• Codewarrior Floating License can not be setup

    I  have buy this software for NXP through distributor, But we can not work it on? we found introduce from doc:FLTLICINSTWINBR.pdf, it mention there will be a software named:CW_LICENSE_FXDL_LMI could download from...
    longsheng liao
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  • IAR license active on windows10

    I want to add the network license to the IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM 7.40 which  installed on the windows10 system.  However , the network license can not be filled in and can not be actived ...
    Z.q. Su
    created by Z.q. Su
  • CodeWarrier dongle not working

    Original Attachment has been moved to: DriverUpdate.log.zip
    Randy Halverson
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  • License insallation issues for Codwarrior development Suite- Standard Edition-Perpetual Model-Floating License.

    Dear Sir/Madam, We have purchased CodeWarrior Development Suit- Standard Edition-Perpetual Model-Floating License. We have generated license.dat file (Copy of license.dat attached below)  on 30/08/2017 .After th...
    u Sudheer
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  • CW5.2 License Request

    Hello,   I use CodeWarrior 5.2 to develop software for MC9S12XEQ512 micro for motor control, and now the license is invalid, so   I would like to get a 30-day license.   Looking forward t...
    Xiaowei Liu
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  • Rehosting a CodeWarrior License

    If you need to move a CodeWarrior license from one computer to another for any reason, this process is called rehosting.  If you own a Perpetual CW license, then you can use your registered account to rehost the ...
    Derek Snell
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  • CW10 - Node Locked License, Floating License

    Hello, Can a Node Locked License be changed to a floating license? Thanks, Will
    William Hookway
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  • Dongle Licensing / FLEXlm

    Hi, My 30-days Evaluation version of CodeWarrior 5.7.0 expires soon. I bought a dongled version (update of the free special edition). Unfortunately I have no CD yet, wehre the licensing software FLEXlm is available. I...
    Andreas Daetwyler
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  • What is the difference between the Offline and the Online Installer for MCU 10.5

    Online installer This image contains the CW MCU v10.5 core tools and an installer, which assumes your computer has internet access. During the installation process the core tools will be installed and you will be aske...
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  • How to extend my evaluation license file

      How to extend your evaluation file. You can extend your Evaluation license on our web system,  log into "My Freescale" with your email & password on our website, www.freescale.com.  Once logged...
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  • HOW TO register CodeWarrior? ~

    So, you are new to CodeWarrior and don't know how to register the Development Suite you got? It is not complicated at all, I'll explain briefly There is no need of extra information or documents you must keep han...
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  • Configuring IP address with the license manager installer

    I am installing CW floating license. The installer automatically sets up LM Tools Utility with the  internal IP address of the server. So, when I try to initialize the license.dat file with an external IP addres...
    Sagar Dhakal
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  • Cannot establish a connection with a license server

    I'm working remote from Mexico and I get this error 'Cannot establish a connection with a license server' when i try to flash my hardware with my newly created code. I have a good Cisco VPN connection to my companys ...
    Tom Junkans
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  • codewarior 6.4 with windows 10

    Actually we develop with coldewarior 6.4 with USB dongle licencing key, for MCF5234 and MFC5235. We would like use this configuration on a Windows 10 64 computer but the USB dongle licencing key isn't reconized by wi...
    Cédric Chomel
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  • CodeWarrior doesn't find license and shows "This is the last day of your license"

    Hi! On one PC CodeWarrior some times starts normal with the floating license and some times shows the error message "This is the last day of the current license" (it surely isn't). I think this is the message from t...
    Markus Pferrer
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  • Code Warrior 10.3 error license key in license file does not match other data in file

    I am currently using Windows 10, which installs the Flexid drivers 9 and 10. My license file has the correct key in it, but it continues to give me this message. Any thoughts on how I could fix this?    Tha...
    Ross Rhone
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  • Licensing error:-18,147

    Hello,   We've recently bought a floating license for CodeWarrior 5.2 for HC12 (Basic edition) I now I have troubles making it work. I have followed the installation guide and set up FlexLM software on our deve...
    Yuriy Korolyov
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  • Dongle FLEXId in Virtual Machine

    Dear Sirs, I have installed CodeWarrior Development Studio for DSC56800/E version 8.1.1a, build 7168, with IDE Version: and Plugins: 99 on my laptop  with windows XP. The license is an USB Dongle...
    Giovanni Merisio
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