• CW_getting halted while pressing resume button

    I am using code warrior version 10.1.for MSC8156.I am able to build the project and .eld file is generated.When I give Debug code gets debugged and when I give resume,it gets halted instead of running continuously.Kin...
    Shobana S
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  • PMBus Protocol Conversion to Modbus RTU/TCP

    Hi Everybody - We love the POL chips, but need to get the data from serial PMBus onto Ethernet (IoT effort) somehow. Converting to serial Modbus 232/485 works (since the drivers exist) or Modbus TCP.  Has anyone ...
    Stephen Lacy
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  • CW for QorIQ 11.2.0 is not updated

    Hi , I'm clicking on Check for Update, responds No updates were found but there is a version 11.2.3. I assume that there is no connection to update server. What could be the problem? What is there a way to upgrad...
    Max Prakapovich
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  • CW BUGS issue

    Hi Today I got an answer to my S/R about a malfunction with the CW IDE plash programmer. It looks that I've wasted more than a week with anger and frustration on a known bug. Meanwhile, the project was "on hold". &#...
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  • tip - how to see your project code size without digging in the map file  (CodeWarrior >=10.3 print size feature)

    Hi, I just learned how to do this and thought I would share.  This is a feature of CodeWarrior for MCUs 10.3 and later with gcc selected as compiler.  Someone asked me if there was a "button" that you coul...
    Maclain Lobdell
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  • How to read sensor's registers using SPI and Processor Expert ?

    Hi attached Image shows the timing diagram for SPI sensor And the register values for read/write operation is given below   Right now I wanted to extract values from 0x20 for that I am writing the following...
    Amit Kumar
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  • Re: what i do if i want to make high only one pin of any port of MC9S12XDP512//Please Somebody give me answer

    Hi,   May be there is some example delivered with the board if a DVD was included in the pack. Else you can find some example of Freescale web site.   CodeWarrior for Hc12 v5.1 is the last version. It in...
    Pascal Irrle
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  • Hello, I'm Reinhold

    I refere to this Freescale file relating a so called "Digibutle kit" hardware platform ...   http://www.freescale.com/files/microcontrollers/doc/support_info/DIGIBUTLER_2.pdf   ... and there in page 2 of 6...
    reinhold glatz
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  • Apply a license.datbecause of exceeding the amount of code during download.

    Hello,     I would like to apply for an evaluation version of the license. Because I have applied  the evaluation version CD5.1 , The process always remind exceed the amount of code during the down...
    珠莉 袁
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  • My MPC8245 can't connect to USB TAP

    MPC8245 can't connect to the CodeWarrior by USBTAP,Alexander tell that USBTAP only support 64-bit SDRAM,but my board is 32-bit.is it? could you give other prob to connect my board,to debug my board?   My MPC8245...
    xuchao li
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  • Re: artifact name

    Hi Stefano,   Could you tell us which MCU and CodeWarrior version are you using?   Thanks in advance!   Best Regards, Carlos Mendoza Technical Support Engineer
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  • CW 10.6 is duplicating a target task every time CW is initialized. How to get rid of this?

    Hi Support staff; Is there a fix to this coming, or done?   e are trying to manage many projects and the list is out of control, makes it really hard to understand what is what across multiple projects.
    Carl Norman
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  • How to solve the problem of the USB-ML-CFE emulator?

    The problem on the USB-ML-CFE Rev.D I often use the USB-ML-CFE Rev.D to develop the program on the CPU MCF5484 ,debug the program on line,erase the flash and progam the flash,but now ,I fail to erase and program the ...
    ren rui
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  • USB TAP failed to initialize xROM (internal flash 56F8367)

    Could someone please compile the following simple code and then use USB TAP to load it? From xMAP file I searched for .const .data and found the tool reserved 3 words for the string at xROM starts at $4000. However af...
    brian dang
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  • Design note of LIN2.x stack

    NXP provides an useful LIN 2.x stack package to help the user to easily utilize these stacks in the project and explain the configuration flow.  
    Kuan Hung Lin
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  • HotSync under CodeWarrior 2.10 for PowerPC

    This method could help you to sync your target with running and don't break the environment within target. 
    Oliver Tian
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  • 56F8367 Internal PRAM: Linking and Programming Issues

    Hello,   Target: DSC 56F8367, LDM IDE: CodeWarrior for MCU 10.6.4   I am looking to create a project wich has code in both P ROM and internal P RAM. The program entry point as well as most of th...
    Stephen Noonan
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