• Freemaster 2.0 problems with ELF binary parser

    We found that from version 2.0 of Freemaster all ELF files are not correctly interpreted (MPA files options -> Binary ELF with DWARF2/DWARF4 dbg format) used with different NXP MCU.   Whenever an array of var...
    Marco Aversa
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  • codewarrior 10.7编译出错Type Program "g++" not found in PATH     

    codewarrior 10.7 编译时出现 请教大师们,这个问题怎么解决?
    bingguo zhang
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  • in the Codewarrior compilation environment MPC5634 assembly language

    Excuse me: in the Codewarrior compilation environment MPC5634 assembly language, now I have a few do not understand the statement: MFDBSR, MTDBSR, mtiac1, mtpid0, please give help (explain or use method), thank you!
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  • MPC5748G

    Getting power reset cycle continuously after power reset ?
    jafarsadak peeruzada
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  • MPC5566EVB BAM bootloader

    Hi, I am trying to boot with BAM on CAN driver. I attached that file what I sent via CAN, after that I am trying to connect with PE Micro Multilink Universal Revision D, but it sends messages " Debuger retrying force...
    Ramazan Toprak
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  • NXP-CUP-Line scan camera issues

    Hello,   I am a participant in the NXP CUP. The problem is that I can't open line scan camera (linear CCD camera) with the FRDM KL25Z board. I tried  to open the camera but no success.   (the red ...
    ms skr
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  • MPC5674F external memory multiple copy problem

    Hello.   I have a question, plz. help. I have been developing to MPC567F EVM. These day I found to multiple copying problem on the way  EBI connected external memory testing.   When i wrote 64kb dat...
    mackenzie kim
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  • Multilink Universal MCF52259 problem

    Hi, I have working with a Multilink Universal, programing a MCF52259 target with codeWarrior for MCU Version: 10.6. I have not any problem until this week. Sudenly the programer gives me this error: " fl::target ...
    Andrea Fernandez
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  • ccs protocol plugin:reading memory failed.[cannot start SAP transaction]

    In one of the PCB,i have used MPC8572 power pc. Design is finalized and card is in production.   out of 16 no assembled cards,one card is having the above mentioned issue.   Writing is successful but read...
    karthik aradhya
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  • Filter ID Message MSCAN - Processor Expert

    Good Morning,   I am using the FRDM-KE06Z development board which has MSCAN. Using Processor Expert I was able to receive and transmit data through the CAN perfectly.   What I can not do is understand how ...
    Caio Carriel
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  • What’s Better to Learn First: Spark Vs Hadoop?

    Spark VS Hadoop As mentioned in previous chapters, Spark and Hadoop are two different frameworks, which have similarities and differences. Also, both of them have their unique pros and cons. So, which one is bett...
    gracy layla
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  • CAN communication on my demo boards DEMO9S12XDT512 using code warrior

    Hello  If possible,I want to test CAN communication on my demo boards DEMO9S12XDT512 using code warrior tool , i don't new how and idon't even have de source code ,,.
    ilyass elmoutia
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  • Python frameworks with Hadoop

    In this post, We will Show how Python frameworks that exist for working with Hadoop, including: Hadoop Streaming mrjob dumbo hadoopy pydoop and others Ultimately, in my analysis, Hadoop Streaming is the fastest ...
    chris bons
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  • Trouble with bootloader in MC9S08 project

    I am using CodeWarrior Development Studio Version 10.6.4 to develop firmware for a MC9S08DZ32 bare metal target board. I have 2 separate projects. One for the main application and one for the bootloader for field upgr...
    Mike Maddi
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  • I can´t make my eternal floating classic CodeWarrior´s license work

    I´m using Windows 10, Linux Server and CW 5.1 version for S12X family microcontroller (PN: MC9S12XDP512) and my company bought this license few months ago. It was correctly generated, instaled on Server (pointed...
    Marcio L. Carleto
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  • Hard Iron and Soft-Iron Calibration

    Hello, I can not find the PDF of the formulas for the Hard Iron and Soft-Iron Calibration where it used the Ten Parameter Magnetic Calibration Model to comprehend how does it works. Could anyone help me?   Th...
    Juan Pepep
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  • Codewarrior/Kinetis design studio and plantuml integration

    Has anyone successfully installed the plantuml plugin for Eclipse in Codewarrior/Kinetis design studio? Even after the plugin installation, I don't see the option in Windows->Show View.  When I try to update t...
    Preethi Mahadevan
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  • CMSIS and Codewarrior

    Hello,   for an ARM Cortex M4 project, i want to use the CPU specific instructions for sqrt using the ARM Toolchain  with the ARM Compiler. I can sucessfully include CMSIS into the project, however, it see...
    Tobias Hofbaur
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  • CMSIS and ARM Compiler

    -deleted- (double posting)
    Tobias Hofbaur
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  • Re: When I use CodeWarrior8.8 to connect to the target board (mpc8377), there are the following errors:

    It seems that there is problem with the following configuration in CodeWarrior initialization file, OR0[AM] should be 1111_1100_0000_0000_0(64M), for details please refer to MPC8377 Reference Manual.   ### CS0 -...
    Yiping Wang
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