• CodeWarrior starting problem

    I just finished instaling codewarrior and tried adding a demo but i got this error:  Is there any aditional software or plugins that i need too install? Also i tried creating a new Bareboard Project, but cant f...
    Catalin Hirceaga
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  • Flash memory map conflict between documentation and template P2020RDB-PCA

    Hi there, I am new to working with PowerPC P2020 dev board and its ecosystem. Still, I have worked with another PPC family before, the MPC 5777C dev board. I will try to go into details of my problem. Currently, I a...
    Felipe Magalhaes
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  • HC12 compiler Warning

    Hello,   I am using the compiler HC12 (5.0.14) for the development of MC9S12DG128 controller. Now it shows some warning like limited the code. How can I resolve this problem? Please help me.   Regards, Shiju
    Shiju V
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  • NXP MPC566EVB COM1 output

    I have a question reguarding the NXP MPC566EVB development board. I am having issues getting the board's COM1 port to output the DBUG communication prompt. The board appears to power on just fine, and I can use a JTAG...
    Steven Verhoff
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  • Flash problem with MC56F8355

    Dear,    I install the Flash Programmer, try to write in a S-record file to DSP56F8355 with CodeWarrior USB TAP. But it always failed, says that the device is not powered up or there is another error ...
    Zhigang Wan
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  • S12ZVC EEPROM Problem

    Hello Support Team,   I'm programming NXP (Devkit S12ZVC) for the first time and i have eeprom and flash problem. I could write any data to EEPROM or FLASH (I checked on CW memory monitoring) and i could al...
    Ertuğ Bayram YÜRÜK
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  • Automake and Perl versions conflicts

    I am trying to build my system image relying on Yocto/Poky. My target system is a P2020-RDB board. My base system is a Linux Mate 19.*   I am using the latest SDK supporting my target system (1.9) and have follo...
    Felipe Magalhaes
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  • Change Asynchronous Slave ID from software

    Is it possible to change Asynchronous Slave ID from software? Let me explain: is it possible to attribute a value (read for example by an external dip switch) to the slave address ID of an asynchronous port? Thank you
    Legnani Massimo
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  • Pls help check the IC's part number on the board of MPC5746R-176DS

    Hello,   We bought the board of MPC5746R-176DS,  but the marking of IC on the board is SPC5745RMLU3, NOT SPC5746R. Pls check the attached pictures for details.   Pls help check if we receiv...
    Gloria Chen
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  • MPC566EVB default binaries

    Is there a location where I can find the default binaries for the NXP MPC566EVB development board? I would like to reflash a board that I have acquired to its defaults.
    Steven Verhoff
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  • PL8 compile issue in CW11.1

    Customer: MicroTek Part:PL8   Hi @Jennie Zhang Per discussion in the mail, please help on the PL8 compile issue, thanks a lot!     Best Regards Kehan
    K.h. Qin
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  • How to update application in bootloader?

    i used wct1013a. I have the boot loader code. I know that the boot loader jumps directly to the code of the application. But what if you want to upgrade other firmware on the bootload? How do I clear my applicatio...
    semikim kim
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  • kit9z1j638evm problem

    I have a kit9z1j638evm board. I can't download demo program with usbddm all the time. The prompt is BDM command ack missing. KIT9Z1.J638EVMKIT9Z1J638EVM
    H YW
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  • Unable to debug using JTAG along with multilink

    I am using MPC567XEVBMB + MPC5674ADAT516 + SPC5674FMVY3+ PE micro multilink universal + cw 5.9.0 Eval version. Unable to debug. Getting 'Cannot Enter Background Mode" error message. However, Trace32 provide...
    Madhavan Vivekanandan
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  • getting error while programing and erasing nor flash in codewarrior 8.8

    hello folks,  please find attachment
    venkat d
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  • Function Call inside IVOR4 Handler_MPC5777C

    Hi, Here is my question, 1. Can i do function call inside IVOR4 handler (Prologue and Epilogue ) in MPC5777C?  similar to this Machine_Check_Handler call ? e_lis r0, Machine_check_handler@h e_or2i r0, Ma...
    Mohammed Afsar
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  • how to add new flash(M58BW16FB7T) in code-warrior v8.8 ?

    hi folks,    i am currently working on MPC8358 processor, were i am using M58BW16FB7T NOR- Flash  (512kx32x1) organization of memory. i gone through codewarrior docs but i am not able to add this flash...
    venkat d
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  • Mpc860 debug issue

    i'm using MPC860 in my board which is not entering into debug suddenly, which is working previous. The Transfer Error Acknowledgment(TEA) pin is toggling which is indication for BUS ERROR when trying to enter into de...
    srikanth ravada
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  • MPC5606S: Can not enter background mode

    Hi,  When I do flash program for MPC5606S with CW v10.7, the following error show. It seems that the GDI cannot connect with the MCU. Does anybody can give some help?   Please see attachments for detail:...
    eddie wu
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  • Windows 10 -codewarrier v 9.2 Not working.

    I 'm trying to erase a chip using codewarrier usb tap with Codewarrier version 9.2 mobileGT. It is not working - shows an error "please check Jtag CLK speed" .  Is this an issue with windows 10 how can this...
    rakinniya pramod
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