• Code warrior does not recognize global structure variable

    Hi,   I'm using code warrior IDE version 5.9.0 for MPC55xx/56xx.  According to my preference setting, the global variables should be purple.  I declared the struct variable such as ,    /...
    jaehak kim
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  • DDR validation failed

    What could be the cause of DDR validation write leveing failed, and how to solve it? The configuration and error information of DDR are as follows:
    wu bo
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  • codewarrior usb tap

    hello, Over the years, we have been using CodeWarrior v8.8 and codewarrior usb tap to program the external flash of mpc8323. However, with the aging and damage of the codewarrior usb tap, we have only one usb ta...
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  • MC56F8355MFGE

    Hello,   I use the MC56F8355MFGE DSP. I program it with the 56800E Flash Programmer. A DSP with 1628 datecode is ok after programming. A DSP with 1843 datecode doesn't start after programming. The checksum fo...
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  • Questions about Code Warrior RCW Override (using T1042)

    Hello Community,   I have few questions about Code Warrior PA RCW Override Method.   1-) When I select Target Type as "T1042", does it means Code Warrior Tab is not going to bring up the board with the RCW...
    Yusuf Altıparmak
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  • Sleep Mode K60 MK60DN512VLQ10

    I have question on the K60 micro sleep!  We are running our K60 micro MK60DN512VLQ10 from a system oscillator 16MHz clock (Core clock is 96MHz) and we also have the external RTC oscillator 32.768kHz. We have a lo...
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  • Updating gcc in CodeWarrior?

    Hi, We're using "CodeWarrior for Power Architecture Version: 10.5.2 Build Id:160624", which came with gcc 4.9.2. Specifically we're using "C:\Freescale\CW_PA_v10.5.1\Cross_Tools\gcc-4.9.2-XMe6500-linux". Our linux ...
    David Sclarsky
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  • Freescale CodeWarrior Product List Add

    Hello   I am using the S9S12GNA16F0MLF model and I am using Freescale CodeWarrior 5.9.0 version.   I tried to select MC9S12GNA16F0MLF as the picture below, but I can't use it because it is not in the list....
    Seok Kim
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  • How to refer to external C functions of CW Project A from CW project B

    Hi All,  I am new to Freescale Codewarrior and so far have been able (after some hassle with asm to c and vice versa compatibility issues) to compile and run dBUG for an SenTec MCF5475 board using version CodeWa...
    Timo Schuering
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  • Where to put the license file.dat

    Dear all, I've a problem with my CodeWarrior. In particular my version is the 10.6 and I've generated the license.dat file for HCS12 version 5.1 - 5.2. Where can I put this file? I need this license in order to compi...
    Marco Ghibaudi
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  • T1020 HRESET Error

    I am using T1020 in design and trying to program NAND Flash using Code Warrior Tap. I have CWP BareBoard Project, but the flash is programmed with a wrong file and when I connect using CWP I get an error HRESET. I h...
    mike kogan
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  • How to patch the codewarriorIDE without updater

    I con't updata the software with the updater,is there a way to patch the IDE with the download files?And patch the Service Pack with the download files?How to do it? Thank you!
    Johnny Wang
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  • Debugging U-boot T1042

    Hello community, using T1042RDB, I am trying to debug my own u-boot ( sdk compiled ) with Code warrior to learn how it works.    I have a custom board and I want to debug my customized u-boot on it later. &...
    Yusuf Altıparmak
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  • CW8.3 : Core not responding

    Hi ,   I have used CW8.3 and my computer is Win 7 32 bits. However, we I used 56800E flash, the error happened as " core not responding"   Can you please check how I can do?   Thanks! Best regards,
    deliang li
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  • Error -1073741811

    Have installed code warrior 11.1, update 1 and 2. after compiling the project have Error -1073741811. i am using windows10. **** Clean-only build of configuration FLASH_SDM for project sin20200 **** Build complete ...
    tony tony
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  • codewarrior v8.8 command window problem(mpc8323+in28f128j3flash)

    hello,I want to use commands to program .bin file into flash in command window. before this,i use flash programmer to do this. it success. i can erase flash ,program flash and verify . when i use command winow to do...
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  • CW 10: Controlling Link Order

    Is there any way to control the link order in CodeWarrior 10.4 for HCS08 micros?  There's buzz about a "Link Order tab" but that seems to be limited to ARM, et al.  The only way I can control the link order ...
    Doug Paulsen
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  • codewarrior license 不能使用问题

    我司购买了codewarrior永久的服务器floating license,目前在使用过程中出现无法连接服务器的问题,具体报错如下图,请问如何操作才能解决这个问题。   查看license的安装的服务器,看诊断log如下:  
    changyu gong
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  • corewarrior patch for 8.8.5 

    i want to get the patch as follow CW PATCH https://community.nxp.com/message/1042115    but i can not find the patch on the web. 
    d ju
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  • SPI 发送每次发送完一个字节8位后紧随发送一位值位1的数据位

    我用K60D10的SPI  发现发送完8位数据后随后在发送一位值为1的数据位。请帮忙解决
    shuhai mao
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