• About burning file format issues

    The files I compiled using codewarrior 10.7 now have elf files, elf.s files, and .p.s files. What is the difference between these documents? Factory production support S file, should I give elf.s file or .p.s file?
    贝贝 张
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  • Write data in the Flash

    Hello,   I'm utilizing MKW24d board. I would like to know how I could do to write a data block in the flash memory? I also would like to know if there is a example that does it?   Thanks
    Vítor Caitité
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  • Codewarrior Tap connect MPC8280 Issue.

    I am new to freescale mcus. Now I am working on a MPC8280 Board using Codewarrior Tap. I met a issue when I connect MPC8280 using codewarrior tap. I describe it as following. I pull up nRSTCOF to use internal configu...
    Dong Carlles
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  • What is the best eTPU IDE for engine control?

    Hi, I am a newbie in eTPU application development and I suffer to begin with the correct and the best IDE to work on both NXP and ST microelectronics target platforms. As I have searched on web, there are some popular...
    Turgay Kale
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  • MC9S08PA's ADC of channel register setting

    Dear    I use CodeWarrior 11.1. I am a bit confused about the PE setting of IO_MAP.h of ADC channel.   The IO_Map.h show the ADCH0 is 0x01U, ADCH1 is 0x02U and so forth.   But the MC9S08P...
    Kris Ke
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  • I need the I2C startup code for the S9KEAZN8AMFK MCU

    I am new to the NXP microcontroller. I have two S9KEAZN8AMFK 8-bit MCUs and I need to create I2C communication between them(one as master and another as a slave). But I could not find a sample code in the Co...
    Zhouming Wu
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  • MPC5764F .text code section allocate to external memory

    Hello.   I use the MPC5674F MCU.   I want to allocate code section (.text section) to external memory.   Below is part of my 'lcf' Linker file.   MEMORY { . . . . internal_flash: org = 0x...
    juntae kim
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  • How to modify the generated code?

    I try to output a PWM signal from S9KEAZN8AMFK chip and I use Processor Expert to generate the code I want.  I set the initial conditions in the component properties tab below (which results in a 50% ratio ...
    Zhouming Wu
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  • Repeater

    Hello,   I'm using a MKW24D Board and the SMAC communication protocol. I would like to know if NXP provides a Repeater application for this board and protocol. I'm looking for a application that  repeats al...
    Vítor Caitité
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  • Communication range

    Hello,   I would like an indication of an nxp board that accepts the SMAC communication protocol and has a long communication range.   Thanks.
    Vítor Caitité
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  • function that returns the time since nxp kw24d was turned on

    Hello,    I'm using a nxp kw24d board and I want to know if exists a function that returns the time since this board was turned on. I want a function similar of millis() in Arduino.   Thanks! Ví...
    Vítor Caitité
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  • MKW24D board transmitter

    Hello.   I would like to know the approximate range (in meters) of the nxp MKW24D board transmitter. I would also like an indication of an external PA compatible with this board.   Thanks
    Vítor Caitité
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  • Freemaster 2.0 problems with ELF binary parser

    We found that from version 2.0 of Freemaster all ELF files are not correctly interpreted (MPA files options -> Binary ELF with DWARF2/DWARF4 dbg format) used with different NXP MCU.   Whenever an array of var...
    Marco Aversa
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  • Codewarrior problem for help

    When I open the codewarriror v11.1,there is an error window popping up,and the above shows ‘Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library’,when I click the OK button,the program crashed directly.
    liangxue 薛
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  • How to print in the IAR I/O terminal?

    Hi,    I want to know how to print in the I/O terminal of IAR workbench? My device board is a kw24d. When I use printf(), it doesn't' prints nothing in this terminal. My debugger driver is is in the PE mic...
    Vítor Caitité
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  • How to remove c++ compiler in project

    Hello. Support team.   I want to use only C compiler without C++ compiler such as A Case. How to remove C++ compiler in 'B case' ??   A case B case C Compiler C Compiler + C++ Compiler  ...
    MinYeop Na
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  • help !!!I can't unsecure the 9S12GN32

    hello everyone! I have a problem, in codewarrior, i want to unsecure the s9S12GN32  0N48A and erase all blcok, but the flash is unchanged, and the content is the same as the original, what is the problem? ...
    Liu haifeng
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  • Unable to access PCIe registers

    I am unable to access the PCIe registers using Code Warrior.#PCIe registers
    Sahana Chandrasekar
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  • error: LS1020A: Core not responding while bringing up custom board .

    Hi All I have custom board with LS1020A . I am trying to bring it up for the first time . I am using code warrier tap (USB) . I got following error (logged in code warrier server )     check_min_version(ser...
    Dhruvalkumar Patel
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  • Package to start learning functional safety MCU

    Good day dear all, I am new to MCU units and would like to learn how to implement ISO 26262 ASIL A/B functions in the future. So as a start, I want to build a prototype that demonstrate EPB safety function, say the ...
    Lu Zheng
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