• S12ZVC EEPROM Problem

    Hello Support Team,   I'm programming NXP (Devkit S12ZVC) for the first time and i have eeprom and flash problem. I could write any data to EEPROM or FLASH (I checked on CW memory monitoring) and i could al...
    Ertuğ Bayram YÜRÜK
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  • getting error while programing and erasing nor flash in codewarrior 8.8

    hello folks,  please find attachment
    venkat d
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  • Function Call inside IVOR4 Handler_MPC5777C

    Hi, Here is my question, 1. Can i do function call inside IVOR4 handler (Prologue and Epilogue ) in MPC5777C?  similar to this Machine_Check_Handler call ? e_lis r0, Machine_check_handler@h e_or2i r0, Ma...
    Mohammed Afsar
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  • how to add new flash(M58BW16FB7T) in code-warrior v8.8 ?

    hi folks,    i am currently working on MPC8358 processor, were i am using M58BW16FB7T NOR- Flash  (512kx32x1) organization of memory. i gone through codewarrior docs but i am not able to add this flash...
    venkat d
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  • Windows 10 -codewarrier v 9.2 Not working.

    I 'm trying to erase a chip using codewarrier usb tap with Codewarrier version 9.2 mobileGT. It is not working - shows an error "please check Jtag CLK speed" .  Is this an issue with windows 10 how can this...
    rakinniya pramod
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  • Metrowerks Codewarrior sur Windows 10

    Je travaillais pas le passé sur METROWERKS Codewarrior IDE (sous windows XP) pour développer des solutions sur FREESCALE (MOTOROLA) HC912D60A.   Je dois retravailler sur un ancien soft, mais dispos...
    Guillaume FANJAS
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  • How to install CW_MCU_11_1_Update2_200211

    Hi,   I have download CodeWarrier v11.1 and update2. Codewarrier is installed already. How to install Update2 ?     Best Regards, Aaron
    Aaron Lee
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  • MWCT1013 on WCT-15W1CFFPD

    Hi, I am trying to use CodeWarrior USB TAP with ONCE communication. FreeMASTER does not see any device. CodeWarrior IDE version 11.1 update 1 doesn't see the device. The TAP came with no documentation or downloads. Wh...
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  • How to change color theme tp dark in CodeWarrior

    I need to change color theme in CodeWarrior like VisualStudio2017 has. Is any way do it?
    Marceli Firlej
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  • HRESET occured during transactio

    Hello NXP,    We have a custom board based on T1042 processor. We want to flash new RCW on NOR flash using Code Warrior. We can not use hard coded rcw some attributes differ from RDB.   I had 'HRESET ...
    Ahmet Demir
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  • RCW Override, Error:  Connect Failed. Failed to correctly configure the JTAG chain(CCSProtocolPlugin) Error: Connect Failed.

    Hello NXP, Board: T1042 D4 RDB - 64 b Problem: Unable to execute RCW override script ( <CWInstallDir>\PA\PA_Support\Initialization_Files\jtag_chains ) with NOR flash Target Task.   I want to flash s...
    Ahmet Demir
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  • [CCS last error: T1040: Core not responding ](CCSProtocolPlugin) error after flashing wrong RCW/wrong Place. T1042D4RDB-64B.

    Hello NXP,   With using QCSV and T1042D4RDB - 64B, I accidentally flashed a new RCW into wrong(I guess) place in NOR flash (in both BANK 0 and BANK 4). Now the board is not booting and ASLEEP ping is always lit...
    Ahmet Demir
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  • Code Warrior Burning new U-boot Execute command is not enabled

    Hi NXP,   I am trying to burn new U-boot on T1042 D4 RDB as described in QorIQ SDK V2.0 - 1703 (Chapter 5) using Code Warrior for T1042. It's the latest Code Warrior Development Studio. I created a sample BareBo...
    Ahmet Demir
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  • Problems of SPI in K60

    Hello,      I am using SPI protocol for interfacing with the external ram 23LCV1024 with the K60 microcontroller. I am not using the Fifos directly writing the data on to the push register. K60 as the ...
    Mohammedrasool Yadwad
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  • Using TWR-56f8400 board with FreeMASTER via USBTAP interface

    Taking TWR-56F8400 as an example, this document shows how to create a project in CodeWarrior v10.6 and get its global data visualization in FreeMaster through USBTAP.     This example shows three global v...
    Fiona Kuang
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  • To use 56F800EX new additional 32bit multiplication instructions on CodeWarrior V10.3/V10.5/V10.6.

    This is a test for 56F800EX new additional 32bit multiplication instructions on CodeWarrior V10.3/V10.5/V10.6.
    Yi Min Hsu
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  • Does CW support an old 9S08QE8CWL?

    I have CW10.6, and need to modify a "WL" package (28 pin SOIC). The only options in CW are for a LC or FM. If I need to upgrade or pay a new license, I will. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Rande Newberry
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  • CW10.4 can't debug FNET2.5.0

    I just download FNET2.5.0, it can't debug it by CW10.4, it comes error message when I start debug "Could not open memory configuration file".   The CW10.4 works for other examples project.   Why?   R...
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  • IDE for FXTH on Ubuntu

    Hello, Can you please suggest an IDE to work with FXTH TPMS sensors on ubuntu?
    Prabhu Marimuthu
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  • Flash eMMC of ls1021a error CodeWarrior

    Hi,   When I use CodeWarrior to flash my stand alone ls1021a which has external eMMC I encountered this error below:           Anyone knows what is going on ?
    Elias Bitbaker
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