• How can i get CW PA v8.8 for 830606S-8308-8309

    hi ,here is my problem. i am using code warrior 5.9 ,and MPC8309,I just prepared to download BOOT to MPC8309,i can not find target processor 8309 in processor list (flash programmer),i have searched some qu...
    limitedy li
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  • s32k116 The Stop2 low power mode cannot be woken up with a CAN message

    Referring to the sample code provided by the official, CAN configure PE clock source to; PE clock source is 8MHz; it cannot be awakened in Jlink mode.PE clock source is configured as Peripheral clock, and the PE clock...
    Yu Zheng
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  • How to programming FXTH87xx with "J-link"

    Hi I bought an FXTH87xx for the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), but I need a "USB Multi-link Universal" to the program it but I have a "J-link" owner. What can I do to program fxth87xx without using "USB Multi...
    Ramazan Taştan
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  • 56800E Flash Programmer error: CC not present

    In the 56800E Flash Programmer, what does the "CCCSClient::ConfigChain: CC not present" mean? Actually, all of the error messages start the same, so I'm really asking "what is CC"?
    Roger Cox
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  • Free development tools

    What are the best development tools for free? Regards, Halmblog
    Sampson Halm
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  • T1040: Core not respoding. Starting IR Scan test ... Error measuring IR length

    Hello community,   We have two Code Warrior TABs. We have a custom design based on T1042 processor. Until now, we were able to debug/run in our custom board using code warrior. We were succesfully writing t...
    Yusuf Altıparmak
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  • Component Development Tools Troubleshooting

    Why can not import PEx component with driver *.drv to develop. It happens in CodeWarrior 11.1 and MCUXpresso. Also inherited component is not available in MCUXpresso, and in CodeWarrior  imported component i...
    Marceli Firlej
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  • Build error in CW11.1

    Hi,   We are using CW11.1 IDE and MQX 4.2 RTOS for our development of Kinetis K60 controller based hardware. Below file throws error when we trying to build K60 project in CW 11.1 C:\Freescale\CW MCU v11.1\MC...
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  • No source available for "0xFFFFFFFE (0xFFFFFFFE)() " in a Custom KL25Z QFN32 board

    I'm using CodeWarrior IDE for programing a FRDM-KL25Z and everything is ok when i'm trying to debug the code, but i have develop an custom board with the MKL25Z128VFM4 that is a QFN32 version of the kl25z of the FRDM ...
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  • Memory locations being incorrectly written to?

    I am reluctant to think this problem is with my processor, so I'm posting here under the assumption that it is perhaps a setting I am uninformed of when it comes to my dev environment / debugger.   I am writing ...
    Richard Howell
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  • Generate ATD interrupt for HCS12 controller

    Hello, I am working on MC9S12XEP100 microcontroller , and as I am new to this I am able to the polling base example but I want to generate interrupts for multiple channels in scan mode. I want to generate interrupt ...
    Utkarsh Ghadge
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  • How to generate an Interrupt for GPIO in MC9S12XEP100

    Hi ,  I want to write an interrupt for a switch connected to the GPIO input port in MC9S12XEP100,  I am not able to figure out how to as I am new to this. How can we raise an interrupt and how to write th...
    Utkarsh Ghadge
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  • How to use P2020's interrupts in CodeWarriorV10.5?

    nnsspp ni
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  • NXP Library Not working with some android devices.

    I developed an android application for write and read data to a Mifare desfire ev1 card using nxp-nfc-library-1.7(latest version). That application worked properly with the device which I used for develop the  ap...
    Lakshitha Gayashan
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  • Configure GPIO using Full chip simulation for MC9S12XEP100

    Hi , I am new to codewarrior tool  I want to test my GPIO code using Full chip simulation for MC9S12XEP100. How to do so ?
    Utkarsh Ghadge
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  • CodeWarrior for QorIQ LS Series, ARMv8 ISA v11.5.0, where?

    Where can I get the version "CodeWarrior for QorIQ LS Series, ARMv8 ISA v11.5.0"? I cannot find it anywhere.
    manolo ruiz
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  • Error starting with DEMO9S12xDT512

    Hello,   I’m trying to get start with DEMO9S12xDT512. I downloaded evaluation license Code Warrior 5.2 in nxp website. I also took the content of DVD of the demo. First, when I try to build the project...
    Mwendzao OUSSEINE
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  • Temporary license

    I have an old version of CodeWarrior from an old tester here at ViaSat.  It was on a WinXP machine and now it's on Win10.  Part of my procedure is to use hiwave.exe and a USB Multilink pod from PEMicro. ...
    George Freese
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  • java.lang.IllegalArgumentException

    Hello community,   I can not display SerDes1:SerDes which is created with default Code Warrior QCVS SerDes Configuration Tool. Can anyone tell me how to fix this error ? Is there any patch recommended to apply ...
    Yusuf Altıparmak
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  • Freescale CodeWarrior Product List Add

    Hello   I am using the S9S12GNA16F0MLF model and I am using Freescale CodeWarrior 5.9.0 version.   I tried to select MC9S12GNA16F0MLF as the picture below, but I can't use it because it is not in the list....
    Seok Kim
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