• CW11.1, calculated crc-16 does not match block, SPC5606

    IC: SPC5606, The old software platform: CW2.10,  but we moved to the latest software development platform ; We are now using the latest software platforms ,CW11.1,there was an error downloading th...
    li Danny
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  • CodeWarrior installation problems

    hi: I want to use CodeWarrior IDE(v2.10) for MCP5606B. Today,I download the trial software(CodeWarrior for MPC55xx/MPC56xx - Professional Edition Evaluation / Updates ).And I have finished t...
    j s
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  • eMIOS_IC Data acquisition problem

    Hi: I have a problem using the eMIOS_IC function. Can anyone help me?   I'm using eMIOS IC to collect data on a square wave,The eMIOS return a value stable at 20183, However, an unusual triangular wave occurs(...
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  • FlexBus Processor Expert Bug?

    When using Processor Expert (PE) in a MK64FN1M0VLQ12 bare metal project within CodeWarrior 10.6, the FlexBus component/bean (Init_FB) doesn't allow me to point its Memory block 0 to 0x60000000.  It responds with ...
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  • Programming HCS08 on Raspberry Pi

    I need to programming MC9S08PA4 on Raspberry Pi. I tried to install Code Warrior on RPi, but RPi is based on ARM so it could not install. I don't need to developing, I have a s19 file, just need to programming my micr...
    Eda SANLI
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  • S12GA48MLF support in Codewarrior 5.2

    Hello,   3 years before I used S12GA48MLF micro in Codewarrior 5.1. I used USBDM That time I applied patch for PE for getting GA48 in codewarrior. But, now, I lost all data as my disk crashed and dont...
    Nandulal Gavali
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  • CodeWarrior MCU 11.1 Qorivva Compiler Bug

    I'm dealing with a compiler bug after update to MCU 11.1.   >internal compiler error (report to <cw_bug@freescale.com>) >while executing in file 'Coloring.c' line: 690 >(compiling 'HVDEV_initializ...
    B K
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  • GPIO interrupt rising/falling edge

    How to set GPIO (input) interrupt to be triggered based on rising/falling edge or steady state signal? Im using GCT, code warrior 10.6, DSC MC56F82748
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  • Code Warrior 10.2 in Linux

    Hi, I am using CodeWarrior 10.2 in Linux 16.04. I want to programming my S08PT60 EVK with using PE Micro Multilink Universal. But I have some problems in Debug and Flash Programmer section. Code Warrior can see my Mul...
    Eda SANLI
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  • S12 CW11 internal compiler error - report to cw_bug@freescale.com

    Hi Team, see below what my customer wrote: I get the following compiler error   ..\BSW\KERNEL\MCAL_S12x\mcu\Mcu.c:211: internal compiler error (report to ..\BSW\KERNEL\MCAL_S12x\mcu\Mcu.c:211: <cw_bug@freesca...
    Stefano Gattazzo
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  • Missing S12Z compiler intrinsics for max/min

    Hi,   S12Z compiler intrinsic functions are useful to optimize code without switching to assembler. But why __minu() / __mins() / __maxu() / __maxs() are missing? Optimizer seems being unable to replace somethin...
    Edward Karpicz
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  • TPMS code transplantation

    I'm currently designing the TPMS project. The chip model I used is FXTH87EH11. I now have a set of FXTH870911 program code.  I want to port the program running on FXTH870911 to FXTH87EH11. What do I need to do...
    0125 lg
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  • CW11.1 S12Z L4119 warning

    Hi,   WARNING L4119: Linker align value 4 is overwritten by its compiler align value 4 for object sgn   Looks like this warning is not documented I see it not specified in MCU\Help\MCU_Build_Tools_Utilitie...
    Edward Karpicz
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  • Generate delay of 1 minute using Timer /RTI interrupts in MC9S12DG256B

    Kindly let me know about how to create a delay of 1 minute  using timer interrupts. With prescalar 128 , we get about 2 ms delay!
    Suma Rao
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  • Error retreving content description for resource  XXXXX

    When I import project MM9Z1J638-Demo-APPSW through cw11, I have this problem. What is the possible reason?   Error retreving content description for resource  XXXXX   MM9Z1J638-Demo-APPSW:KIT9Z1J...
    文心训 文
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  • CW6.0 MCU - S08DZ60 - Troubles in generating SCI interruptions

    Hi,       I'm a new user of CodeWarrior IDE, I'm developing firmware for HS08 CPU cores. I'm trying to generate a simple interrupt for a TX routine (Serial Comm. Interface). The interru...
    Humberto Goncalves
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    I have an old FRDM-KE02Z board. I tried to make a project using CodeWarrior 11.1 (downloaded last version and reinstalled today). I took this option after reading here: Preferred development system for FRDM-KE02Z?...
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  • How to generate Half-bridge pwm signals with dead-time using coldfire v1

    Hello guys,   Is there a way I can generate a half-bridge pwm signals with dead-time using coldfire v1 ?   I'm using the mcf51jm128 I need to generate two complementary pwm signals with a dead-time in bet...
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  • I need CAN sample code from Code Warrior (MCU: MC9S12XS128MAE).

    Currently, firmware is being executed through NXP MCU (MC9S12XS128MAE) and Code Warrior. The purpose is to check CAN communication. If you have a sample code to easily check CAN communication, please share it.
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  • Does MC56F83000EVK support P & E?

    Does MC56F83000EVK support P & E?  IF not . I want to call the SrmCommutation function. Can I directly copy the C and H files in the PE to the src file?
    g c
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