• Change username

    I want to change my username. So hundreds of people asked for it, but I have not found a way to do it on myself. Why is this not possible in the profile?! And finally? How to do it? who can help me?
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  • Derivative 9S12D64 Support in CW 5.2

    I recently downloaded CodeWarrior® Development Studio for HCS12(X) v5.2 from the website and am finally getting a chance to see if it will solve my issue of recompiling an old project from 12 years ago. My bigges...
    Allen Shea
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  • Edit community user name

    How do I change my community user name? It is read-only in my account profile.
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  • Is it possible to use my Courrier account?

    Hi,   i'm having a hard time trying to talk with NXP about my purchase, and maybe it's a worth topic talking about the shipping methods, duties, etc, at least for companies in Brazil that are looking for be...
    Rodrigo Vernini
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  • Please can you change my username

    I realise when I post my username is my email which makes it available to spammers. Please can you change it to inventthings . thanks.
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  • Outlook Connector

    Open video

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  • Our Community Anywhere

    Open video

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  • Why do all my questions/comments go to moderation?

    Question in the title.   Does the forum work this way for everyone - that every single post is manually reviewed? If so, why? If not, what's going on in my case?   EDIT: OK, this question itself didn'...
    Brendan McDonnell
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  • NX3L2G384GT  low ohmic switch

    NX3L2G384GT is a dual SPST switch. Data sheet states current capability of 350mA. So is that per switch ? or total ? so it is was total then each switch is only 175mA ?
    Barry Ivemey
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  • Please change my Username

    Hello, My current username is sakamott@eng.ryosan.co.jp. I have change the company recently and I have the changed the email address. Therefore, please change to the following user name. tomohisa.sakamoto@avnet.com...
    Tomohisa Sakamoto
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    Why are my posts taking so long to be moderated?
    Gerry Kurz
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  • Account issue

    Email Address Change Follow the easy steps to change your email address https://community.nxp.com/docs/DOC-329581 If you still having issues, please create a case and our IT team will further assist you https://www....
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  • Change my Username

    Please change my username. My email id displayed in username at the moment, which I think is not so good. Please change to this --> "xpress_embedo"
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  • Question waiting for moderator approval

    I recently joined the community to post questions. The first question I posted to the Kinetics micro-controllers has been waiting for moderator approval for over 48 hours now. Is there something that I am missing whic...
    Aniket C
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  • Has my account been reset?

    Hi,   Has my account been reset? I have zero points or levels, and I am being moderated again.   Thanks for looking.
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  • Firefox: Cant access NXP community

    Hi,              I cant login to nxp community using firefox [72 64 bit on windows]. Is it a know problem, or something to do with my current setup? Firefox appears to be blocking t...
    Tony Makkiel
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  • Change of personal data

    Hi,   I found that my user name is my mailbox. Now, no matter how I set my privacy, I will have my personal privacy information displayed. I want to change it, but I don't know how to contact the system administ...
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  • Waiting for moderator approval

    I recently joined the community and posted my first question. Now I am waiting for moderator approval for some days. I really need professional advice on my subject. Dear moderator! Could you give me your approval, ...
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  • Horário certo.

    Não há mais "horário de verão" no Brasil.
    Davi Murca Viotto
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  • How to register in the Community!

    All NXP employees must follow these simple steps to become part of our community.     Go to community.nxp.com and click log in           **If you are currentl...
    Diana Torres
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