• CW10.7  调用系统头文件出现Unresolved inclusion

    文件工程编译#include <stdlib.h>出现这个警示:  Unresolved inclusion: "stdlib.h"是什么原因造成的。只要用系统库头文件全部出现这个。
    bingguo zhang
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  • How do I monitor variables in real time in CW10.7

    关于CW10.7的调试问题。当我要实时监控一个结构体里的变量时,调试界面的Variables并不能支持单独监控这个结构体里的变量,而是需要把这个结构体加上去再展开。这里面会有两个问题:一,当我结构体里的变量特别多时,寻找起来会特别麻烦。二,当我电机Refresh While Running的时候,如果refresh的时间调到0.1s,那么结构体就会不停地展开闭合,导致我根本无法实时监控某个变量,只能将程序暂停下来再查看。 Deb...
    xian pudong
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  • Linker file for Library

    I am using CW10.3 for MK20xx. I have created a library where in specific code is to be placed in RAM.   Before creating the library I had a test program created using PE and have used the code as follows  ...
    Uday Thatte
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  • Delay function for KW24d

    Hello,    I'm using a nxp frdm - kw24d, and I want to know if exist any function that could do the same thing as function delay() in Arduino? I use the IAR Embedded Workbench IDE.   Thanks! Víto...
    Vítor Caitité
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  • Codewarrior problem for help

    When I open the codewarriror v11.1,there is an error window popping up,and the above shows ‘Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library’,when I click the OK button,the program crashed directly.
    liangxue 薛
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  • function that returns the time since nxp kw24d was turned on

    Hello,    I'm using a nxp kw24d board and I want to know if exists a function that returns the time since this board was turned on. I want a function similar of millis() in Arduino.   Thanks! Ví...
    Vítor Caitité
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  • How to print in the IAR I/O terminal?

    Hi,    I want to know how to print in the I/O terminal of IAR workbench? My device board is a kw24d. When I use printf(), it doesn't' prints nothing in this terminal. My debugger driver is is in the PE mic...
    Vítor Caitité
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  • Is the mc9s12xep100.h file compliant with MISRA 2012?

    Is the mc9s12xep100.h file compliant with MISRA 2012? ( the polyspace bug finder software indicates the violation MISRA 6.1)  
    Fabio Angeloni
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  • MPXV7002GC6U does not display pressure value

    We bought the part of MPXV7002GC6U with date code of 1850, there are many parts not display pressure value. Pls check the picture for details.   Can we send some parts to have FAE?   Looking forward t...
    Gloria Chen
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  • CodeWorrior 5.1 compatibility with Windows 10 Pro 64bit

    Dear Officer, Due to legacy issue, we need to use CW5.1, and our PC is using Windows 10 Pro 64bit now, Can CW5.1 being still supported fro Win10 Pro 64 bit system? Any patch required? How about CW5.2?   Thanks...
    He Wei
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  • CW debug fail..

    Dear Officer, We are using HCS12G serials to do the motor control project and I have installed the CW 5.1, but facting the problem when doing the debug by clicking on Debug button, the error message will shows: " E...
    He Wei
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  • How to remove c++ compiler in project

    Hello. Support team.   I want to use only C compiler without C++ compiler such as A Case. How to remove C++ compiler in 'B case' ??   A case B case C Compiler C Compiler + C++ Compiler  ...
    MinYeop Na
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  • help !!!I can't unsecure the 9S12GN32

    hello everyone! I have a problem, in codewarrior, i want to unsecure the s9S12GN32  0N48A and erase all blcok, but the flash is unchanged, and the content is the same as the original, what is the problem? ...
    Liu haifeng
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  • AUTOSAR 3.0 MCAL for MPC563xM install package

    Dear Supporter,   Where can I get the AUTOSAR 3.0 MCAL for MPC563xM install package?   the package can't to be download in NXP website. 
    Qin Jianghong
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  • How to see source code after debbug in Code Warrior PowerPc ?

    Hi, I trying to see my source code (.c file )  in code window but its showing assembly code. please tell me how to show .c file on code window.
    Upendra Kumar
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  • code flash on mpc860 using code warrior v8.8

    hi we are using mpc860tcvr66d4 for this we are using flash device S29alo16j55tfnr10 top boot sector (1M X 16) which is not there in the codewarrior 8.8 Ide so we added the device using FpdeviceConfig.xml and the dev...
    maheshwar reddy
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  • Unable to access PCIe registers

    I am unable to access the PCIe registers using Code Warrior.#PCIe registers
    Sahana Chandrasekar
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  • error: LS1020A: Core not responding while bringing up custom board .

    Hi All I have custom board with LS1020A . I am trying to bring it up for the first time . I am using code warrier tap (USB) . I got following error (logged in code warrier server )     check_min_version(ser...
    Dhruvalkumar Patel
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  • CodeWarrior TAP, IDE and PikeOS

    Is there any compability between codewarrior Tap, Codewarrior software IDE and PikeOS?
    manolo ruiz
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  • Package to start learning functional safety MCU

    Good day dear all, I am new to MCU units and would like to learn how to implement ISO 26262 ASIL A/B functions in the future. So as a start, I want to build a prototype that demonstrate EPB safety function, say the ...
    Lu Zheng
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