• The debugging problem of freescale ZVL microcontroller in codewarror10.7

    Dear friend, Who can help me with the problem? Can freescale ZVL load ABS files or ELF files for debugging in codewarror10.7 compil? With best wishes! Lei  
    Jackie lei
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  • How to change editor theme in CodeWarrior for ETPU?

    Hi, I want to change CodeWarrior for ETPU editor theme to dark theme. How can I do that? Regards,
    Turgay Kale
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  • I've set the boot location to 0x10000, but why does codewarrior still erase 0-0xFFFF when I debug with codewarrior?

    I've set the boot location to 0x10000, but why does codewarrior still erase 0-0xFFFF when I debug with codewarrior.How do I set up not to erase Flash's 0-0xffff because I put the Bootloader there.
    nnsspp ni
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  • mpc8640d supported jtag and tool for Debug

    Hi, we want to know supported Jtag for Mpc8640d and tool to Debug the Processor. i will be helpful if jtag Configuration(pins) also shared means.
    srikanth ravada
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  • MWCT1013 on WCT-15W1CFFPD

    Hi, I am trying to use CodeWarrior USB TAP with ONCE communication. FreeMASTER does not see any device. CodeWarrior IDE version 11.1 update 1 doesn't see the device. The TAP came with no documentation or downloads. Wh...
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  • Codewarrior V4.7 can no longer load cpu beans

    Suddenly after a long period of perfect operation Codewarrior fails to read the cpu bean from the project file(s). This happened today, the first day after the holidays. I get the same problem on ”other”...
    Anders Johansson
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  • LIN Stack Problem with Processor Expert Mode

    I am facing issue while using LIN stack with processor expert mode.   If directly added LIN stack then getting issue ISR redefined.   If I allow macro redefinition   then not able to flash the pro...
    Chaitanya Kalyani
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  • JTAG chain issue

    Hi,         I`m using code warrior USB Tap and when i`m tring to program a device i get the error `` The JTAG chain does not contain any debuggable cores!``. Can you help me to understand wha...
    Daniel Terebent
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  • How to change color theme tp dark in CodeWarrior

    I need to change color theme in CodeWarrior like VisualStudio2017 has. Is any way do it?
    Marceli Firlej
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  • HRESET occured during transactio

    Hello NXP,    We have a custom board based on T1042 processor. We want to flash new RCW on NOR flash using Code Warrior. We can not use hard coded rcw some attributes differ from RDB.   I had 'HRESET ...
    Ahmet Demir
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  • Real-Time OS

    Hello, I am not familiar with NXP Processors so please forgive my simple question. I have been using ARM+DSP processors from TI. Most of their processors have many high-speed communication links such as SRIO, 10G-Ethe...
    Joe Lindula
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  • RCW Override, Error:  Connect Failed. Failed to correctly configure the JTAG chain(CCSProtocolPlugin) Error: Connect Failed.

    Hello NXP, Board: T1042 D4 RDB - 64 b Problem: Unable to execute RCW override script ( <CWInstallDir>\PA\PA_Support\Initialization_Files\jtag_chains ) with NOR flash Target Task.   I want to flash s...
    Ahmet Demir
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  • What would it take to add MPC8xx devises into CodeWarrior Development Suites for Networked Applications v11.4.0?

    I need to work on an older device that uses MPC8xx devices.  The website recommends CodeWarrior Development Suites for Networked Applications v11.4.0 as the software but after installation I found the MPC8xx...
    Jason Maurey
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  • [CCS last error: T1040: Core not responding ](CCSProtocolPlugin) error after flashing wrong RCW/wrong Place. T1042D4RDB-64B.

    Hello NXP,   With using QCSV and T1042D4RDB - 64B, I accidentally flashed a new RCW into wrong(I guess) place in NOR flash (in both BANK 0 and BANK 4). Now the board is not booting and ASLEEP ping is always lit...
    Ahmet Demir
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  • Code Warrior Burning new U-boot Execute command is not enabled

    Hi NXP,   I am trying to burn new U-boot on T1042 D4 RDB as described in QorIQ SDK V2.0 - 1703 (Chapter 5) using Code Warrior for T1042. It's the latest Code Warrior Development Studio. I created a sample BareBo...
    Ahmet Demir
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  • Error : FETFSL1' is an instance of an undefined model

    I have downloaded "AFT27S010N RF high-power Model ADS Product Model Design Kit" and "RF High Power Model Kit 2020", but I do not know how to import the Model.
    ming xu
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  • Windows 10 -codewarrier v 9.2 Not working.

    I 'm trying to erase a chip using codewarrier usb tap with Codewarrier version 9.2 mobileGT. It is not working - shows an error "please check Jtag CLK speed" .  Is this an issue with windows 10 how can this...
    rakinniya pramod
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  • Regarding SPI Protocol

    Hello,      I am interfacing the external DAC (AD5724) using SPI protocol with K60 microcontroller (TWR BOARD) , but the problem is the external DAC (AD5724) does not have chip select only it has ...
    Mohammedrasool Yadwad
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  • Problems of SPI in K60

    Hello,      I am using SPI protocol for interfacing with the external ram 23LCV1024 with the K60 microcontroller. I am not using the Fifos directly writing the data on to the push register. K60 as the ...
    Mohammedrasool Yadwad
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  • Where can I download Codewarrier V 8.8  and other older versions?

    I need to download an older version of codewarrier v8.8.Please guide me. I tried searching on the NXP website. CodeWarrior Downloads | NXP  but version 8.8 is not available. Thanks in advance.
    rakinniya pramod
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