• Floating license connection error

    I had used an evaluation version of CodeWarrior Development Studio for HCS12(X), I purchased a license of CWP-STANDARD-FL-ND a few days ago.   I conducted registration and generated a license...
    Hansung Jung
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  • CodeWarrior for Linux Trial license file missing

    I've installed CodeWarrior for Advanced Packet Processing Evaluation 10.4.0 (linux version). During installation process (just running setuplinux.sh) there was a message, there will be generated 15-days trial license....
    Marek Wardzinski
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  • codewarrior license can not be activated

    Hello. This is yjpark who is trying to be a codewarrior v5.2 user. I bought a USB dongle license but it doesn't work. At first, I registered license to NXP homepage and then, I downloaded license.dat file at "C:/pr...
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  • I3C slave ip

    I'm using the free NXP I3C slave IP (https://www.nxp.com/webapp/sps/download/preDownload.jsp ) and find it's very helpful, but i have some questions about it  following :  I need to use the master model...
    ethan cheng
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  • How to get a license with codewarrior?

    I've used  CodeWarrior for Power Architecture V10.5.0 with an evaluation license before two weeks.And now it presentation that: Debugger license error. I use the codewarrior software only for load P2020 u-boot f...
    Johnny Wang
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  • PN5180 About sending data

    Hello, I have a question, I write data to PN5180, but the data I read is 0XFF, and the BUZY bit has not changed, please help me
    chen shuai
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  • Processor Expert license "Basic Beans" for 56800 family was not found or is not valid

    I just installed CodeWarrior DS for DSC 56800E hybrid v8.3. I generated my license from the NXP website and successfully copied it in the license.dat file of CodeWarrior. However, when I open my project, I receive a...
    Francois Bilodeau
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  • CW for S12(X), v5.1, Hi-wave license error

    Hello,   I have CW for S12(X), v5.1 with dongle license. With this dongle, there is no problem for compilation, linking and flashing my app larger than 32k. But after flashing (using hi-wave and cyclone pro), ...
    S.Y. Kim
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  • software problem

    Hi,  I was just download a CodeWarrior Development Studio for HCS12(X) Microcontrollers (Classic IDE) v5.2, and when i open it, it show that.  How can i solve the problem? Thanks    
    Ken Chen
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  • Need support to rehost Code Warrior & MRK3 compiler license

    Hello NXP Support,,   I would like to rehost below licenses to new server. Since your support portal is under maintenance, can you please support here.   My license details as follows Code Warrior Licens...
    Kothandam SHANMUGAM
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  • Docstore

    I have been trying to gain access to the Docstore to be able to download the RFIDDISCOVER tool. I haven't been able to log in for weeks (it has been down). I have tried contacting through email & phone to no avail...
    Wilmer Suarez
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  • Does the v10.5 dongle used in CW 10.7?

    Hi:   When use dongle with CW10.5 with CW v10.7, below issue is seen. Any suggestion about it? thanks.  
    Dawei You
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  • Problems renewing my CW floating license

    Hello,   My company's research center is moving and trying to renew my floating license. The problem appears when I try to return my old license, to generate a new one. (Server IP is changed!!) The me...
    Lee HeeSung
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  • Temporary Licence

    Hello, We are using Code Warrior for Power Architecture 10.5.2 and we use a floating licence. Now we must update a new RCW at our Customer without any Internet access. Is it possible to get a licence File for 30 day...
    Christian Günther
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  • How to transfer an existing node-locked license to another PC?

    Hello Crew, A customer, Rivian, would like to move an existing node-locked CW4NET (see attached below license) from one PC to another. questions: 1) Can NXP Licensing do this? 2) If "yes" what do we need to pro...
    Mark Douglas
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  • CW 10.3 license

    Hello   Since many years, I used the CW10.3 with a buy license, with the P&E multilink universal. With this, I use some Kinetis (with KDS without problem) and on HCS08 (MC13213) with CW v10.3.   I cha...
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  • Where can I download the license management installer?

    Picture of the license management installer installing:   Installation is complete:   The following links in pdf looks like to be invalid.   The pictures was saved before, now where can I dow...
    minghu du
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  • issue with the generated license.dat of CodeWarrior Development Suite

    Hello, I bought the CodeWarrior Development Suite, and followed the instructions in order to generate the license.dat file. Afterwards, I copied and pasted in on 'C:\Freescale\CW MCU v11.1\MCU' folder (replacing...
    Sharon Ben Itzhak
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  • CodeWarrior 12v 5. 2 NL Registration

    I have a new PC which has windows 10. After installing the CodeWarrior software I get the following message when I run the IDE,   No valid licence key was found for this installation of CodeWarrior Development ...
    Ray Hall
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  • New PC CodeWarrior Install

    How Do I transfer my permanent licence CodeWarrior software to my new PC.   Please help as I need to use the IDE soon. The old PC is dead. I have installed my copy of CodeWarrior, but cannot get a licence. dat f...
    Ray Hall
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