• PCF8593 power consumption

    What is the nominal power dissipation of a PCF8593 versus input clock frequency when counting external transitions? The datasheet just says: varie#s with frequency. In 32khz clock mode, the nominal power is 1 uA. I am...
    Kim Eckert
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  • RTC Schematics for review

    Please review and provide feedback for attached RTC PCF2127T/2Y interface schematics.
    Yaseen Vantmuri
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  • How to bypass the impact of VCORE_FB_UV, VAUX_UV and VCCA_UV when using SBC4500

    Hi, when I using FS4500CAE chip to manage S32K144 power fault, I encountered some questions as below. This has three errors which is VCORE_FB_UV, VAUX_UV and VCCA_UV. Due to these errors, the RSTB and FS0B ...
    新光 王
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  • PF1550 charge current spike

    PF1550 evaluation board FRDM-PF1550EVM + FRDM-KL25Z.   I have the above evaluation boards to test PF1550. I connected a 645 mAh battery to it and did a charge test. I noticed that at the transition from con...
    Andy Wong
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  • There no response when using S32K communicate with FS4500 by SPI

    Hi,  When I using S32K to communicate with FS4500 by SPI, there no any response to know whether the SPI is built. I use oscilloscope can watch the signals such as CLK, MOSI, PCS are OK. So I just want to know ho...
    新光 王
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  • Design Tool

    Hai sir/madam,   i am a graduate student and am new to nxp products. Currently i am working in a project where i am using PF4210 PMIC , but i want to how can i simulate the circuit. Is it possible to use OrCad o...
    Bibin Eugine
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  • S32V234 with high load

    I want to evaluate the amount of heat generated by S32V234. Is there any software that can operate S32N234 with high load? In a nutshell, is the software used for the benchmark test available?
    Naoki Sawai
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  • PF8100 OTP Programming

    Hi,   I'm evaluating the PF8100 PMIC for use in a project and have a question about the OTP feature. I currently have the evaluation board for the 8100 (KITPF8100FRDMEVM) and am using the FlexGUI utility to...
    Omar Hussein
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  • OTP configuration in FS85

    Hi NXP team,   For FS85 PMIC, Is it possible to configure the following OTP registers through FS85 driver during init : 1. WD_SELECTION bit of OTP_CFG_ASIL register for challenger mode 2.  FLT_R...
    Haby Ashraf
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  • Using PF8200 in try-before-buy mode

    Hello, In my current project I want to use the PF8200 in TBB/development mode initially. I want to use the programming interface on the KITPF8200FRDMPGM to program the PMIC, but I don't want the KITPF8200FRDMPGM ...
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  • FS8430 can not wake up

    Hi NXP Team,   I have a problem about FS8430. when I give the BAT and wake signal to FS8430 at the same time,it can start up normally at the voltage from 8V ~ 36V.But when I  give the BAT at 9V f...
    hongyu yan
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  • PF8200 open drain pull up voltage

    Hello,   I am working on a design that uses the PF8200. RESETB_MCU, INTB, PGOOD, and FSOB are all open drain signals that the datasheet recommends pulling up to VDDIO. However, for my application, I would like t...
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  • PF8200 VIN vs SWXIN Voltage

    Hello,   For the PF8200, is it important to have the voltage on VIN match the voltage on the Switch and LDO inputs? (SW1IN-SW7IN and LDO12IN-LDO4IN). Or can VIN be run at 3.3V while the Switch and LDO inputs are...
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  • Use KL25Z to debug PF8X on board

    Hi     Here is a material to introduce use NXP tool to debug PF8x on customer board. Pls find in attach. BRs jinyu 
    Jinyu Zhang
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  • PF0100 with Zynq 7000 series

    Hi All   We are looking to use PF0100 devices with a pair of Zync 7000 devices.   The PF0100 looks to be a good fit with the Zync family although from forum threads (2018) pre-programmed NXP devices do not...
    Greg Lengkeek
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  • Different inpult voltages lead to destruction???

    Hello, In my current project I'm using the PF8100 as PMIC. Please see attached schematics. The internal logic, SW1-4 and LDO1-4 are supplied by 3V3, while SW5-7 are supplied by 5V. When testing the first PCB pr...
    Nelson Scheja
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  • Battery Analyzer for Electrical Vehicle

    Dear Sir/Madam,    We want to design a Battery Analyzer for Electric Vehicles such as Plugin Hybrid car(PHEV), EV passenger car,Heavy delivery van.The battery voltage can be the range of 9 VDC to 800 VDC. P...
    ashok kumar
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  • Deinitializing FS85 driver

    Hello NXP team,   I have a query regarding the De-initialization of FS85 driver (for watchdog). De-initialization is usually done during under/over voltage conditions to disable the functionality ...
    Haby Ashraf
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  • SDA pull down in PF4210 & PF0100 

    Dear Team,   Customer found SDA pin of PMIC PF4210 keep in low status when VDDIO is supplied (VDDIO =3.3V) but without VIN (VIN = 0V). There is no such issue in SCL pin and it can ...
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  • NXQ1TXH5 CNF_IN and LED Red/Green not working

    I have made a custom PCB board with an NXQ1TXH5. Wireless charging is working, however at quite low current being supplied to the receiver coil. Investigating the board shows that CNF_IN goes between VDD (~5V rai...
    Labib Lartey
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