• MPC5764F .text code section allocate to external memory

    Hello.   I use the MPC5674F MCU.   I want to allocate code section (.text section) to external memory.   Below is part of my 'lcf' Linker file.   MEMORY { . . . . internal_flash: org = 0x...
    juntae kim
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  • Codewarrior problem for help

    When I open the codewarriror v11.1,there is an error window popping up,and the above shows ‘Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library’,when I click the OK button,the program crashed directly.
    liangxue 薛
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  • function that returns the time since nxp kw24d was turned on

    Hello,    I'm using a nxp kw24d board and I want to know if exists a function that returns the time since this board was turned on. I want a function similar of millis() in Arduino.   Thanks! Ví...
    Vítor Caitité
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  • How to print in the IAR I/O terminal?

    Hi,    I want to know how to print in the I/O terminal of IAR workbench? My device board is a kw24d. When I use printf(), it doesn't' prints nothing in this terminal. My debugger driver is is in the PE mic...
    Vítor Caitité
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  • How to remove c++ compiler in project

    Hello. Support team.   I want to use only C compiler without C++ compiler such as A Case. How to remove C++ compiler in 'B case' ??   A case B case C Compiler C Compiler + C++ Compiler  ...
    MinYeop Na
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  • help !!!I can't unsecure the 9S12GN32

    hello everyone! I have a problem, in codewarrior, i want to unsecure the s9S12GN32  0N48A and erase all blcok, but the flash is unchanged, and the content is the same as the original, what is the problem? ...
    Liu haifeng
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  • Unable to access PCIe registers

    I am unable to access the PCIe registers using Code Warrior.#PCIe registers
    Sahana Chandrasekar
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  • error: LS1020A: Core not responding while bringing up custom board .

    Hi All I have custom board with LS1020A . I am trying to bring it up for the first time . I am using code warrier tap (USB) . I got following error (logged in code warrier server )     check_min_version(ser...
    Dhruvalkumar Patel
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  • Package to start learning functional safety MCU

    Good day dear all, I am new to MCU units and would like to learn how to implement ISO 26262 ASIL A/B functions in the future. So as a start, I want to build a prototype that demonstrate EPB safety function, say the ...
    Lu Zheng
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  • Illegal constant expression: copying address to a variable

    I try to compile the below mentioned code in Code-warrior 10.7 but CW throws an error "illegal constant expression"   Code:   uint32_t val1; uint32_t val2; uint32_t val2 = (uint32_t)&val2;  &...
    Amit Dhand
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  • How i can write to a bit field in IDE CWide eTPU?

    Hi, i'm using CWide or codewarrior for eTPU and when i create for example a struct:   typedef union {    struct    {       uint32_t B0:1; ...
    Demian Espina
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  • enable floating point

    I have port CodeWarrior 5.1 project to CodeWarrior 10.6 and I forgot to enable floating point so I am getting the following error   ERROR L1822: Symbol _FUFLOAT in file   Is there way to change project set...
    Ronen Aharoni
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  • CodeWarrior v5.2 Created Watchdog Code

    Hi, I am working on converting a cosmic compiled code into a codewarrior compiled code. I've worked on changing all the pwm global names over to what codewarrior calls them. My code compiles but the log2phy generated ...
    Matthew Gardner
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  • Exclamation marks in Device manager, Failure message in CodeWarrior

    Hi ! I connected an S9S12GA128 uC to the Multilink Universal FX debugger and installed a CodeWarrior CWS12v5.2 on my W10 Op.Sys in order to flash it. The PC has not recognized the debugger appropriate because in the d...
    László Török
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  • CodeWarrior License Server migration to Windows 10: Floating license doesn't work

    After Migrating to windows 10 floating license is not working in client machines.   I was using code warrior floating license in windows 7. After migrating to windows 10 license is not working in client machines...
    sanjay gangadharan
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  • How to build a CodeWarrior v6.3 Project in command line?

    MCU: MC9S08QE4   Refer to this documentation, I try to build an old Code Warrior V6.3 Project (.mcp) via command line.   PS C:\Program Files (x86)\Freescale\CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers V6.3\b...
    Pascal Schröer
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  • question about workspace location

    I move the workspace to a new location, but I can't open it after that. It prompt that Invalid workspace in use. It seems that behave is forbidden. How to move workspace to a new location and can work properly? ...
    Mike Young
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  • software emulator for S9KEAZN8AMTG

    Which IDE have software emulator for S9KEAZN8AMTG ?  I would like to use IDE for development/debug without hardware now...   Thanks.
    Qinghua ma
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  • can anyone send me kinetis L emmulate eeprom sample code under Codewarrior? I referred an2296, the program routine works under IAR, but can't under Codewarrior.

    hello,   can anyone send me kinetis L emmulate eeprom sample code under Codewarrior? I referred an2295sw, the program routine works under IAR, but can't under Codewarrior10.6. after copying flash routine from r...
    hotas holy
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  • What is the best eTPU IDE for engine control?

    Hi, I am a newbie in eTPU application development and I suffer to begin with the correct and the best IDE to work on both NXP and ST microelectronics target platforms. As I have searched on web, there are some popular...
    Turgay Kale
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