• PCA9745B aberrant communication

    Hi NXP community,   I'm struggling with basic communication on a PCA9745B.  Reading MODEs 1 and 2 works fine, and I get 0 and 1 as outputs, respectively.   However, anything beyond that gets... s...
    Daniel Slotcavage
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  • NX20P3483UK  Dead Battery Mode

    I have a question about NX20P3483UK  . When the chip works in the Dead Battery Mode, In the case of external USB 5V power supply, whether the chip is still charging the board at this time. If charging, what is...
    Liu xq
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  • How much can the capacitance on Vin and +5V be reduce for the PF3000

    We are using the PF3000 as a PMIC for a i.mx7 USB 2.0 peripheral device.  The inrush current when connected to Vbus is greater than the USB specification allows.  USB allows for 10uF of bus facing capacitanc...
    Ryan Martin
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  • PF3000 datasheet register information does not correspond to the actual situation

    Using MC34PF3000A1EP to match IMX7D which is reference design. But we found something abnormal.    The default value of the PMIC register is offset: [0x20] ::: 0x18, offset: [0x66] ::: 0x00. The measured de...
    Sample Dep Gordy Guo
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  • How can Silicon Versions of PF8100 be Identified?

    There are many different silicon versions of the PF8100 PMIC available. How can we identify whether our MC34PF8100A0EP has the revision C1 or an older one? Can the marking or date code on the chip be used fo...
    Peter Lischer
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  • 请提供RF仿真软件

    请各位大神提供 RF仿真软件  仿真BFU725  接收频率170-790MHZ
    xh L
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  • Powering RFEM24-250

    I am looking to power a RFEM24-250 using a battery, can you advise which voltage of battery would be required? Thanks
    Robbie Bell
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  • WPR1500-BUCK

    Hi   How to test the efficiency of wireless charging?
    liven deng
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  • i.MX6UL+PF3001 Coin cell consumption

    We uesd PF3001 in our i.MX6UL board, the "LICELL" pin of PF3001 is connected to the external Coil cell(65mAh), and the "VDD_SNVS_IN" of i.MX6UL is connected to the "VSNVS" of PF3001.(The "VSNVS" is sourced f...
    Jack lei
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  • NXQ1TXH5 Transmitter Design Support

    Hi NXP Community,   I am trying to develop a Wireless Charging Transmitter and designing a charging dock by using NXQ1TXH5 One chip solution. I followed the application note shared on product page as m...
    Deniz Sinoplu
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  • GD3100 Datasheet (NDA required)

    Hi,   I need to access the full datasheet for this gate driver. We have an NDA with NXP in place as well. How do I download this?   Thanks, Harini
    Harini Madhusudhan
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  • MC33730 linear regulators

    Hello all, I'm going to use the MC3370 chip in an environment where I need only the 5V and the 3.3V voltages. I don't need to use any stand by supplies, I know the VKAM is always active (also with the chip in sleep ...
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  • PF8200 I2C control

    Hi all, we are using 2 pre-programmed PF8200 PMICs as recommended by NXP for the i.MX8QM. The DBES and ESES. One issue we see is that the PGOOD signals are disabled by default which is a bit strange given it is quite ...
    Peter Bain
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  • AFT05MS003N 70-80MHz Specs

    Is there anyway I can get the input impedance and output impedance at 74MHz? I downloaded the ADS model and tried to replicate the specs for the 135MHz specs listed in the datasheet and could not get the same results ...
    David Harmon
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  • PF8100 VDDIO

    I want to confirm that the PF8100_VDDIO powered by Its own buck,What's the difference ,compared with use external power. Thanks.
    广慧 曾
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  • HB2000 status value error

    Dear all.   I have a question to ask about the MC33HB2000 about fault detection.   1. test setup  -. Used as H-bridge mode & Parallel mode with Vpwr 12V.  -. Set the initial SPI d...
    HY Jung
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  • Vadc absolute measurement input voltage

    Does anyone know the maximum Vadc input voltage for absolute measurements? The MC33771 datasheet only specifies the maximum input voltage for ratiometric measurements (AGND..Vcom) #MC33771 #Vadc #absolute
    Kshitij Dadhekar
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  • TEA1716 problem

    we have developed led driver solution 60v,3A based upon silergy IC SSL4120T,but SSL4120t not available for production,it get absoluted.we are planning to replace it by TEA1716T resonance IC.we have replace ic by TEA17...
    Ravindra Balsaraf
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  • Unused SWxIN termination

    For AN12286,      Can unuded SWxIN connect to GND?  For example, SW1~6 are used and SW1~6IN are connect to VIN, but SW7 is not used and connect to GND.   I worry there were some thre...
  • How to know the coil cell is charged in PF3001

    We had used the coin-cell charger in PF3001, we want to indicate it by LED when the coil-cell is charging or is charged, but how to know the coil cell is charging or is charged?  Thank you.
    Jack lei
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