• MC56F8367 Jtag error

    Hi, I am using codewarrior 11.1 to test/debug MC56F8367 with P&E multilink universal . I have attached files of my schematic, i'm not clear with some pin connections  1. I have not made reset low. what wil...
    padma priya
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  • question about size of hex file in flash

    How to know how many bytes the hex file would take in flash after burning down? I use codewarrior10.6.4. Thank you for your attention.
    Mike Young
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  • question about KEA128 Setup registers

    At beginning, system would run __thumb_startup which is used for initialization of PC. __init_registers() would be invoked in it, and the FDIVLD field of Flash Clock Divider Register for KEA128 is set at the same time...
    Mike Young
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  • Addressing problem of motor library(Automotive Math and Motor Control Library Set for NXP MC9S12ZVM devices)

    The memory module in the NXP's Motor Library (Automotive Math and Motor Control Library Set for NXP MC9S12ZVM devices) is small (14bit addresses). My project's memory module is medium (16bit addresses). When I use the...
    周茂 康
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  • How i can write to a bit field in IDE CWide eTPU?

    Hi, i'm using CWide or codewarrior for eTPU and when i create for example a struct:   typedef union {    struct    {       uint32_t B0:1; ...
    Demian Espina
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    Hai,  Am using  MC9S08SG8 micro controller ,and am using code warrior V6.3  software ,here am using PWM in 7th pin ,  my problem is in  output duty cycle  first pulse is grater then the...
    last modified by VENKATESAN P

    Hi all,   I am working with MC9S08AW60 microcontroller and, as I could check, trim value can not be calculated and written to NVM  with "Flash file to target" in CodeWarrior Development studio v10.6. So I w...
    Abraham Paz
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  • MPC5744P

    Who can provide the encapsulation and schematic Library of MPC5744P MCU? The software I use is Altium Designer 14. Thank you!
    w h
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  • DSP56F805FV80E and FlashOverJTAG

    Dear Sirs, please help me. With the help of the “Parallel Command Converter” programmer and “FlashOverJTAG”, I copied the P- memory  and the X- memory (chip DSP56F805FV80E). As a result, I...
    Yury Sidorenko
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  • Variable is not getting assigned to 0.

    We are working on MC9S08QD4 with Code Warrior v6.3. When we assign 0 to a variable it is not getting assigned to 0 and it works with the previous value sometimes. Please share your feedback.
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  • There is no processor menu for choice while create a QorIQ Configuration Project

    There is no processor menu for choice while create a QorIQ Configuration Project   Installed Products:  - CodeWarrior for Power Architecture      Version: 10.5.1      Build Id:...
    fly dick
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  • Failed to debug MPC860 in CW 8.8

    Hi,   I have installed codewarrior 8.8 in windows 10 x64bit and using a codewarrior USBTap to debug MPC860 processor. I also installed patch 8.8.6. I have connected USBTap to 10-pin BDM connector.  While tr...
    kumar swamy
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  • Universal Multilink Rev D vs. Rev C

    I have a Universal Multilink Rev D, purchased this last summer.  Firmware has been updated to the latest 9.81.  On the original firmware and current firmware I'm unable to flash a device using HIWAVE.exe, th...
    Stephen Roskens
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  • DSP56F805FV80E copy the program

    I need to make a copy of the working chip program that would be transferred to another chip. With CodeWarrior Development Studio for 56800 / E Digital 8.3 (Windows 7), I want to save - Menu "Debug" -> "DSP56800" -&...
    Yury Sidorenko
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  • CodeWarrior S12Z linker not acknowledged

    Hi, During the building, CodeWarrior (10.6) stops due to the following error:   'Invoking: S12Z Linker' "C:/Freescale/CW MCU v10.6/MCU/S12lisa_Tools/Build_Tools/linker" -ArgFile"application.args" -O"application.e...
    Pierluigi Milosa
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  • Codewarrior 10.4 updation

    Hi all,        We are currently using codewarrior 10.4 , MQX 4.0.2 and K60 controller. Now we have to change K60 to K66 series, so that we have to update MQX as well as Codewarrior. my questi...
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  • validation of DDR3 using codewarrior failed

    Hello, I am using T2081 and QCVS Codewarrior tool for the validation of DDR3. While performing the test "Centring the clock" in the validation stage, I was determining the best WRLVL_START byte lane values in which ...
    Anshul khare
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  • How do I program the MC9S12XET?What hardware to do I need to program and what software should I use to program?

    i have a MC9S12XET256MAL16.i don't found the program.
    yusuf yildiz
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  • Debug MC9S12XDP512 with HiWave 6.1

    We are trying to debug a MC9S12XDP512VAL processor with HiWave 6.1 but it seems like it is not supported anymore (with former versions it was).   I'm wondering if there is any Windows 7 capable tool which is sti...
    Christian Frick
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  • Stack consumption in codewarrior

    I have enabled stack usage in linker in properties in codewarrior. I then added the ISRs and startup in entries section in .prm file.   In map file we could see the stack consumption but the entire project tree ...
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