• How to read flash and EEPROM with USBDM from HCS08?

    Hello,   my Name is Chris from Germany and I'm new at freescale µC, so pleace be patient.   My goal is to read eeprom and flash of a MC9S08AW48 and MC9S08AC48. EEPROM is definetly not fused, because...
    Chris Mueller
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  • Requirements for minimal installation under Linux

    Hello,   I was able to successfully install the Debian package under Linux and run UsbdmScript / UsdbmFlashProgramer.   Now I want to install it on a system without a window server / GUI. Is this possible?...
    Sven Hensel
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  • HCS08 TCL Script - Flash not blank (and still secured)

    Hello,   I wanted to flash the HCS08 (LL-MC9S08LL16) under Linux (Raspbian running on Raspberry Pi 3 B+) with the USBDM-JS16-0001. This works with the UsbdmFlashProgrammer when called as GUI program, and also v...
    Sven Hensel
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  • HCS12 PROGRAMMER failed to read s-File

    I'M using USBDM My MCU is MC9SG128. I want to use HCS12 programmer to programme my mcu, but when load hex file, it tells me "Failed to read S-File". But when I load S19 files in "USBDM\Device...
    WEI LI
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  • Programming of the target flash failed! Reason: Execution of TCL script returned an error!

    I was using USBDM to program MC9S12G128,the error is as follows: Programming of the target flash failed! Reason: Execution of TCL script returned an error!
    Alonso Alonso
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  • Expected BDM command ACK missing with USBDM 4.12 and JMxx firmware

    Hi to all the community.   I have an issue with the USBDM 4.12 and JMxx firmware. The resources i´m using are the following:   *- Board: (USBDM: USBDM RS08/HCS08/HCS12/Coldfire V1,2,3,4/D...) which u...
    martin mignone
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  • USBDM-JS16-SWD for programming MK60DN256VLL10?

    I got a board with a MK60DN256VLL10 Cortex-M4 chip aka K60P100M100SF2V2 (from the datasheet) and we have an USBDM-JS16-SWD lying around, a USB programmer labeled "freescale USBDM" from a previous projec...
    Alexander Dahl
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  • Read 9s12xe384 via usbdm

    When I read memory, program gets only 44kB data. The area of Pflash is 348kB. What it is wrong in setting memory dump? Also. Is some possibllity read EEEprom, dflash (EPage register)?  
    Tom Sek
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  • Unable to install USBDN Eclipse(Kepler)

    I installed USBDN for  selecting the Eclipse (Kepler) I didn't USBDN Menu.  So tried to install "Install New Software" in Eclipse   That gives me an error saying : Cannot complete the inst...
    Zachary Wilcox
    created by Zachary Wilcox
  • USBDM fails kinetis connection

    I get this error messages from USBDM when I trying to just detect chip ou execute the Mass Erase function on KV30 kinetis chip. Can someone help me? Is there a simple solution?      
    Daniel Alvarenga
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  • What is the maximum frenqency of   OSBDM  ?

    Hello   In CW10.6, I can't debug the S12ZVMC12EVB if I change the Internal bus clock at 30MHz or 50MHz in the CPU software component. I use the following connection : "USB1:Embedded S12Z OSBDM/OSJTAG Device". Bu...
    fan xy
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  • Can not install USBDM On Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS

    Hey, Guy!    Can somebody help me? When I try to install the DEB Package, its say some depends are missing. So, i unzipped the deb file then i find a Document which call control, it shows the package n...
    Haoda Lei
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  • UsbdmFlashProgrammer command line

    Hi,   I have a problem with UsbdmFlashProgrammer command line. I use a HCS08 MC9S08PA32 Cpu and want to program it with the UsbdmFlashProgrammer tool. If the cpu was not programmed before (clean and fresh one)...
    Werner Dungs
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  • S12xet256 cannot mass erase

    New design, unprogrammed S12XET256 will not communicate with USBDM.  USBDM says chip is secure but will not mass erase to allow access.
    Robert Richardson
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  • Can Usbdm read data from S9s12G64 mcu?

    Can Usbdm read data from S9s12G64 mcu? If, how to connect pin config and which application software should I use? I bought usbdm last month. But there is no Cd for to install u sbdm software. Help me please.
    Saw Eddie
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  • USBDM Unable to program MC9S12G128

    Hi pgo I'm working with USBDM from Witztronics using WTUSBDM_CF_JM to program S9S12G128 but I have some issues for example when I tray to flash the memory program it says "Program data not within target flash memory"...
    Carlos Juarez
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  • USBDM - Version 4.9.4 (JS16/JMxx Hardware Versions)

    Dear All,   USBDM has been updated to V4.9.4.   Please post any queries on this version in this thread,   Information available at: SourceForge   bye   Note Please note that t...
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  • USBDM can't  “Program Flash”

    Dear Support team, I use USBDM ,   The setup is USBDM_4_12_1_210_Win.msi When  I do the last step “Program Flash” ,the error attached happened。"programming Erase Mode" is choiced "EraseMass"....
    Virgo Zhou
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  • USBDM HCS12_FlashProgrammer Problems

    Hi,   I've been trying to flash my Dragon 12+ board with the USBDM and have been running into some issues. I am trying to replace the D-Bug12 monitor with the serial monitor but am running into issue. I have fol...
    Austin Copeman
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  • Unable to program HCS12 device using USBDM / TBDML

    Hello everybody, I'm working with a HCS12 device, more specifically MM912j637 which can be used as a battery monitor. My environment includes Code warrior 5.1 for HCS12 devices, as well as the HIWAVE debugger. The b...
    Georgi Petrov
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