• USBDM CF 3.1 UsbdmScript TCL Interpreter commands

    Hello PGO, I've got some PCB's done with your USBDM_CF_3.1, assembled, intended for HCS08 programming and debugging, and it is now replacing an old P&E micro USB Multilink 12E cable. Picture attached. Works fine w...
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  • Run USBDM applications in console mode

    pgo   Hello pgo,   I have a task where I need to use the USBDM applications, specifically FirmwareChanger and JS16_Bootloader in console mode. Unfortunately, I discovered that these applications do not sup...
    Chibueze Cyril Akaluka
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  • USBDM software problems with Kinetis E targets

    I'm using USBDM only for Kinetis E targets. I started with KE02Z microcontrollers and was using .120 version for quite a while. Recently I started using the more advanced KE1xF familiy (cortex-m4) and installed .150 a...
    Raimond Dragomir
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  • command line

    no feedback when using command line "UsbdmFlashProgrammer.exe -requiredBdm=USBDM-JS16-SWD_SER-0001 -target=s12z FCA_WL_SBMD_A_02_01.sx -device=MC9S12ZVL32 -erase=mass -program -verify -secure"   but from ht...
    gable zhang
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  • How to set flash adress

    Hello,   I have got a controll unit with MC9S08AW60. A part of First flash area (870-1060) is for configuration which I want to change. When I open my new config file (which I attached) and try to flash it I ge...
    Christian Scha
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  • USBDM failed to modify CW 10.2 (Ubuntu 18.04)

    Hello   Linux Addict, I recently installed CW MCU 10.2 (the last linux version of CW_MCU) on my laptop : Ubuntu 18.04 – amd A10-9600, for 9S08 and CFV1 projects.   I succeded with the installation...
    Thierry Maldague
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  • USBDM MKE16Z64VLF4 XML file

    ARM Programmer Does Not Detect MKE16Z64 I made a big project (5000 pieces month) and asked to buy a usbdm to record the MKE16Z64VLF4, but I had the surprise that this micro is not in the list. What to do? Would it be...
    Marcel Giraldi
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  • I have a problem.The mc9s12xet256mal16 bit product appears to be connected, but it does not connect to the codewarrior program.I don't understand where i made a mistake.

    yusuf yildiz
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  • USBDM and HCS12 9S12D64, read/write problems

    HI!   I would like to ask for help as i'm a bit desperated. I will try to be as clear and short as possible.   My task is to upgrade a 9S12D64 with a newer version of software (no matter about what). My fi...
    potros potros
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  • BDM

    我新安装的CW 10.7,安装了BDM驱动,在设备管理中能识别到BDM,但是在CW10.7中就找不到。我是不是缺少什么驱动?
    永明 张
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  • How to make MCUXpresso support USBDM?

    Hi pgo, USBDM is very good to work. Now, I want to debug program through MCUXpresso and USBDM. but I'm first to do this. my USBDM version is 4.12.1. How to do it ? do you have document to illustrate it ?   than...
    baode wang
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  • USBDM 4.12.1 can't support codewarrior?

    Hi pgo, I'm using MKE02 based on codewarrior. I update usbdm  veresion  to usbdm 4.12.1.But  i can't find patch in usbdm folder.And usbdm can't be support by codewarrior. How can i do it?   thank...
    baode wang
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  • USBDM driver for win10

    I can connect the USBDM with Codewarrior v5.1 in Win7. But now the USBDM cannot be detected in Win10 system. Should I have a USBDM driver for Win10?
    Henry Wu
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  • How to read flash and EEPROM with USBDM from HCS08?

    Hello,   my Name is Chris from Germany and I'm new at freescale µC, so pleace be patient.   My goal is to read eeprom and flash of a MC9S08AW48 and MC9S08AC48. EEPROM is definetly not fused, because...
    Christian Scha
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  • Requirements for minimal installation under Linux

    Hello,   I was able to successfully install the Debian package under Linux and run UsbdmScript / UsdbmFlashProgramer.   Now I want to install it on a system without a window server / GUI. Is this possible?...
    Sven Hensel
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  • HCS08 TCL Script - Flash not blank (and still secured)

    Hello,   I wanted to flash the HCS08 (LL-MC9S08LL16) under Linux (Raspbian running on Raspberry Pi 3 B+) with the USBDM-JS16-0001. This works with the UsbdmFlashProgrammer when called as GUI program, and also v...
    Sven Hensel
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  • HCS12 PROGRAMMER failed to read s-File

    I'M using USBDM My MCU is MC9SG128. I want to use HCS12 programmer to programme my mcu, but when load hex file, it tells me "Failed to read S-File". But when I load S19 files in "USBDM\Device...
    WEI LI
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  • Programming of the target flash failed! Reason: Execution of TCL script returned an error!

    I was using USBDM to program MC9S12G128,the error is as follows: Programming of the target flash failed! Reason: Execution of TCL script returned an error!
    Alonso Alonso
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  • Expected BDM command ACK missing with USBDM 4.12 and JMxx firmware

    Hi to all the community.   I have an issue with the USBDM 4.12 and JMxx firmware. The resources i´m using are the following:   *- Board: (USBDM: USBDM RS08/HCS08/HCS12/Coldfire V1,2,3,4/D...) which u...
    martin mignone
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  • USBDM-JS16-SWD for programming MK60DN256VLL10?

    I got a board with a MK60DN256VLL10 Cortex-M4 chip aka K60P100M100SF2V2 (from the datasheet) and we have an USBDM-JS16-SWD lying around, a USB programmer labeled "freescale USBDM" from a previous projec...
    Alexander Dahl
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