• CodeWarrior Tap GDB server gives error when executing -data-evaluate-expression

    I'm connected to the GDB remote server on the code warrior tap to debug the QorIQ® P1021|NXP : I get the following error when running -data-evaluate-expression (uart)->rx_tx_dll   Failed to ex...
    Zachary Wilcox
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  • Inter-procedural analysis (CW 10.6 DSC motor control)

    Hey,   I am using Code Warrior development studio 10.6 for DSC MC56F82478. My flash has been consumed to almost 93% so I made optimization in project settings by turning on Inter-Procedural Analysis from Of...
    Fasih Ahmed
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  • Attribute Type

    Where can I find the description of Attribute Type ? Basically I'm currently developpinng in python a ZigBee engine, and when receiving messages I need to decode the Attribute based on the Type   Thanks in advance
    Patrick Pichon
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  • can anyone recommend a crypt/decrypt open source package for MPC5606

    hi  some warm-hearted expertise engineer. now i take part in a project using the board MPC5606, the IDE is codewarrior .... i want to use some encrypt and decrypt algorithm like aes-cbc cmac. hmac,sha256 e...
    yuan xiao
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  • Reading Counter Register (PWMA_SMnCNT)

    Hi I am trying to read the PWM counter register in MC56F827xx MCU (PWMA_SMnCNT) at a PWM reload ISR event (please see the attached code). It should read zero all the time as the reload event happens when the counter ...
    Md Rishad Ahmed
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  • Does codewarrior10.6.4 can use command line tools to download s19 or mot file to MPC5604B?

    Does codewarrior10.6.4 can use command line tools to download s19 or mot file to MPC5604B?
    maoyuan luo
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  • MCF5225x EVM USBDM driver&codewarrior V7.2&Vmware XP system Compatibility problems

    During the use of the MCF5225x original development board, the Codewarrior version on the CD was not compatible with the win7 64bit system. I tried to install the Win-XP operating system in VMware. Currently, the dev...
    w liang
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  • Problem occurred when checking for updates in CW 11

    This happen when checking for updates in CW 11. Internet connection works fine so that's not the problem. Any ideas? Per Højfeldt
    Per Hojfeldt
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  • Runtime of Freemaster recorder is too much!

    I put the FMSTR_Recorder in PWM reload interrupt service routine, and tested its runtime. When triggered, its runtime could be more than 50us at most! PWM frequency is 10kHz and period is 100us, if Recorder function ...
    Kidd Yang
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  • access denied

    I recently had to move my Codewarrior projects to a different Windows XP PC.  In the new PC I installed Codewarrior version 5.7 from a CD, just as I had on my old PC.  Now when I try to debug, I get a messag...
    Timothy Phillips
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  • Can,t make a pointer to a const array.

    Having problem with assign a unsigned char const array to a pointer. Works fine to assign an unsigned char array to a pointer. What do I wrong. Using Codewarrior version 11.0 with MCU MC9S08QD4. Attached is a little ...
    Per Hojfeldt
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  • dmitry konkov

    How to install processor expert 
    Dmitry Konkov
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  • Missing LBE_DRAGON12_PLUS option

    I am using the Programming in C and Assembly text by Haskell and Hanna.  I have downloaded CodeWarrior v5.1.  However, when I try to load an example project, I do not have the option of selecting the LBE_DRA...
    Lloyd Pierre
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  • How to read P-Flash IFR - MC9S12GN32MLC

    Hi   I'm using a MC9S12GN32MLC and I want to read the reference value of VDDF provided at address 0x0_4022/0x0_4023 in the NVM's IFR. Please consider that: The memory model in use is the SMALL one; Even if I ...
    Gabriele Ruosi
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  • I get this warning when I compile: FLEXlm checkout error

    I get this warning when I compile: FLEXlm checkout error: No such feature exists I started seeing this several days ago. The message box is attached.  I tried several license.dat files. I think I have a perpet...
    Paul Bogucki
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  • Seeking a AFT09MS015N_MDL_ADS,my e-mail addr :lgj@xmu.edu.cn,Thanks!!

    Seeking a AFT09MS015N_MDL_ADS,my e-mail addr :lgj@xmu.edu.cn,Thanks!!
    国景 连
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  • CW10.2的license报错问题

    您好,我测试对时,调整系统时间后,发现CodeWorrior10.2的license报错了。报错:功能 ProfessionalEditionMCU 10.2,状态: KeyProfessionalEditionMCU, LM_BADSYSDATE出现未知错误。我反复重装软件无法解决,希望帮我解决问题,谢谢。
    威 杨
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  • You have been redirected to this page because your ID is INACTIVE in Flexera. Please Activate your account to proceed.   If you believe you have reached this page in error, please contact NXP® Technical Support.

    Hello,             When I try to download  MPC563xM AUTOSAR 3.0 MCAL tool, it always indicates that 'You have been redirected to this page because your ID is INACTIVE...
    chengxun xi
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  • Code Warrior 5.9 - Flash Programmer

    Hi I am using CW for Power Architecture(TM) V8.8  on the mpc8309Som, with an evaluation licence. When I try to use the Falsh Programmer, it fails and says that the CW Flash programmer requires a licen...
    Marius Nteguem Youbi
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  • Error: Lost connection to Debug Engine

    Hi! I'm trying to debug a board based on a MCF5213 microcontroller using CodeWarrior Version: 11.0.1 Build Id:180609 on Windows 10. I'm having problems when trying to step into any part of the code, when that happen...
    Jose Perez
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