• MWCT1013 on WCT-15W1CFFPD

    Hi, I am trying to use CodeWarrior USB TAP with ONCE communication. FreeMASTER does not see any device. CodeWarrior IDE version 11.1 update 1 doesn't see the device. The TAP came with no documentation or downloads. Wh...
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  • How to change color theme tp dark in CodeWarrior

    I need to change color theme in CodeWarrior like VisualStudio2017 has. Is any way do it?
    Marceli Firlej
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  • HRESET occured during transactio

    Hello NXP,    We have a custom board based on T1042 processor. We want to flash new RCW on NOR flash using Code Warrior. We can not use hard coded rcw some attributes differ from RDB.   I had 'HRESET ...
    Ahmet Demir
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  • RCW Override, Error:  Connect Failed. Failed to correctly configure the JTAG chain(CCSProtocolPlugin) Error: Connect Failed.

    Hello NXP, Board: T1042 D4 RDB - 64 b Problem: Unable to execute RCW override script ( <CWInstallDir>\PA\PA_Support\Initialization_Files\jtag_chains ) with NOR flash Target Task.   I want to flash s...
    Ahmet Demir
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  • [CCS last error: T1040: Core not responding ](CCSProtocolPlugin) error after flashing wrong RCW/wrong Place. T1042D4RDB-64B.

    Hello NXP,   With using QCSV and T1042D4RDB - 64B, I accidentally flashed a new RCW into wrong(I guess) place in NOR flash (in both BANK 0 and BANK 4). Now the board is not booting and ASLEEP ping is always lit...
    Ahmet Demir
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  • Code Warrior Burning new U-boot Execute command is not enabled

    Hi NXP,   I am trying to burn new U-boot on T1042 D4 RDB as described in QorIQ SDK V2.0 - 1703 (Chapter 5) using Code Warrior for T1042. It's the latest Code Warrior Development Studio. I created a sample BareBo...
    Ahmet Demir
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  • Windows 10 -codewarrier v 9.2 Not working.

    I 'm trying to erase a chip using codewarrier usb tap with Codewarrier version 9.2 mobileGT. It is not working - shows an error "please check Jtag CLK speed" .  Is this an issue with windows 10 how can this...
    rakinniya pramod
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  • Problems of SPI in K60

    Hello,      I am using SPI protocol for interfacing with the external ram 23LCV1024 with the K60 microcontroller. I am not using the Fifos directly writing the data on to the push register. K60 as the ...
    Mohammedrasool Yadwad
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  • Using TWR-56f8400 board with FreeMASTER via USBTAP interface

    Taking TWR-56F8400 as an example, this document shows how to create a project in CodeWarrior v10.6 and get its global data visualization in FreeMaster through USBTAP.     This example shows three global v...
    Fiona Kuang
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  • To use 56F800EX new additional 32bit multiplication instructions on CodeWarrior V10.3/V10.5/V10.6.

    This is a test for 56F800EX new additional 32bit multiplication instructions on CodeWarrior V10.3/V10.5/V10.6.
    Yi Min Hsu
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  • Does CW support an old 9S08QE8CWL?

    I have CW10.6, and need to modify a "WL" package (28 pin SOIC). The only options in CW are for a LC or FM. If I need to upgrade or pay a new license, I will. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Rande Newberry
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  • CW10.4 can't debug FNET2.5.0

    I just download FNET2.5.0, it can't debug it by CW10.4, it comes error message when I start debug "Could not open memory configuration file".   The CW10.4 works for other examples project.   Why?   R...
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  • IDE for FXTH on Ubuntu

    Hello, Can you please suggest an IDE to work with FXTH TPMS sensors on ubuntu?
    Prabhu Marimuthu
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  • Flash eMMC of ls1021a error CodeWarrior

    Hi,   When I use CodeWarrior to flash my stand alone ls1021a which has external eMMC I encountered this error below:           Anyone knows what is going on ?
    Elias Bitbaker
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  • [CW 10.6] s19 file creation during build

    Hi all,   creating project with Processor Expert, as last step of the build the burner is invoked to create the .s19 file.   I created a new project with no Processor Expert support and I cannot find in th...
    Francesco Prosperi
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  • Using NTAG I2C chip with frdm-kl03z

    I am working with the NTAG NT3H2111W0FHKH I am trying to get it to work with the frdm-kl03z development board but I am having issues with the code throwing hard faults. I have adjusted the example code that comes...
    D M
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  • Is my USB TAP defective?

    How likely is it for a CodeWarrior USB TAP to respond just fine on the USB side (to the host / computer that CodeWarrier is installed on), but still be "broken" on the TAP/JTAG side?   Here is my sob story... &#...
    Nathan Anderson
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  • Freemaster 2.0 problems with ELF binary parser

    We found that from version 2.0 of Freemaster all ELF files are not correctly interpreted (MPA files options -> Binary ELF with DWARF2/DWARF4 dbg format) used with different NXP MCU.   Whenever an array of var...
    Marco Aversa
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  • Tresos79001: tresos_cmd.bat has returned the ExitCode 1 during Validation

    Hi,   I have configured GPT driver, MCU driver and ECUM module using Vector DaVinci Tool. MCU and ECUM are getting generated successfully but GPT is generating error as "Tresos79001 tresos_cmd.bat has returned ...
    Manish Singh
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  • MCAL Compiler Problem

    Hi,   'Getting Started with AUTOSAR MCAL (Steve Mihalik)' document decribed that, MPC574XG-P-B-C-P (doensn't matter) MCAL can be compile with GnuWin32. Similary I saw that in config.mak file, MCAL can be compile...
    Mehmet Karadeniz
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