• codewarrior v5.9 for MC9S12XEP100

    After compile, can the codewarrior add a dll or other file to do some post compile action, for example, calculate a CRC based on the s19 file and put this CRC in the specific address area?
    罗 文
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  • SREC file detects like Binary/Raw format

    Hello. I am working with Kinetis K21FN120 MCU. I wrote a C Sharp language program to create .srec files. This is a necessity for our project. All conditions, such as file format, checksum calculation, addressing, we...
    Evgeni Kosakovski
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  • eMIOS_IC Data acquisition problem

    Hi: I have a problem using the eMIOS_IC function. Can anyone help me?   I'm using eMIOS IC to collect data on a square wave,The eMIOS return a value stable at 20183, However, an unusual triangular wave occurs(...
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  • CodeWarrior installation problems

    hi: I want to use CodeWarrior IDE(v2.10) for MCP5606B. Today,I download the trial software(CodeWarrior for MPC55xx/MPC56xx - Professional Edition Evaluation / Updates ).And I have finished t...
    j s
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  • Programming HCS08 on Raspberry Pi

    I need to programming MC9S08PA4 on Raspberry Pi. I tried to install Code Warrior on RPi, but RPi is based on ARM so it could not install. I don't need to developing, I have a s19 file, just need to programming my micr...
    Eda SANLI
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  • CodeWarrior MCU 11.1 Qorivva Compiler Bug

    I'm dealing with a compiler bug after update to MCU 11.1.   >internal compiler error (report to <cw_bug@freescale.com>) >while executing in file 'Coloring.c' line: 690 >(compiling 'HVDEV_initializ...
    B K
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  • GPIO interrupt rising/falling edge

    How to set GPIO (input) interrupt to be triggered based on rising/falling edge or steady state signal? Im using GCT, code warrior 10.6, DSC MC56F82748
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  • Code Warrior 10.2 in Linux

    Hi, I am using CodeWarrior 10.2 in Linux 16.04. I want to programming my S08PT60 EVK with using PE Micro Multilink Universal. But I have some problems in Debug and Flash Programmer section. Code Warrior can see my Mul...
    Eda SANLI
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  • CW6.0 MCU - S08DZ60 - Troubles in generating SCI interruptions

    Hi,       I'm a new user of CodeWarrior IDE, I'm developing firmware for HS08 CPU cores. I'm trying to generate a simple interrupt for a TX routine (Serial Comm. Interface). The interru...
    Humberto Goncalves
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    I have an old FRDM-KE02Z board. I tried to make a project using CodeWarrior 11.1 (downloaded last version and reinstalled today). I took this option after reading here: Preferred development system for FRDM-KE02Z?...
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  • Does MC56F83000EVK support P & E?

    Does MC56F83000EVK support P & E?  IF not . I want to call the SrmCommutation function. Can I directly copy the C and H files in the PE to the src file?
    g c
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  • Get Started with MC56F83000EVK

    Hi guys,   I've bought a evaluation board MC56F8300EVK to program its DSC, a PC56F83789. I downloaded CW 11.1, intalled PE drivers and could recognize USB CDC adaptor enabled by OSBDM - JM60. I also configured s...
    Lucas da Moraes
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  • GCT code warrior - Graphical configuration tool

    Can someone give me the reference manual / guide for Code Warrior's Graphical Configuration Tool (GCT) Im looking for a detailed guide which tells what different settings means etc  honghong xian 
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  • DSC IMPY.L how to saturate the result?

    Hi all, I've a question about the simple integer multiplication. I'm amplifying an ADC result with a gain factor: the problem is that I do the moltiplication with the simple integer multiplication "*"(with is transl...
    agostino facotti
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  • The calculated CRC is incorrect

    I am using Codewarrior 11.1 to compile the program of the S12ZVMC256 chip. In the prm file, use the CHECKSUM command to calculate the CRC of the application code. The method used is METHOD_CRC8 (Figure 1). Unfortunate...
    林 联伟
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  • Initilization of vector startup error

    hello,   Hi i am using code warrior. Earlier i was using MC9S12C128 microcontroller and due to the lack of memory we planned on using MC9S12XEQ512 controller ic. i replaced everything related to the new controll...
    Gopal Jadhav
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  • Warnings about macros in project settings - how to improve?

    Hi All   When moving projects created with CW10.2 to CW10.5 there are a warning when importing: "References to the ${workspace_loc:<resource>} macro were found in the project settings. Using this macro c...
    Mark Butcher
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  • How Can I do Can-Bus Communication with Processor Expert

    Hi Friends, I have two piece Trk-kea128 boards. I am using Code Warrior and Processor Expert . I want to Can-Bus communication between two boards. When I pressed button TRK-1 will send message and When TRK-2 receive...
    Ugur Ozkan
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  • Unkown Warning

    I have problem with the following warning in CodeWarrior 11, I  can not find reason for it in the project properties: Source file "D:\w\ColdFire\ColdFire_Build_Tools\ewl\EWL_C\include\cctype" not found, cannot d...
    Marceli Firlej
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  • How to Place and access data in PFlash on DSC products  

    When the Data Flash and Data RAM are not big enough  to save the constants or global data. User can place his data in program memory. This project supplies a solution for how to place and access the data in Progr...
    Fiona Kuang
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