• GCT code warrior - Graphical configuration tool

    Can someone give me the reference manual / guide for Code Warrior's Graphical Configuration Tool (GCT) Im looking for a detailed guide which tells what different settings means etc  honghong xian 
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  • CW MCU v11.1 build hangs

    UPDATE   Need advice for Build Project command on CW MCU v11.1. CodeWarrior project "out of the box" builds correctly:     when I repeat the build, all files are built again although Build (increme...
    Erwin Beck
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  • S12ZVML about AN5201 LIN issue

    I modify AN5201 source code for LIN protocol. And try open SCI0 and connect LIN PHY. But the SCI0_ISR run to incorrect place. We have define it in vector table.      
    Jeffery Huang
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  • DSC IMPY.L how to saturate the result?

    Hi all, I've a question about the simple integer multiplication. I'm amplifying an ADC result with a gain factor: the problem is that I do the moltiplication with the simple integer multiplication "*"(with is transl...
    agostino facotti
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  • The calculated CRC is incorrect

    I am using Codewarrior 11.1 to compile the program of the S12ZVMC256 chip. In the prm file, use the CHECKSUM command to calculate the CRC of the application code. The method used is METHOD_CRC8 (Figure 1). Unfortunate...
    林 联伟
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  • How to disable watchdog in BE13?

    Why I cannot set WD_DIS to logic 1 by SPI? I set WD_DIS to 1 ,but when I read it,it always 0. What should I do to disable watchdog in BE13?
    zhao qing
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  • S12ZVML64 map file

    After compiler the source code. I check the map file, but the file vector.c is not include in map.  How to do modify or set it?   Below link is source code https://drive.google.com/open?id=1B_ej...
    Jeffery Huang
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  • Initilization of vector startup error

    hello,   Hi i am using code warrior. Earlier i was using MC9S12C128 microcontroller and due to the lack of memory we planned on using MC9S12XEQ512 controller ic. i replaced everything related to the new controll...
    Gopal Jadhav
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  • Codewarrior11.1 Build configuration and Symbols issues

    求教: 在Codewarrior11.1中通过Build configuration设置不同的编译选项(如ECU_1,ECU _2),并在不同的编译选项中定义不同的宏定义(如在ECU_1中定义ECU_TYPE=1,如在ECU_2中定义ECU_TYPE=2)。目的是想通过编译选项来切换不同代码。按以上设置后经过测试发现:编译代码,功能正常。但是代码的高亮显示不会随着宏定义的值切换,比如选择编译选项ECU_1, ECU_...
    林 联伟
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  • Load the program in batch for S08

    Hi team! I am using MCU MC9S08PT for our product My problem now is that when the mass production (Average 500,000pcs / year), now workers have to load the program one by one (Using CodeWarrior and Multilink Universal...
    Le Lam
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  • Warnings about macros in project settings - how to improve?

    Hi All   When moving projects created with CW10.2 to CW10.5 there are a warning when importing: "References to the ${workspace_loc:<resource>} macro were found in the project settings. Using this macro c...
    Mark Butcher
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  • How Can I do Can-Bus Communication with Processor Expert

    Hi Friends, I have two piece Trk-kea128 boards. I am using Code Warrior and Processor Expert . I want to Can-Bus communication between two boards. When I pressed button TRK-1 will send message and When TRK-2 receive...
    Ugur Ozkan
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  • CodeWarrior debug error

    CodeWarrior for MCU 10.7 debug error, stuck in starting debugger engine.
    ww ww
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  • Compiler Settings/Preprocessor entries not correctly shown in IDE files

    In my CodeWarrior projects (CW MCU 10.7, Windows) I define a few key items in Project Properties (specifically, C/C++ Build-Settings,Tool Settings/ARM GCC Assembler & C Compiler, Preprocessor).  I change the ...
    Rhys Drummond
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  • Jennic Toolchain Setup hangs

    downloaded jn-sw-4041-sdk-toolchain-v1.1.exe, followed "Software Developer's Kit Installation and User Guide": chapter 2 "JN51xx SDK Toolchain Installation", in Jennic Toolchain Setup wizard: Java Runtime Environmen...
    Erwin Beck
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  • Error when using interprocedural analysis at program level

    I am writing code for the MPC5645S architecture using Codewarrior MCU V10.6 with General Update V1.0.0. Previously, the code was compiled and linked via command line with option '-ipa file' which did not make any prob...
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  • Unkown Warning

    I have problem with the following warning in CodeWarrior 11, I  can not find reason for it in the project properties: Source file "D:\w\ColdFire\ColdFire_Build_Tools\ewl\EWL_C\include\cctype" not found, cannot d...
    Marceli Firlej
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  • How to debug a power off issue with multilink?

    Processor: MK64FN1M0 Debuger: multilink universal fx Problem: When power off --> on my device, a range of flash ROM corrupted, access these address will cause a hard exception. Then attach to the processor w...
    HUANG da
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  • Enum declaration

    Dear all, I am struggling with enum declaration in header file and I want make it global in order to use in two different C files.   While if I declare it in main.c there is no problem:     If I wa...
    Corominas Marc
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  • Why PE_DEBUGHALT / CPU_Interrupt?

    Hi, I am using my own board of MKV10Z32VLC7 & MKE02Z32VLC4 which belongs to Cortex-M0+ Based Micro controller.  As we have a product already with MKV10Z32VLC7 and we planned to upgrade to low...
    Dinesh babu
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