• How to use l_sch_set in LIN stack?

    How to use the function named l_sch_set in the LIN stack?   Suppose I have 2 schedule tables,  Table_a, and Table_b, and in each table there are several frames. And 1 hardware interface.   Does it me...
    Leo Lu
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  • Problem with QCVS DDR Tool for t1042

    Hello!   I use manual QCVS DDR Tool (https://www.nxp.com/files-static/soft_dev_tools/doc/user_guide/QCVS_DDR_User_Guide.pdf )  for customization frequency ddr t1042.   I ran into the problem...
    megaloldean megaloldean
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  • Usage of Lauterbach for MPC56xx in Code Warrior

    Hello everyone,   I have been working on a Code Warrior PowerPC project which has MPC56xx processor. I want to test my project's performance via Lauterbach.   Are there any someone who has any idea?
    Gokhan Gocmen
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  • MCF5225x EVM USBDM driver&codewarrior V7.2&Vmware XP system Compatibility problems

    During the use of the MCF5225x original development board, the Codewarrior version on the CD was not compatible with the win7 64bit system. I tried to install the Win-XP operating system in VMware. Currently, the dev...
    w liang
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  • DSP56F805FV80E copy the program

    I need to make a copy of the working chip program that would be transferred to another chip. With CodeWarrior Development Studio for 56800 / E Digital 8.3 (Windows 7), I want to save - Menu "Debug" -> "DSP56800" -&...
    Yury Sidorenko
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  • How to add my plug-in in CodeWarrior?

    Hello, I am developing software in CodeWarrior and I would like to use plug-in, that I wrote in Eclipse, in CodeWarrior. But, I do not know how to use my own plug-in in CodeWarrior. Can you help me with how to use it...
    tugce yilmaz
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  • What is Target_ID for MPC 8240/8245 using Code Warrior TAP and GDB Proxy command?

    My team and I were able to correctly initialize and communicate with the Code Warrior TAP GDB proxy. We still need some assistance with a particular instruction. Specifically:   mon jtag_chain <myTarget_I...
    Matthew Davis
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  • Is there an equivalent NXP part number for sourcing a Freescale Semiconductor emulator, CodeWarrior USB Tap, P/N 900-75116, Rev E?

    Our local distributor states Freescale is now NXP.  I would like to know the equivalent NXP part number for sourcing this item.  Any help is much appreciated.
    David Culpepper
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  • codewarrior tap and gdb

    Hi,   I'm trying to setup a debug environment for the LS1046ARDB. I've connected a codewarrior tap to it, which is directly connected via an ethernet connection(not USB) to my PC. I have it configure...
    Eric Moors
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  • CodeWarrior TAP model number

    I found a CodeWarrior TAP JTAG in my lab. The CodeWarrior® TAP|NXP webpage lists a few different model numbers/ product family. I'm not sure what the model number of the one I have in my lab.  I don't...
    Zachary Wilcox
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  • Codewarrior 5.1 support for mc9s12xdg512 ?

    Hello, I can't find mc9s12xdg512 in 'New Project' dialog, codewarrior 5.1 don't support for mc9s12xdg512 ? how to create project for mc9s12xdg512   Thanks
    天玺 何
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  • How to enable to generated ISR OnHardFault Code using PE

    Hi, I have K60 tower board. I have MQX 4.2 and Code Warrior 10.6.4. I want to generate code for Cpu_OnHardFault ISR using PE, but it is disabled. I am not sure there is any way to enable it for generate code:  
    David XY Zhou
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  • set input pin failed in S9ZVL16CLC

    Hello! I use S9ZVL16CLC(32pin) MCU in PE in CW 11.0 and my problem is I can't set pin as any mode related to input, even the normal input mode. But I can set as output mode in the relevant pin successfully in S9...
    Li Yinwei
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  • codewarrior

    what version of codewarrior for mc68hc908qy4?
    Denis Korotkov
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  • FTM timing interrupt - Period No Change

    How to simply get a predicable timing interrupt by using FTM? But no matter how I adjusted the C0V value, the period what I could get was ~10us.   Could you please help check the following classi...
    Leo Lu
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  • MQX debugging error

    Hi,   I have Code Warrior 10.6.4.FSL_b06015 license, and MQX4.2 installed with K60 tower. Now I cannot debug all my previously debug-able projects. If I create new project, it still cannot debug.  But if ...
    David XY Zhou
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  • Can't find a source file

    Hello, When I import a new project and debug, it comes as the picture below:   I can't find the source in my computer. What is the function of it? What can I do to replace the path? Where can I find MC912SZVM_...
    Frank Kong
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  • How to open .abs files

    Hello everyone,             In the CODEWARRIOR programming environment, after the new project is compiled, the.abs file will be generated. What software can ...
    jixiang li
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  • LS1043A_UBOOT

    HELLO, We want to burn UBOOT to DDR3, then start UBOOT debugging in memory, what should I do?(We have installed the CodeWarrior tool and purchased the downloader.)
    晓 刘
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  • codewarrior IDE

    Activate Flexera account to download evaluation version of CodeWarrior IDE. See below error You have been redirected to this page because your ID is INACTIVE in Flexera. Please Activate your account to proceed.
    Divya Kapu
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