• Flash eMMC of ls1021a error CodeWarrior

    Hi,   When I use CodeWarrior to flash my stand alone ls1021a which has external eMMC I encountered this error below:           Anyone knows what is going on ?
    Elias Bitbaker
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  • [CW 10.6] s19 file creation during build

    Hi all,   creating project with Processor Expert, as last step of the build the burner is invoked to create the .s19 file.   I created a new project with no Processor Expert support and I cannot find in th...
    Francesco Prosperi
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  • Using NTAG I2C chip with frdm-kl03z

    I am working with the NTAG NT3H2111W0FHKH I am trying to get it to work with the frdm-kl03z development board but I am having issues with the code throwing hard faults. I have adjusted the example code that comes...
    D M
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  • Is my USB TAP defective?

    How likely is it for a CodeWarrior USB TAP to respond just fine on the USB side (to the host / computer that CodeWarrier is installed on), but still be "broken" on the TAP/JTAG side?   Here is my sob story... &#...
    Nathan Anderson
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  • Freemaster 2.0 problems with ELF binary parser

    We found that from version 2.0 of Freemaster all ELF files are not correctly interpreted (MPA files options -> Binary ELF with DWARF2/DWARF4 dbg format) used with different NXP MCU.   Whenever an array of var...
    Marco Aversa
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  • Tresos79001: tresos_cmd.bat has returned the ExitCode 1 during Validation

    Hi,   I have configured GPT driver, MCU driver and ECUM module using Vector DaVinci Tool. MCU and ECUM are getting generated successfully but GPT is generating error as "Tresos79001 tresos_cmd.bat has returned ...
    Manish Singh
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  • MCAL Compiler Problem

    Hi,   'Getting Started with AUTOSAR MCAL (Steve Mihalik)' document decribed that, MPC574XG-P-B-C-P (doensn't matter) MCAL can be compile with GnuWin32. Similary I saw that in config.mak file, MCAL can be compile...
    Mehmet Karadeniz
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  • freemaster crash

    Hi,   My freemaster 2.0.7 version has been wokring fine for quite a long time. Recently I have been developing my code when I saw that it seems to crash whenever I connect it to my development board. I get a fro...
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  • Authentication error in NXP Library

    I am developing an android app to authenticate mifare UltraLightC chip ,but the problem i am facing while authenticating  chip is , it always  throws an exception, every time even if it is authenticated or n...
    Raj Shinde
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  • Why does my 5566 bootloader fail if power cycled?

    I have an application running on a 5566 processor that will reset the processor into the flexcan bootload mode if it receives a specific CAN message. The application clears the RCHW and performs a soft reset. At this...
    Ryan K
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  • Autosar MCAL CW Compiler

    Dear Engineers. We are automotive electronic company. Our customers want Autosar and E2E (End to End). Because of this request we want to upgrade our microcontroller as MPC574xG. But our team leader want to compi...
    yunus karamavus
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  • Uart issues in printing TWR-K60D100M

    Hello,    I am using k60 microcontroller for my project. I am facing problems in printing the data at higher baud rates using UART.      I am using 50Mhz clock with PEE mode.  ...
    Mohammedrasool Yadwad
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  • Problem in Printing Data at higher baud rate using Uart

    Hello,    I am using K60 microcontroller and configured uart for printing into the putty(console). It is printing perfectly fine for lower baud rates upto 115200. Above this baud rate it is not working...
    Mohammedrasool Yadwad
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  • About burning file format issues

    The files I compiled using codewarrior 10.7 now have elf files, elf.s files, and .p.s files. What is the difference between these documents? Factory production support S file, should I give elf.s file or .p.s file?
    贝贝 张
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  • Write data in the Flash

    Hello,   I'm utilizing MKW24d board. I would like to know how I could do to write a data block in the flash memory? I also would like to know if there is a example that does it?   Thanks
    Vítor Caitité
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  • Codewarrior Tap connect MPC8280 Issue.

    I am new to freescale mcus. Now I am working on a MPC8280 Board using Codewarrior Tap. I met a issue when I connect MPC8280 using codewarrior tap. I describe it as following. I pull up nRSTCOF to use internal configu...
    Dong Carlles
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  • What is the best eTPU IDE for engine control?

    Hi, I am a newbie in eTPU application development and I suffer to begin with the correct and the best IDE to work on both NXP and ST microelectronics target platforms. As I have searched on web, there are some popular...
    Turgay Kale
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  • MC9S08PA's ADC of channel register setting

    Dear    I use CodeWarrior 11.1. I am a bit confused about the PE setting of IO_MAP.h of ADC channel.   The IO_Map.h show the ADCH0 is 0x01U, ADCH1 is 0x02U and so forth.   But the MC9S08P...
    Kris Ke
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  • I need the I2C startup code for the S9KEAZN8AMFK MCU

    I am new to the NXP microcontroller. I have two S9KEAZN8AMFK 8-bit MCUs and I need to create I2C communication between them(one as master and another as a slave). But I could not find a sample code in the Co...
    Zhouming Wu
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  • MPC5764F .text code section allocate to external memory

    Hello.   I use the MPC5674F MCU.   I want to allocate code section (.text section) to external memory.   Below is part of my 'lcf' Linker file.   MEMORY { . . . . internal_flash: org = 0x...
    juntae kim
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