• Flexio_I2C_Non_Blocking problem

    Hello all, I'm working on S32_116 target specially with I2C Flexio peripheral and I have a confusion about I2C Non-Blocking driver.as I have read Doxygen Documentation of this module there's two types of Transmission...
    mohamed ahmed abbas
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  • TEF68XX收音问题

                CheckIfStep = NO_STATION;                   ...
    colin jingjun
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  • How to register in the Community!

    All NXP employees must follow these simple steps to become part of our community.     Go to community.nxp.com and click log in           **If you are currentl...
    Diana Torres
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  • How to submit a new question for NXP Support

    Please use this procedure only for confidential cases and for cases which cannot be publicly shared on Community.   Question here means issue, ticket, case... and other synonyms. With the new NXP the new websit...
    Iva Susnova
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  • download multi threads (topics)

    Can I down load multiple rereads (topics) in community to my PC at a time?  How if yes?
    Masato Nishimoto
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  • [Tutorial] Table of contents | Document Index

    How to include an index in your Document/Question/Discussion  The table of contents is automatically generated once your document/question/discussion is posted.   Example: At the beginning of your file, i...
    Adrian Puga Candelario
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  • Installing the Jive Outlook Plugin

    Jive for Outlook Plugin Installation Instructions  Exit the Outlook application Download the plugin from Jive community using a web browser. The file can be downloaded from:  https://community.nxp.com/arti...
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  • Changing your password

    Changing your password can sometimes be a pain, don't worry, we have a simple and easy way to do it.    1. Log in to nxp.com and click on My Account next to your name. 2. Select Change My Passw...
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  • Searching the Community

    Navigating through the community and finding content that might be useful for your projects is very simple and there are several ways to do it.    1.- You can use the global navigation bar and use a ke...
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  • How to post a Question

    Posting a new question and replying to existing ones is a simple task in the community.    To Create a New Question:  1.- Click on the Pencil icon next to your avatar and select Question ...
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  • Changing Your First/Last Name and Email

    Updating your first and last name is easy but cannot be done through the community tool, you need to change it directly in nxp.com following the next steps.    1.- Log in to nxp.com and Click...
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  • Tracking Your Own Contributions

    Your profile page is an easy way to keep track of your contributions no matter where they were originally posted such as documents, threads, replies, followed places and people, and bookmarked content.  ...
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  • Updating Your Profile Settings

    You can update your profile settings at any time.  Follow the next steps to modify your personal information and privacy settings.   1.- Click on the drop-down arrow next to your name and select Edit P...
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  • Setting My Preferences

    Once you have created your account and logged in you are ready to set your profile preferences.    1.- Click on the drop-down arrow next to your avatar and click on Preferences 2.- Update&...
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  • Creating a Community Account

    Creating a Community account is very easy. Follow the next steps to be part of the best engineer to engineer collaboration center.    1.- Access www.nxp.com/community and click Log in 2.-...
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  • How to create a Document in NXP Community?

    Go to the Community where you want to post your document. Click on the "Actions" drop-down menu and select "Document" under the Create section                    W...
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