• CW6.0 MCU - S08DZ60 - Troubles in generating SCI interruptions

    Hi,       I'm a new user of CodeWarrior IDE, I'm developing firmware for HS08 CPU cores. I'm trying to generate a simple interrupt for a TX routine (Serial Comm. Interface). The interru...
    Humberto Goncalves
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  • (DSC) (Codewarrior 11) 32bit variable register optimization bug in DSC Compiler

    I'm using Codewarrior 11 for MCU with the DSC toolchain.   DSC compiler and/or inline assembly  optimizer for MC56F84789VLL (DSP 56800EX core)   do not handle correctly access to LSP (lower 1...
    Lorenzo Micheletto
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  • Codewarrior MCU and latest Eclipse release

    Is it possible to  "upgrade" Codewarrior MCU to the latest Eclipse version or to configure CW MCU external tools and toolchains to work with MCUXpresso ?   I've noticed that Codewarrior MCU is still us...
    Lorenzo Micheletto
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  • Why CodeWarrior v10.5 gives error for OOP c++ project?

    I have codewarrior v10.5 free version I want to do object oriented c++ programming it gives errors for all class keywords as undefined what can be the cause of this error?
    EmbeddedEngineer mkhan
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  • problem

    When I used USB MULTILINK to download the program, when running CodeWarrior V10.2 software, the error appeared. The picture is in the attachment
    家亮 陈
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  • CAN_LDD Init() undefined reference

    Hi All,   I'm using  CodeWarrior for MCU, Version: 10.6.4, Build Id:150416 with Cpu of type MK60DN512VMD10 Description: Freescale Kinetis family : MK60 in 144 pin MAPBGA package. I am using ...
    stefano conegian
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  • The CodeWarrior IDE version 5.9.0 (CodeWarrior Professional version 8.8)

    Hi, I have recently installed CW professional Version 8.8. After the installation, I used the CW updater to install the service pack " CodeWarrior Power Architecture 8.8 Service Pack 2” for MPC8306, MPC8308 an...
    Marius Nteguem Youbi
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  • flash write and read/

    Dear sir/ms.    I have made a program in codewarrior 10.7,the cpu is mc56f84789. In PE, I have met two problems, they are follows.   1.  I have added a flash module in my program,but I can not...
    guo chunhua
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  • [SOLVED] Working printf code developed with CodeWarrior v11 for ColdFire. Tested on M52233DEMO board.

    Hi all, I just received a piece of code from NXP tech support that I have been requesting for long time but no one was able to provide me a working software. I needed a software that works in the following conditions...
    Muhib Raza
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  • Complementary PWM on FRDM-KL25Z using processor expert

    Hi everyone,      I have got customer queries on unavailability of complementary mode PWM on KL25Z . So, I thought let me experiment something and post it onto the community.     &...
    Pramod T M
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  • Extended Linear address Generation in Hex record

    Hi, I generated a hex record file in code warrior by check the Generate X record check box. The generated hex file does not have a extended linear address at the required location (i e) it does not have a extended l...
    Murugan M
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  • Errors when including EWL C++

         Hello everyone. I am working with CodeWarrior 10.3, MQX 4.0. I am working on a c++ project, however, when I add the C++ Folder to my includes, I get errors inside the char_traits file. Which i...
    Derek Drost
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  • Re: Need help with eMIOS

    Hi,   please look at the example in the attachment. It shows, how to set emios channel with OPWM functionality. PWM frequency is 1KHz, duty cycle is set to 50%.   Regards, Martin Original Attachment has ...
    Martin Kovar
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  • eQADC with eDMA for MPC56xxM

    Hiya,   currently, i'm dealing with the eQADC of the MPC56xxM family. The aim is to read in 12 analog sensors via the eQAD module. They are to be updated in the continuous scan mode. There are 3 CFIFOs which are...
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  • MCF51JM serial bootloader: File not found: mcf51xx_vectors.asm

    Hi,   I'm trying to import the serial bootloader project from AN2295 and imported with codewarrior 10.1.     After that i'm getting this error at build:   'Building target: hc08sprg-v1jm128-sci1...
    Adrian Bostan
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  • MQX Lite & Logical Devices Drivers components

    Hello,   I'm using CW for MCUs and I'm trying to add a MQX Lite component to a BareBoard (Coldfire V2) project. Unfortunately, the "Operating Systems" & "Logical Device Drivers" components are not...
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  • current wave

    Hi.       Excuse me, in codewarrior 10.7, the MCU is 56f84789 , the motor current measured by hall sensor is distorted near the rising edge,the figure is on the attachment.  the dead tim...
    guo chunhua
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  • mailbox

    Hi.      Excuse me. in codewarriro 10.7, the MCU is 56f84789, in can interrupt communication, if there is several mailbox to send data, how can I judge the data received is sent by which mailbox? ...
    guo chunhua
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  • Bus Error - No Opcode

    Buenas tardes.   Estoy tratando de debugear un programa simple para el FlexCAN del MPC5604B. El código lo había estado descargando sin problemas en la RAM pero no hacía lo que yo quería as...
    Erick Saldana
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  • Linker Error L1100

    Hello, I have just imported a project developed with CW 6.3 in the new CW 10.0, using HCS08 Toolchain; when  I try to build it, I get a lot of linker errors, i list here below:     ERROR L1100: Segmen...
    Michele Sardone
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