• Package to start learning functional safety MCU

    Good day dear all, I am new to MCU units and would like to learn how to implement ISO 26262 ASIL A/B functions in the future. So as a start, I want to build a prototype that demonstrate EPB safety function, say the ...
    Lu Zheng
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  • Illegal constant expression: copying address to a variable

    I try to compile the below mentioned code in Code-warrior 10.7 but CW throws an error "illegal constant expression"   Code:   uint32_t val1; uint32_t val2; uint32_t val2 = (uint32_t)&val2;  &...
    Amit Dhand
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  • How i can write to a bit field in IDE CWide eTPU?

    Hi, i'm using CWide or codewarrior for eTPU and when i create for example a struct:   typedef union {    struct    {       uint32_t B0:1; ...
    Demian Espina
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  • enable floating point

    I have port CodeWarrior 5.1 project to CodeWarrior 10.6 and I forgot to enable floating point so I am getting the following error   ERROR L1822: Symbol _FUFLOAT in file   Is there way to change project set...
    Ronen Aharoni
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  • CodeWarrior v5.2 Created Watchdog Code

    Hi, I am working on converting a cosmic compiled code into a codewarrior compiled code. I've worked on changing all the pwm global names over to what codewarrior calls them. My code compiles but the log2phy generated ...
    Matthew Gardner
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  • Exclamation marks in Device manager, Failure message in CodeWarrior

    Hi ! I connected an S9S12GA128 uC to the Multilink Universal FX debugger and installed a CodeWarrior CWS12v5.2 on my W10 Op.Sys in order to flash it. The PC has not recognized the debugger appropriate because in the d...
    László Török
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  • CodeWarrior License Server migration to Windows 10: Floating license doesn't work

    After Migrating to windows 10 floating license is not working in client machines.   I was using code warrior floating license in windows 7. After migrating to windows 10 license is not working in client machines...
    sanjay gangadharan
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  • How to build a CodeWarrior v6.3 Project in command line?

    MCU: MC9S08QE4   Refer to this documentation, I try to build an old Code Warrior V6.3 Project (.mcp) via command line.   PS C:\Program Files (x86)\Freescale\CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers V6.3\b...
    Pascal Schröer
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  • question about workspace location

    I move the workspace to a new location, but I can't open it after that. It prompt that Invalid workspace in use. It seems that behave is forbidden. How to move workspace to a new location and can work properly? ...
    Mike Young
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  • software emulator for S9KEAZN8AMTG

    Which IDE have software emulator for S9KEAZN8AMTG ?  I would like to use IDE for development/debug without hardware now...   Thanks.
    Qinghua ma
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  • can anyone send me kinetis L emmulate eeprom sample code under Codewarrior? I referred an2296, the program routine works under IAR, but can't under Codewarrior.

    hello,   can anyone send me kinetis L emmulate eeprom sample code under Codewarrior? I referred an2295sw, the program routine works under IAR, but can't under Codewarrior10.6. after copying flash routine from r...
    hotas holy
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  • Code warrior License and compilation error

    Dear sir   We downloaded and generated the Evaluation license file from the NXP website and we copy that license file into the appropriate folder , when we tried to compile our application code after installing ...
    Kiran H R
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  • Tresos79001: tresos_cmd.bat has returned the ExitCode 1 during Validation

    Hi,   I have configured GPT driver, MCU driver and ECUM module using Vector DaVinci Tool. MCU and ECUM are getting generated successfully but GPT is generating error as "Tresos79001 tresos_cmd.bat has returned ...
    Manish Singh
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  • double click my "project.mcp" display this

    x hy
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  • Can Freemaster connect to MPC5604

    Today I tried to connect MPC5604 via PE Multilink in Freemaster, But It couldn't work, as the picture says: the device index & name couldn't display, and When I try Test Connection, it couldn't open...
    hongjian zhang
    created by hongjian zhang
  • CodeWarrior licence.dat file

    From where I can download it? After registration of my product will appear message: 
    Kristjan Kuusk
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  • FreeMASTER crash when configuring Packet Driven BDM communication plug-in

    FreeMASTER crashes when I try to configure the "FreeMASTER Packet Driven BDM Communication" Plug-in. In the "BDM cable Settings" menu if I click a different option than the default one the program crashes (exits with...
  • S12zvca 16bit timer

    Hello all, Currently I am exploring VLG-S12zvca evaluation board. Working on 16bit timer. I have written a small code where I am toggling GPIO pin PP6 and varying its on and off timing by using 16 bit timer, I have ...
    Shubhangi Mahajan
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  • Problem of compilation : Codewarrior

    Hi ! I work on an old project on the microcontroller  MKL03Z16VFK4, with a multilink universal. With Codewarrior, the project is without any error, i have the extension .elf and .hex, and , when i compile the p...
    Adrien Segura
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  • ARM7 Compile using Codewarrior

    hello My Company name is YURA CORPERATION. I'd like to compile this project through the Codewarrior. I'm using the ARM7 mcu in the making STMicroelectronics. Could you explain why this error happen and i'd like to...
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