• Changing Username on Community

    Hello,   My current username is sdhavali@lear.com. I have change the organization recently and I have the changed the email address.  But I would like to username to generic one to sagardhavali please. I s...
    Sagar Dhavali
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  • Login Problems with "Terms Agreement" Page

    I tried to log in today, and couldn't.   Starting at the usual "Login" page, entering the username and password now throws to a multiple-point "Agree to this or not" legal page.   Clicking on "I Agree" thr...
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  • make private group

    How to make private group?
    Masato Nishimoto
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  • download multi threads (topics)

    Can I down load multiple rereads (topics) in community to my PC at a time?  How if yes?
    Masato Nishimoto
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  • Failed to add classification

    计龙 杨
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  • How to stop community send mail to my mailbox

    Dears,      How to stop community "NXP Community <admin@community.nxp.com>"  send mail to my mailbox? Thanks.
    Michael Ran
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  • 为什么我的账号每次都要更新信息?

    更新信息填完之后就会出现 error,不能更新成功 因此很多功能用不了, 怎么搞?
    Mia Pan
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  • How to write table of contents in Document

    Hi,  I was trying to write table of contents for a Document I want to post in the NFC Community.  But selecting the table of contents items from the menu I got the following:    And I was not ab...
    Ali Khan
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  • Change Username

    How can I change my username? It does not seem to be an option thru the Edit Profile view.
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  • Community discussions are not available

    Hi,   I have created community account with below mail id. ansaris@iwavesystems.com   I have requested/discussed our issues in this community which are faced during our development process. Now I could s...
    Abdul Raseeth Ansari
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  • What is setting "Assumed Answered" and how do I revert it?

    I've got a thread here:   https://community.freescale.com/thread/355199   It is showing "Assumed Answered" under the Subject.   What set that, and how do I clear that "Assumption"?   Does the F...
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  • How To Change Username?

    For privacy reasons I do not want my real full name to be broadcast on the internet. I have turned off my real name from being displayed publicly in the settings but it makes no difference because the default user nam...
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  • Edit community user name

    How do I change my community user name? It is read-only in my account profile.
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  • Where would i place a question about PCA9564 serial to I2C controller?

    i couldn't find an interfaces tab, or anything in the sections. New to embedded devices, any help would be appreciated. 
    Michael Zylla
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  • Integrating Code-Signing Tool (CST) with Hardware Security Module (HSM)

    Hi, How we can adapt Code-Signing Tool to work with Hardware Security Module in order to ensure higher level of security required for signing keys than what the CST reference implementation provides ?...
    Marouene Boubakri
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  • Question waiting for moderator approval

    I recently joined the community to post questions. The first question I posted to the Kinetics micro-controllers has been waiting for moderator approval for over 48 hours now. Is there something that I am missing whic...
    aniket c
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  • Why do all my questions/comments go to moderation?

    Question in the title.   Does the forum work this way for everyone - that every single post is manually reviewed? If so, why? If not, what's going on in my case?   EDIT: OK, this question itself didn'...
    Brendan McDonnell
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  • How can I change my email from my account in the nxp community?

    How can I change my email from my account in the nxp community?
    Diego Perez
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  • E-Mail Address Change

    The company I'm working for was sold recently, resulting in a change of my (company) e-mail address.   How can I update my NXP account settings to reflect that change?   Thanks, Chris.
    Christian Neuwirth
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  • Can a private message thread be converted to a community discussion?

    A customer has sent a message directly to me. I have added others to the discussion, but it remains only visible to those who are on copy. The discussion would beneficial to all members of the community site. Is is po...
    Mike Doidge
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