• CWH-CTP-BASE-HE simulator can't connect P2020 Question

    Hi:      I use the "CWH-CTP-BASE-HE" simulator to debug P2020 rgb board, and Download the codewarrior 10.5.1 (Windows)version for it, My PC use the Win7,  But Now I can't connect the sim...
    Rui Wang
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  • The use of ADC module of MC9S12ZVLS32. 

    Hello I want to obtain some sample codes for the use of ADC module of MC9S12ZVLS32.  
    Tianhao Jiang
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  • Ebtresos code integration with codewarrior

    My Target is S12Z and I would like to do autosar configuration for it. I have generated code using Ebtresos but how do I integrate it with code warrior? If I do a direct copy paste of Ebtresos generated files into cod...
    Dhaval Waghulde
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  • DataFlash is not holding data after PowertDown

    Hi, I'm using MCP5602P, I'm trying to store data into the DataFlash Memory (0x0080_0000) and wrote a code accordingly. The value got stored as I can see it on using debugger window, Memory Block, but once the power ...
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  • KIT33812ECUEVME - BDM query

    Hi folks,   Since buying the KIT33812ECUEVME kit a lot of people have migrated to Windows 10, and for this kit this change has made the BDM interface completely unavailable. If I'm honest I don't want to sp...
    Josef Bloggs
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  • CodeWarrior TAP and mobileGT 9.2

    Hi,   We have just purchased a CodeWarrior TAP and would like to connect it to our old MPC5200 target. According to the forum we should use mobileGT 9.2 and download a file according to AN4780. However, the li...
    Joergen Eriksen
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  • 56F80x CodeWarrior Program S-record

    Hello,   I am having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to program an s-record to a 56F803, running Codewarrior 5.9 on a Windows XP 32-bit machine using a USB TAP.  I guess i have 2 problems at ...
    Jarrod Cook
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  • Reading code (my own) using the True-Time Simulator

    HI, I'm using Metrowerks CW v3.1 with v6.1 True-Time Simulator, working with a 9s12c32. I revived an old project and forget what version of my code I have working on the target pcb. Is there a way to read the code, ...
    John Pizzuto
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  • windows 10 iot boot issue

    hi,         I am trying to boot windows 10 iot on imx6q. But it is freezing in #KDTARGET: Refreshing KD connection. Please give any solution for this. I have attached the boot ...
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  • Debug MC9S12XEP100 with CodeWarrior 5.2

    Hello everyone,   i try to debug a custom board with a MC9S12XEP100 using the PE Micro MULTILINK UNIVERSAL and Codewarrior Development Studio for the S12(X) Version 5.2 build 151127. My OS is Windows 10. &#...
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  • Looking for CodeWarrior for GameCube

    I've been developing console games for 17 years, and am currently working on a GameCube project in my spare time, and am trying to track down more information about (and maybe a copy of) Metrowerks CodeWarrior for Gam...
    Dan Brakeley
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  • CodeWarrior® Development Studio for MPC55xx/MPC56xx (Classic IDE) v2.10 is supported in windows 10?

    I was using CW v2.10 in windows 7. But when i am trying to install setup file in windows 10, It is not working.Error scrrenshot is as shown.
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  • NCF29A1M Chip

    what can I use to read and write into a NCF29A1m chip?
    jose moreno
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  • Processor expert component library

    ZhangJennie xiangjun.rong I am trying to port processor expert from MC56F82748 DSC to MC56F84763 DSC. And there are some components that used in older DSC, but when I try to search the same components in Co...
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  • Changing DSC from MC56F82748 to MC56F84763

    I am porting a legacy code from MC56F82748 DSC to MC56F84763 DSC to check the performance criteria. The new DSC is faster and with more flash. Look at picture attached. The PCB used is same, since the pins layout is...
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  • CodeWarrior License Issue (CodeWarrior for QorIQ LS Series ARMv7 ISA Evaluation License)

    Hi,    I am trying to follow AN5184 to flash the uboot into eMMC but when I go to the debug mode it shows me license error     I just downloaded this product couple times the first time I downl...
    Elias Bitbaker
    created by Elias Bitbaker
  • inDart-One

    Hello. I have an old Windows 7 computer where I (in virtual XP mode) can run an inDart-One programmer from CW 5.9.0 for debugging. I can also run the Datablaze Programmer software in virtual XP mode for lar...
    Anders Fagerström
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  • Can Code Warrior load a flash memory (AM29LV160D-B) attached to a MPC860EN?

    If yes, File format needed and cable (interface)?
    Richard Worth
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  • error-demonstration version.too many source line records.

    I am using codewarrior for MCP55xx/56xx V2.10. And i debugged a project and connected into the MCU(MPC5644A) like picture 1. At last this error appeared like picture 2.   It seem i can only download 5000 li...
    刘峰 刘
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  • No linker command file input for section '.boot' in file

    Hi,   I am using MPC5553, added some 3rd party stack and while compilation met with the below error/warnings, Need help for the same.   I am guessing this is related to linker command but not sure about i...
    mohammed zakariya ansari
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