Flash Programmer section. Code Warrior can see my Mul...
    Eda SANLI
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  • S12 CW11 internal compiler error - report to cw_bug@freescale.com

    Hi Team, see below what my customer wrote: I get the following compiler error   ..\BSW\KERNEL\MCAL_S12x\mcu\Mcu.c:211: internal compiler error (report to ..\BSW\KERNEL\MCAL_S12x\mcu\Mcu.c:211: <cw_bug@freesca...
    Stefano Gattazzo
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  • Missing S12Z compiler intrinsics for max/min

    Hi,   S12Z compiler intrinsic functions are useful to optimize code without switching to assembler. But why __minu() / __mins() / __maxu() / __maxs() are missing? Optimizer seems being unable to replace somethin...
    Edward Karpicz
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  • TPMS code transplantation

    I'm currently designing the TPMS project. The chip model I used is FXTH87EH11. I now have a set of FXTH870911 program code.  I want to port the program running on FXTH870911 to FXTH87EH11. What do I need to do...
    0125 lg
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  • CW11.1 S12Z L4119 warning

    Hi,   WARNING L4119: Linker align value 4 is overwritten by its compiler align value 4 for object sgn   Looks like this warning is not documented I see it not specified in MCU\Help\MCU_Build_Tools_Utilitie...
    Edward Karpicz
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  • Generate delay of 1 minute using Timer /RTI interrupts in MC9S12DG256B

    Kindly let me know about how to create a delay of 1 minute  using timer interrupts. With prescalar 128 , we get about 2 ms delay!
    Suma Rao
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