• S19 and SX Files...

    I have "Inherited" an HCS12 job which was compiled on an early version of CW (5.1 I think). It produced .S19 files.   My new development system using CW5.9 produces .SX files - these can be used by my USBDM pro...
    David Thomas
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  • ASM v. C - Round 2:  Variables and Cycle Count

    ASM:     ORG $0B00TEST DS 1    ORG $C000CLR TESTINC TEST  C: byte TEST;TEST = 0;void main(void){    TEST++;}  The C code SINGLE LINE "TEST++;" disassembles to: LD...
    Michael Geer
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  • What future for code warrior

    Hello   There are always two versions of code Warrioir : 6.3 (classic) and 10.1 (Eclipse) CW6.3 is perfect but is not working with 64bit computer CW10.1 is heavy and is not compatible with the application not...
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  • MC9S08JM16 Interrupt Vector in C

    Once again, a rediculously easy task in ASM and I'm lost in C.   I have searched and found 3 methods to add an Interrupt Vector in C, none seem to work.   http://www.freescale.com/files/microcontrollers/...
    Michael Geer
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  • ASM Register vs. C Array

    wasnt sure where to post this so i stuck with my 8 & 16 bit forum, always good answers     In assembly I have an 8 bit register, GPREG   LDA #$6D        ; which is decimal ...
    Michael Geer
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  • Debug point failure

    Hello.  I found this exact problem in the CodeWarrior for Coldfire forum, but I can't follow the solution becuase my project options are quite different.   I'm using CodeWarrior 10.1.0 with the PE Micro Mu...
    Matt Meier
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  • change reset vector function

    CW6.1 brand new project in "C" open .prm file and change reset vector to: "VECTOR 0 _Entry" instead of "VECTOR 0 _Startup" i delete the Start08.c file all together. in main.c i add the function "void _Entry(void)...
    Michael Geer
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  • Question on Programming an HCS08

    I'm looking to use an HCS08 along with a Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA, and I would greatly like to use the FPGA to perform the BDM functions (debugging and programming) in addition to interfacing with the computer.   ...
    Chris Davenport
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  • Does stack changes between C function lines? (aside from arguments and local variables stacking)

    Hello, I'm trying to conceive a cooperative RTOS  without the use of switch-case in every task to divide it in small chunks and exit C function properly as a lot of us have done. This way, the code for each task ...
    Carlos Cuevas
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  • Debug stack start off with an ISR at bottom

    CW10.2(1.0.0) MC9S08LG32 Win7x64.   How does this happen--and how can I stop it?  Note that main() is called from Viic_isr.  Of course I cannot get any IIC interrupts.   MISTER_MC9S08LG32_PnE U-...
    Cab Jones
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  • Codewarrior with USB dongle on 64-bit Windows 7?

    I am presently using CW for S12 v. 5.1 and for HCS08 v. 6.3 on Win-XP. I have a CW_Pro_NL-licence with a USB dongle. Now I am getting a new computer with 64-bit Windows 7; and the question is, will my CodeWarrior...
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  • Special Edition 6.3 for TWR-MCF51MM

    I purchased a TWR-MCF51MM, which came with CodeWarrior v6.3, with which I replaced an earlier v6.3 The newer one is Evaluation, not Special Edition   Will Special Edition compile for 51MM256?   Must I re-...
    Wade Hassler
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  • Problem with Debug in HCS12

    Hi, I'm using the MC9S12XA256CFV with the Codewarrior 5.9.0 (Build 5294) and the BDM Multilink. I'm noob in this family, but my problem is with the debug mode. I can't put breakpoints in code, while I execute the code...
    Fernando Silva
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  • NullPointerException Dogs Newbie

    CW 10.2 with upgrade.  MC9S08LG32, Win7x64   Are you allowed to have two projects in the same workspace--it appears that after I add the second project I get opaque error messages and Java NullPoin...
    Cab Jones
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  • HCS12X MSCAN and ISR priority

    Hi for All,   I`m use MSCAN MC9S12XET256MAG.   Module MSCAN is interrupt driven with priority 3. If I use additional timer interrupt with priority 5 than CAN messages is lost ( not passed ).   Wh...
    Sergey Sivoshapka
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  • Unable to program MC9S12E256 due to "Secured Device" Error

    Im trying to download some code to my MC9S12E256 with CW (I have the USBDMLT drivers installed), but CW gives me a message saying the device might be secured and then It's unable to program the device. I also tried us...
    Pedro Duquesne
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  • SPI and MSB

    hi,        currently we are using code warrior 5.9.0 to develop MCU  S9S12XET256MAL for our new product. We need to use SPI to communicate with another device.      to test ...
    carl lin
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  • 9S12XDP512 Boot Loader

    I'm trying to figure out how to construct a bootloader for the 9S12XDP512.  Searching through old forum postings and googling the various key words only brings up partially completed threads or applications notes...
    John Dammeyer
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  • trying to make a program using C

    Hi everyone, im trying to make the same program from assembly to C By the way im using the microcontroler MC68HC908QY4   My program in assembly is this.   DELAY: DS 1 MyCode:   ...
    Lucas Santana
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  • ERROR L1102 when migrating source code built by CW 6.3 to CW 10.2 project

    Chip is MC9S08QG8. I'm a newbie of CW and try to build a bunch of C code files with CW10.2. The like error message is:    ERROR L1102: Out of allocation space in segment ROM_HWTEST at address 0xE3E1  ...
    Hong Zhang
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